A Kingdom Divided OSRS Quest Guide and Rewards

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A brand new quest has arrived in Old School RuneScape. The ‘A Kingdom Divided’ OSRS quest sees players investigating corruption within the Kourend Council. The following guide will help you uncover a conspiracy that has been building over hundreds of years.

The Great Kourend is considered to be a land of comfort and security, as well as wealth. Throughout the kingdom, peace runs deep and prosperity is rife, or so it seems. Below this seemingly harmonious exterior is an unspeakable truth. What is this truth? It appears that the mighty Great Kourend is actually divided.

The Kourend Council has ruled over the kingdom following the death of the last king. Although Kourend has progressed in this time, there are residents that are not too happy following the apprehension of Councillor Sophia Hughes. As rumblings of corruption continue to circulate, an even darker danger lurks that could mould the very future faced by the inhabitants of Gielinor, and we aren’t just talking about the political games being played by the Kourend council either.

Overall, this is a quest that is designed for experienced players. It will also take you a fair bit of time to complete, since it is considered to be long as the official length. That said, the ‘A King Divided’ OSRS quest offers you an engaging narrative, as well as the opportunity to take in a brand new quest from the developers. So without further ado, let’s take a look at what this guide will be walking you through.

A Kingdom Divided OSRS Requirements

If we are going to attempt this quest, then we will need to meet a number of requirements. The Architectural Alliance miniquest will need to have been completed, but there are also several quests too. The Depths of Despair, The Queen of Thieves, The Ascent of Arceuus, The Forsaken Tower and Tale of the Righteous will all need completing. To make sure you can finish these quests, both Client of Kourend and X Marks the Spot have to have been finished.

As for you skills, you’ll need to have your Agility up to 54, your Herblore at 50, and your Mining at 42. Both Thieving and Woodcutting will require level 52, with Crafting at 38 and Magic at 35.

Finally, we need to look at the item requirements. We’ll need a spellbook with runes to cast a fire spell for starters. You have to grab an axe, a pickaxe, a chisel, molten glass, a dark essence block, as well as melee combat gear and some food.

A Kingdom Divided OSRS Quest Guide

To start a Kingdom Divided in OSRS, we need to talk to Martin Holt. You can find him east of the castle, so speak with him and begin the quest. Next, head down to the ground floor of Kourend Castle. Here you can talk to Commander Fullore, which will trigger a cutscene. Once the cutscene is over with, you will then find yourself to the south of a small house that you have to check out.

Enter the house then head up the stairs. Find the drawers in the room to the east and read the receipt that you find. From there, go down the stairs to talk to Tomas Lawry. You will find him in the ground floor garden. You won’t need the receipt after talking to him.

Judge of Yama

Head over to the northwest of Kourend Castle where you will locate the Lovakengi pub. Talk with Fuggy once you get there. From this location you then need to go to Port Piscarillius and head to the southeastern corner where you’ll find Veo’s boat. Speak with Cabin Boy Herbert, which will trigger a short cutscene.

Once the cutscene has finished, you will need to do battle with the Judge of Yama, who is a level 168 demon. If you fought against Galvek at the end of the Dragon Slayer II quest, then you can adopt the same tactic here. Dodge the waves of fire by standing clear, then dash in to melee attack. Be aware that he has both protect from missiles and protect from magic during the battle. You can try using protect from melee, then evade any flames that come your way until you get to a position where you can melee the boss.

Once you have beaten the boss, you will see a cutscene taking place. After this, go to the southwest to talk with Commander Fullore, who is found outside the castle. This will trigger another cutscene, after which you can then talk to Martin Holt to the east of the entrance to Kourend Castle. 

Next we need to right-click teleport in the Arceuus Library on Archeio. Steal the Bluish key from Istoria then check the pink case in the southeastern corner to get Rose’s diary. Once again, we need to go back to Martin Holt, this time with Rose’s diary in hand. When talking to him, a note will fall out of the dairy, so read it and speak with Martin once more.

Kourend’s Last Princess

Next up we are heading to the west entrance to Forthos Ruins. Talk to Martin then search the Stone Piles that you find around the ruins. This will give you a number combination. Head west and cut down the vines, then head through and use the combination ROSE on the nearby panel. Whatever the number that corresponds to the letter, you need to spell out ROSE.

Check out the note and then take it to Martin Holt. Once you’ve done this, we then need to teleport over to Wintertodt, then go to the Settlement Ruins to the southwest. Keep an eye out for the ice giants, ice spiders and wolves here, but you can just run past them. You’ll find Martin Holt in the building to the northwest, so head in and take out the assassin that you find. Martin will have ice chunks to the southwest of him, so you can cast fire bolt on them. Check the melted ice chunk and open up the panel to the wall on the west. Have a read of the note then speak to Martin again.

We are off to the pub again, but this time to the Piscarillius pub near the docks. Talk with Martin yet again and climb up the pillar to the south. Upstairs you need to find the panel, then push them on the statues downstairs in a specific order depending on the panel. You will then be treated to another cutscene, after which you need to read the note.

We now need to go to the shack that is found to the west of the fairy ring c.i.r. Inside, check the bed and search the house until you get the option to inspect the crates in the northwestern corner. Check them out to head down a trap door.

Investigating the Mysterious Mage

Speak with Kaht B’alam, who you can find in the room most east under Molch within the Lizardman Temple. Go through the hole to the west to then exit the temple. From here, head south west through the Kebos swamp until you come to a stone bridge. Check the egg to the south east, after which you will be attacked by a lizardman brute at level 75, but we don’t need to kill it really. Head back inside the temple, and hand the Lizardman egg to Khat B’alam to get a key.

To the southwest, there’s a keyhole in the wall, so open the door here. You will then have to fight the spirit boss Xamphur. Kill the hands that are summoned so you aren’t corrupted, and dodge the falling hand by going back and forth in a straight line. If you remember fighting Vorkath, then it works in a similar way to this. By using protect from magic you should be fine.

Inside the lab, you will find a table to the north. Once you’ve done this, go to the west of the fairy ring to find the shack once more, then inspect the crate downstairs again to get to a cutscene. We then need to speak with Lord Trobin Arceuus in the Tower of Magic, in the west part of the library. Speak with Lord Kandur Hosidius too in his home in south east Hosidius. Go southwest of Lavakengj after this to talk to Lady Vulcana Lovakengj. Then, you need to find Lady Shauna Piscarilius in the Warrens below Port Piscarillius. Finally, go southeast of the chasm of fire and head up the ladder in the War Tent to talk with Lord Shiro Shayzien.

From speaking to all of these characters, teleport over to Xeric’s lookout to speak with Commander Fullore again to trigger a cutscene. Speak with the lords again after the cutscene is finished in the house at lookout.

The Council

Go over to Commander Fullore within the Lookout and enquire about Lady Lovakengi. After this, head to Mount Karuulm. Go down the elevator here then talk to Kaal-Mej-San. Your next task will be to make a sulphur potion, which is a mixture of volcanic sulphur and a defence potion. You can then get this enchanted into a shielding potion by speaking to Kaal-Mej-San.

The next step is to go over to the Doors of Dinh over at the Wintertodt Camp. When at the doors, use the newly made potion on them. After that go to the Kourend Woodland and into the Barbarian Camp. Once there, go down the southern ladder where you’ll need to kill a level 91 Barbarian Warlord. After it has been killed, speak to Phileas Rimor.

Following your conversation, head outside the wall and into the prison near the Graveyard of Heroes in Shayzien. Head down the stairs and speak to Martin Holt. From there, go to the graveryard again to speak to Jorra to the south of the church. Take out the spawning assassin, then talk to Jorra again to get the Declaration.

With the Declaration, go to Arceuus church. There will be two staircases here, so head up either one of them. Go all the way east and up the stairs once more. Here you’ll find Mori, so talk to her then bring her a Dark Essence Block and Molten Glass, in exchange for a Dark Nullifier.

The next stop is back to the chasm of fire again, and you’ll need to attempt to go in and finish the dialogue there. Then we are heading to the Hosidius Vinery, where we are going to check out the win barrel to the east. Pick the lock to then get the Shayzien journal.

We now need to head back to the Lookout. Upon arrival, talk to each one of the lords again. If you are trying to find them, then you will locate them on each floor. When you speak with Commander Fullore afterwards, you will trigger a cutscene. Following this, head down the ladder and speak to Lord Hosidius. Finally, we go back to Commander Fullore. Doing so will end the quest with a long cutscene. Once it’s over, you will have completed the ‘A King Divided’ OSRS quest.

A Kingdom Divided OSRS Quest Rewards

First of all, congratulations on completing ‘a Kingdom Divided’ in OSRS! For your troubles, you will receive two quest points. For finishing this quest, you will also receive the book of the dead, which will give you the opportunity to use resurrection spells, and is considered to be an improved version of Kharedst’s memoirs. There’s also an antique lamp that will give you 10,000 experience for any skill level at 40 or above.

You can now set Kourend Castle as a respawn point too. Just speak with Asteros Arceuus if you ever want to change your respawn point. What’s more, you will also get 24 new spells that are made available through the Arceuus spellbook. These spells are predominantly combat spells, though there are a couple of exceptions. Said exceptions include the Ghostly Grasp and Inferior Demonbane. There’s also utility spells as well, apart from the reanimation spells and Resurrect Crops.

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