Monkey Madness 2 OSRS Guide

Monkey Madness 2 OSRS Quest Guide
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The Monkey Madness 2 OSRS quest is a lengthy one, in which you will be continuing on from the previous Monkey Madness quest. Now Glough has gone missing, with King Namode requesting your services once more.

In this guide, we will discuss the following:

  • Monkey Madness 2 OSRS Quest Requirements
  • Step-by-Step Guide
  • Quest Rewards

We are about to dive on into this long OSRS quest, but first we need to know what requirements you will need to meet before you can get started.

Monkey Madness 2 OSRS Quest Requirements

Firstly, the quest requirements dictate that you must have finished the Eyes of Glouphrie, Recipe for Disaster, Enlightened Journey, Troll Stronghold and Watchtower, and you are of course following on from the last Monkey Madness quest.

There are some skill requirements too. You will need to be at level 55 for both Agility and Thieving, plus level 60 Hunter, level 69 Slayer and level 70 Crafting. There are item requirements too, which will help you throughout the quest. We will need monkey items such as the Monkeyspeak amulet, the Monkey GreeGree and the Monkey Talisman, but will also need food, energy and prayer potions, armour, weaponry plus Pestile and Mortar. Lemons, grapes and summer pies will also be needed to help you progress.

Starting Monkey Madness 2 OSRS – Step by Step

To start Monkey Madness 2, you first need to inform Narnode Shareen that Glough has escaped. Once you have done so, go to Glough’s house. You can find the house to the south-east of the Grand Tree, so once you are there climb the ladder then up the tree. You will be able to get an embroidered handkerchief by inspecting the tree branch.

Next, head to the Gnome Stronghold and to the staircase to the north-west, where you can speak to Anita. She worries that Glough is being unfaithful, so you can offer to help Glough get out of any danger. Anita mentions whispering that can be heard in the house that she cannot reach. Go back to Glough’s house then begin to climb up the tree a few times until you see the gnome statue. Find the hidden switch and use it, and once you are in the cupboard you will find a spyology book. Reading it will see you finding a spycraft encrypted document. After this you can find a brush over to the north-west where the crates are.

The next task is to go over to the fire remains, where you will find a note. You can then use the Pestle and Mortar on your lemon to decipher the note. You will find there is a lit candle nearby too, so use your note on it. Use your Pestle and Mortar again, this time on grapes for your brush. Finally, use the brush on the note, which will make a scrawled note for you, that seems to be written in ancient Gnome language.

Get your translation book out and use them on the note before heading back to the king. You will then be told to ask Anita to translate it for you, so once you have done so read the note before returning to the king once more. The note will state that Assistant Le Smith helped Glough to make his escape, so take this knowledge with you to Assistant Lori, who can be found to the south of Glough’s tree. Lori, who has replaced Le Smith, will tell you to speak to Auguste, so use the balloon to make your way to Entrana then talk to Auguste who will tell you that Le Smith disappeared trying to get to Ape Atoll. Once again, speak to the King who requests you head to Ape Atoll to speak with Garkor.

Ape Atoll

Once touching base at Ape Atoll, head to the north. Start making your way east where you will find Garkor, who will tell you to talk to King Awowogei. After hearding that he only speaks to Kruk, head back to Garkor, who will task you with killing Kruk. Head back to the main gate and go to the nearby hill where you will find monkey archers, so ask them of Kruk’s whereabouts. You can track him from the bottom of the hill, with tracks leading to a trapdoor serving as a dungeon entrance.

To reach Kruk, you have two different paths, the Agility route, or the Tanking route. The former will require you to have level 70 Agility to get by, or you could find yourself a pickaxe and a slash weapon to tank through the dungeon.


If you have chosen to take a more agile approach, then firstly head south. Go east from here then avoid the parts of the floor that are covered in an ‘X’ as you will fall through. Move forward until you find a room where the ground is tricky and a door to the east. Go to the path where it leads to a chest. This will give you a bronze key, so use it on the northern door to get to the end of the cave, where you will find a corridor leading to Kruk.

Tank Method

If you want to take a more direct approach, then you will have enemies to face. This is a more direct route, but it can be tougher, so firstly watch out for the monkey archers. Go through the area slashing the webs, and you can make sure that you are heading the right way by not coming across any webs that are too strong for you to slash. You need to find chests to find the combat damaged key, which you then use to open the door before facing traps to be disabled. This disability method is only temporary so just be aware if you do choose to go down this route.

Taking Down Krul

Once you go to the west, you will notice that the path splits into two. Dangerous ground awaits you down either path, but you will get to Kruk eventually. There are melee attacks for you to avoid, so you can help yourself by using stamina potions. When the opportunity arises, retaliate with melee attacks until you have dealt with Kruk, then pick up his paw and make your exit.

We now need to make a Kruk Monkey GreeGree, so we are going to need to find a Monkey Talisman to go with our newly found paw. Remember the tunnel from the first Monkey Madness quest? That is where you need to go through next. Head to Zooknock who will get the GreeGree made, then you need to go to Awowogei to make your way out of the dungeon. Here you will be informed that the moneys will be using Gu’Tanoth Ogres plus the Troll Stronghold generals that will help them coordinate an attack.

Placing the Satchels

To progress, go to Garkor and speak to him. Then we need to use a teleport to get to Trollheim, before entering the Troll Stronghold. Once at the entrance, head down and to the left where we can find Kob, and you will have to fight him until he submits. Speak to Kob again after he has quit then go to Gu’Tanoth. Head to the left until you spot Keef, use Protect from Melee and then take them down.

Once you have done so, talk to Garkor and Assistant Le Smith over at the top of the buildings in Ape Atoll. You can find him at the top of the jail, the main gate, or even the west of the rune stall. Once you speak to Garkor go west and talk to the monkey guard, after which you will gain access to an airship platform. You now need to avoid the ninja monkeys as you travers the following maze, and find six satchels on your journey. After this, you’ll need to fill them up with explosives, so head east and climb the green ladder and go southwest. You will then spot a blue ladder, so head down to get the satchels.

Next, head back to the ground floor and climb the cyan ladder, before heading down the red ladder to find the explosives. You can click the barrel to fill up the satchels, so do just that and make your way up the red ladder. Use the satchel on the floorboards, then head back to the eastern beams on the ground floor and use another satchel. Head to the ground floor green ladder then go along the vines.

You will find weaker floorboards to the north, so place another satchel here. Go back to the green ladder on the middle floor which will take you to the top floor. Use a satchel on the gas container then go back down to the ground floor. You now need to head back towards the boat, but go west of the entrance where you’ll find support beams. Use a satchel here, then speak to Garkor at the boat before returning to the dungeon where we fought Kruk.

Once you arrive go north and equip the Kruk GreeGree so you can use the monkey bars. Head through the following passage to make your way into Glough’s lab. You will soon spot a stunted demonic gorilla, which you can climb on then make your way down the stairs. Protect from Melee can be effective here if you want to avoid being damaged by the gorillas. After you have done this you can utilize the holding area to get yourself off of the stunted demonic gorilla. You should also be able to find a hammer and chisel in the boxes here.

Go up the stairs and find the device up there. You now need to use your chisel on the charged onyx before you can use the deconstructed onyx on your newly discovered device. Your next task is to check out the incubation chamber, so do so then speak to Garkor who will ask you to inform Awowgei that the ogres and trolls have changed their minds on the alliance. The assault will then be cancelled, much to his frustration. Speak to Garkor again to force a cutscene where the attack is gone ahead with.

The Last Chapter

Go to King Narnode Shareen and inform him that the Gnome Stronghold will be under siege soon. You will then be asked to get help from Nieve, who you can locate near the Slayer cave at the stronghold. She will agree if you ask for her help, though you do need to be aware of the tortured gorillas that are found around the stronghold.

Speak to the King again and you will be told that the 10th Squad will handle the situation, freeing up you and Nieve to speak to Glough over at the crash site. Now you should go to the grand tree, then go northwest to talk to Garkor. Go through the crash site until you come to a cavern, and be careful around the tortured gorillas.

Inside the cavern, you will be greeted by demonic and tortured gorillas that inhabit the area. Glough will ingest mutagen that transforms him, after he knocks Nieve away who is then sadly crushed by a falling boulder. This leaves you to take on Glough on your own, with the fight taking place in three caverns.

Within the first cavern, you can find a safespot so that you can wait it out for Glough to move into the next room. Once he is in the second room, you should then attempt to entice him back into the first room. Head along the north wall and you will find a safe area in which you can use ranged and magic attacks. Make your way into the final room and use Protect from Melee if you do decide to take a more direct approach. For ranged methods, Protect from Magic can help.

Once you have defeated Glough, you will find yourself outside of the cavern which is collapsing. Inform Zooknock that Nieve died battling Glough, and you will be teleported to King Narnode so let the King know that Glough has been beaten. He will tell you that he had received a message to say that Awowogei is constructing a peace treaty between the Ape Atoll and the mainland. This will then end the quest.

Monkey Madness 2 OSRS Quest Rewards

For completing the Monkey Madness 2 OSRS quest, you will receive four quest points. There is also a lot of XP to gain, with 15,000 in Thieving and Hunter skills, 20,000 in Agility and 25,000 in Slayer. You can now access the Crash Site Caverns, and you can communicate with monkeys without the need for the monkeyspeak amulet. NPCs in Ape Atoll will no longer be aggressive to you even without the Monkey GreeGrees.

Congratulations on completing Monkey Madness 2 in OSRS!

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