Depths of Despair OSRS Quest Guide, Requirements, and Rewards

Depths of Despair OSRS Quest Guide
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If you’ve been looking to take in a short quest, then The Depths of Despair OSRS quest is one for you. This serves as a sequel to the Client of Kourend quest in the Great Kourend series of quests. It is classed as an intermediate quest difficulty wise, and it’s official length is short.

Depths of Despair OSRS Quest Requirements

If you want to take part in this quest, then firstly you’ll need to have finished both the Client of Kourend and X Marks the Spot quests. You’ll also need to be able to kill a Sand Snake at level 36, plus have 18 Agility level and 20% Hosidius favor.

Just in case, take a weapon and some food with you, as well as a skills necklace so you can teleport to the Woodcutting Guild. A staff that can be used for the fairy ring teleport will also help. In fact, there’s a few items that you can take that aren’t necessarily required but can be helpful to you. Both super energy and stamina potions will be very effective if you end up getting low on hitpoints at a particular point in the quest. If you can get Xeric’s talisman as well, then you should take it on your journey. This is a rare drop from brutes, shamans and lizardmen.

Depths of Despair OSRS Guide – Step-by-Step

To start the quest we need to talk to Lord Kandur Hosidius. You can find him in the north-western house in the Hosidius Vinery. He will inform you that his son is missing. They’re desperate to find Artur Hosidius, so choose the second then first option during the chat to agree to help. You’ll then be requested to speak with his servants and family to get the ball rolling on the search.

Go to the kitchen and talk to Chef Olivia. She will explain that Artur is her lover, and that he was searching for the Accord of Twill. This has seen him spending most of his time over at the Arceuus Library doing research. She reveals that Galana the librarian might be able to shed some light on the situation.

Arceuus Library

Next, we are going to the Arceuus Library. When arriving, you’ll need to speak to Galana. You can find her on the ground floor, in the north-eastern area. She will tell you to look for Varlamore envoy, which is a book that is in a random location. You can ask her where the book is located then search the bookcases in that specific area. Once you find it, read the book to find that the original Accord is lost at sea on a ship that sank in the Crabclaw Caves. You can find this cave to the south of the entrance to the Woodcutting Guild. You need to make sure that you read the book beforehand, otherwise you’ll receive a message saying that there’s no reason for you to enter.

Crabclaw Caves

Once you find yourself at the Crabclaw Caves, find a nearby crevice after following the eastern path then going south. Go over the stepping stones and navigate through the rocks, and use some food if you lose health from falling. This will also help you for the fight that you’re about to face.

You will soon reach the end of the caves. Once you do, make your way down the tunnel entrance where you’ll see Artur Hosidius. He feels that the chest could be further onwards where you’ll find the original Accord. However, it is being guarded by the Sand Snake we mentioned in the requirements. Unfortunately, Artur is by no means a warrior, an requests that you kill it for him. So, firstly climb the rocks in front of you and take down the Sand Snake. If you want to make a quick job of the fight, then use Magic.

Finishing the Quest

After the Sand Snake has been killed, check out the chest that has the original Royal Accord of Twill inside. With this in hand, take it to the Hosidius family’s home. Speak with Lord Kandur who will take the Accord from you, and offer you a reward for your troubles.

Depths of Despair Quest Rewards

For completing this quest, you will receive 1 quest point, 4,000 gold coins and 1,500 Agility XP. You will also receive the Hosidius favour certificate. If you read this, then you will gain 10% Hosidius favour. There’s also a page for Kharedst’s memoirs known as ‘Lunch by the lancalliums’. This will teleport you so that you’re near the Hosidius Kitchen.

Trivia and Conclusion

If you are planning on doing A Kingdom Divided, then you will need to have finished this quest. A Kingdom Divided is the continuation of the Great Kourend quest series, so you’ll need to complete the Depths of Despair quest beforehand if you wish to continue. A Kingdom Divided involves investigating corruption within the council of Kourend, though even deeper conspiracy theories will take you even deeper into the mystery.

There’s also a fun piece of trivia that you can discover during the quest. When you are in the same room, you can examine the skeletons. By doing so, on one of them you will read a message which says “I don’t understand, why didn’t he go back to Lumby?” This is a reference to players dying in the game. It refers to what happens when players perish specifically, with the fact that they are teleported back to Lumbridge after death.

Congratulations for completing the Depths of Despair OSRS quest. Sure, it was only short, but it is part of an exciting series of quests that you should definitely take the time to finish. You will progressing to uncover conspiracies, solving mysteries and much more as you tackle to following quests. The Depths of Despair is just a small piece of the puzzle, and one that shouldn’t cause you too much grief as long as you go into it prepared.

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