Old-School and Epic: OSRS Mini-List for Big Quests

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Quests play a significant role in Old School RuneScape (OSRS), which can be challenging to complete because there are many. Some quests have tough conditions! Regardless of the difficulty, quests provide rewards once they are accomplished. Certain quests, however, are more rewarding than others, so it helps to know which ones have the biggest payoff. To help you know which quests to pursue, we’ve come up with a mini OSRS Quest Guide. Read up and start questing! Why? Well, so that you can get OSRS Quest Rewards.

OSRS Quest Guide: Recipe for Disaster

The special quest above is different because it’s got 10 subquests. It’s the 100th quest released by Jagex. Any member can pick up this quest, but only those that are dedicated can finish it. The quest requires players to have the following abilities and skill levels:

  • 70 (Cooking)
  • 50 (Mining)
  • 53 (Fishing)
  • 25 (Herblore)
  • 59 (Magic)
  • 48 (Agility)
  • 53 (Thieving)
  • 40 (Smithing)
  • 50 (Firemaking)
  • 40 (Ranged)
  • 10 (Fletching and Slayer)
  • 36 (Woodcutting)

The first five skills (cooking, mining, fishing, herblore, and magic) should be unboosted at those levels. After talking to “The Cook” in Lumbridge, you can start the main quest line. Once you finish pursue the subquests for a bounty of rewards.

Monkey Madness I and II

The first Monkey Madness quest was added to the game thirteen years ago; it took twelve years for OSRS players to receive a follow-up. Well, it’s better late than never, right? The rewards make up for the long wait though: five digits worth of EXP for Slayer, Agility, Thieving, Hunter, Magic, Ranged, Attack, Defense, Strength, and access to areas and other in-game stuff.

To get the second quest, you’ll have to finish the following quests:

  1. The Enlightened Journey (unlocking the Grand Tree location for the Balloon Transport system)
  2. The Eyes of Glouphrie
  3. Recipe for Disaster
  4. Troll Stronghold
  5. Monkey Madness

Also, you need to be at level 69 (Slayer), 70 (Crafting), 60 (Hunter and Firemaking), and 55 (Agility and Thieving) without any boosts.

To start the quest, speak to “King Narnode Shareen” in the Grand Tree, and follow where the quest line goes. Keep in mind that it’s a high-level quest, and you’ll have to take on powerful enemies. It’s not easy, but nothing worthwhile is simple.

Mourning Ends I and II

The first Mourning’s Ends (the sixth quest in the Elf quest line) is simple. You’ll need a non-boosted level: 60 (Ranged) and level 50 (Thieving). Also, complete more quests: Roving Elves, Big Chompy Bird Hunting, and Sleep Herder. Talk to “Eluned,” and she will tell you to go the elven village of Lletya. From there, just follow where the quest prompts. Once you finish, you’ll receive 2 Quest Points, and 25000 EXP for Hitpoint and Thieving.

Mourning’s Ends II, on the other hand, requires completing the first Mourning Ends quest, 43 (Prayer) and 60 (Agility), with full mourner clothes, a chisel, and rope. Once you’ve got what you need, talk to “Arianywyn” in Lletya to begin the quest. Finishing the quest grants 2 Quest Points, 20000 Agility EXP and access to the Death Altar.

These are just a few of the many quests in OSRS. Many of them are worth pursuing with handsome rewards. The icing on the cake is that they tell the stories of Gielinor. Leave an OSRS legacy today by knocking out some quests!

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