OSRS Piscarilius Favor Guide – How to Increase Favor from 0-100% Easily

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Gaining OSRS Piscarilius Favor is something that can be very beneficial to you in a number of ways. However, first we are going to need to take a look at what it is we need to do to get this favor in the first place.

Methods for Gaining OSRS Piscarilius Favor

For you to gain favor, you will need to take part in a number of activities. These include anything from helping to repair fish cranes, to taking the fish over to the market, as well as hunting for grubs and stealing artefacts too.

Before doing so, you should make sure to have finished Client of Kourend on Piscarilius favor so you can use your Kourend favor certificate. This will help you bypass some rather boring tasks going forward. You are also going to need to gain this 100% favor if you are to progress further in the Architectural Alliance miniquest.

The methods for gaining Piscarilius favor in OSRS are as follows:

  • Fixing Fish Cranes
  • Delivering Fresh Fish
  • The Queen of Thieves Quest
  • Sandworm Hunting
  • Stealing Artefacts
  • Benefits

Fixing Fishing Cranes

In the port of Piscarilius, you will find a total of five fishing cranes. These are often breaking down, so you will need to fix them. If you need help locating them, then you will find three of the around the foodhall, whilst the final two are over by Leenz’s General Supplies’ dock area.

To fix these cranes, you will have to get your crafting skill up to level 30. You’ll also need nails, a hammer and three planks as well if you are to repair the cranes. You will get 0.5% favor for each crane that you repair. To fix a single crane, you’ll need three planks and 100 nails. So, if you were to work towards getting 20% favor, you will need 120 planks and 1,000 steel nails. If you can get mithril nails, then you will only need 600. Alternatively, if you have a high construction skill level, then you will only need 40 bronze nails, or 15 nails if your level is at 99.

You should try working with others to get them fixed where possible, so you can get the job done quicker. You should also keep a particular eye on the two cranes that are over by the store, since they tend to break very quickly compared to the others.

Delivering Fresh Fish

Another way to earn favor is to take fresh fish to Frankie. This will be available once you have hit 15% favor and your fishing level is up to 15. You need to get fresh fish then take it into the cooling chest that you find within the store. This will help you gain favor, though you should be aware that fish does degrade after around a minute.

When collecting the fish, you should get them from the three barrels found to the west of Frankie. This allows you to pick up 20 fresh fish before they’re degraded. You will gain around 0.4% favor for every delivery. You’re also gaining fishing experience whilst you’re at it.

The Queen of Thieves Quest

After hitting 20% favor, you can then dive into The Queen of Thieves quest too. You will need to be at level 20 thieving, as well as having the Client of Kourend finished as well. Finish off the quest, and you can gain 10% favor thanks to the Piscarilius favor certificate.

Sandworm Hunting

In comparison to the other methods, this is the quickest one for you to use. You can use it after getting to 30% favor, and your hunter skill up to 15. To hunt these sandworms, go to the north from Tynan’s Fishing Supplies. You need five buckets and a spade, and you will get 0.48% favor for each sandworm bucket. It’s recommended that you bring coins too so you can buy more buckets, since Tynan takes it rather than just emptying it.

Stealing Artefacts

From 75% favor, you should get your thieving skill up to 49. From the nearby bank, you will find Captain Khaled, who you can talk to for an assignment. Grab a lockpick so you can open the drawers, and you will need to avoid detection from the patrolmen too. By successfully stealing artefacts from the houses, you will get 2% favor and 200 coins, as well as 750 thieving experience too. This additional xp is equal up to 40 times your thieving level if you manage to get the artefacts to Captain Khaled safely.

Benefits of Increasing Piscarilius Favor in OSRS

Before looking at benefits, just as a quick final tip or two, you are going to be spending many hours gaining favor by fixing cranes and delivering the fresh fish. However, digging for sandworms can take you less than an hour to get to 100% favor. If you’re at level 30% favor, then it is strongly recommended that you use the sandworms method to take you up to 100%. If you are adamant that you are going to use the fish delivery method, then go from west to east when collecting them, and keep 20 slots open in your inventory slots open to give you an idea of when to deliver the fish.

We now know how to get favor, but what exactly are we doing it for? The reason is that when you reach a certain percentage of favor, you get certain benefits. For starters, you can access Kenelme’s Wares once you reach 20% favor, and you can take a look at Frankie’s Fishing Emporium stock once you get to 30%. You will also be able to train your thieving by helping steal artefacts at 75% favor which we discussed earlier. Finally, at 100% favor, you can then use a fishing rod with sandworms as bait to get an anglerfish, though you’ll need level 82 fishing to be able to catch them.

Getting OSRS Piscarilius favor can be a bit tedious at times. But just remember that the benefits are handy, and there are quicker alternatives to some of the methods that you should now have the knowledge of.

Now that you’ve raised your Piscarilius favor to 100%, you might want to do the same to raise your OSRS Hosidius favor.

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