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    Jing Yuan

    Is Jing Yuan Worth it in Honkai Star Rail?

    With limited resources for Stellar Jades, you’d want to spend them on someone worthy in Honkai Star Rail. That goes even for those who use the power of plastic, […]

    byMaria|21 May 2023|Others


    OSRS’ Combat Achievements Are Now Point-Based

    Combat Achievements are a relatively new addition to Old School RuneScape that entered the game in July 2021. They were inspired by the very popular Achievement Diaries, where you […]

    byMaria|18 May 2023|Others

    OSRS Sailing

    What to Expect from Sailing Skill OSRS

    After being chosen by the community as their favorite skill pitch, Sailing has become the new skill in Old School RuneScape and might hit the beta stages sooner than […]

    byMaria|25 Apr 2023|OSRS

    osrs bounty hunter beta

    Are the OSRS Bounty Hunter Beta Rewards Worth It?

    Bounty Hunter came live in beta worlds on March 29, allowing anyone interested to join and test the new rewards firsthand. Jagex opened five beta worlds, one for the […]

    byMaria|30 Mar 2023|OSRS

    Three New Jagex Skills

    Jagex Pitched Three Potential Skills to Be the New OSRS Skill

    Jagex is working hard to bring a new skill to Old School RuneScape. For over 10 years of Old School RuneScape, there have been many additions to the game: […]

    byMaria|27 Mar 2023|OSRS

    Master Max Cape

    A Beginner’s Guide to Using the Master Max Cape in RuneScape

    Skilling is one of the activities you can spend hours on end doing in Runescape 3. Bringing any skill to 99 is a huge account milestone, as you will […]

    byMaria|20 Feb 2023|RuneScape

    Gardens of Kharid

    RuneScape 3: The Garden of Kharid Guide

    The Garden of Kharid is a new and revolutionary piece of content that will change how you approach activities such as pickpocketing, runecrafting, and farming herbs in Runescape 3. […]

    byMaria|19 Feb 2023|RuneScape

    Death Cost Changes

    Death Cost Changes in RuneScape: What You Need to Know

    Death costs changed in RuneScape 3, meaning you will pay less each time you die. Death is part of the game, and regardless of how much you try to […]

    byMaria|19 Feb 2023|RuneScape

    LoL Worlds

    LCS 2023 Has Kickstarted: What to Expect

    LCS, or League Championship Series, is a regional esports event where teams from the United States and Canada participate and battle against each other to win the professional-level tournament. […]

    byMaria|13 Feb 2023|League of Legends

    ADC Weapons in LoL's Season 23

    ADC Weapons in LoL’s Season 23

    Even though ADCs were already a strong class, the changes that come with patch 13.1b are meant to change how you’d typically build your favorite ADC by having certain […]

    byMaria|13 Feb 2023|League of Legends

    FFXIV 6.4

    Jagex Consults the Community About the Upcoming Skill

    The Winter Summit was where Jagex presented many ideas to be implemented in the first period of 2023. The probably most controversial topic was the addition of a new […]

    byMaria|07 Feb 2023|OSRS

    Experience Outfits

    Experience Boosting Outfits in OSRS: Are They Worth It?

    Skilling is a massive part of OSRS. It involves gaining XP in different skills and more. Unless you do some skilling to have certain skill levels, you won’t be […]

    byMaria|07 Feb 2023|OSRS

    Lethality vs Attack Speed

    January 2023 OSRS QoL Update

    January 2023 brings a lot of unexpected quality-of-life improvements to the scene of Old School RuneScape. Besides the new quest (Secrets of the North) and its repeatable boss (Phantom […]

    byMaria|07 Feb 2023|OSRS


    OSRS Official Account Builds Guide: What You Need to Know

    On the 10th of December, Jagex announced that they were working on official account builds and that they wanted to make an official way to self-impose more restrictions like […]

    byMaria|06 Feb 2023|OSRS

    13.8 LoL Picks and Bans

    How to Get Your OSRS Account Ready for Bossing

    Bossing is one of the most challenging yet rewarding activities you could do in OSRS. However, getting to the point where you can start bossing can take many hours. […]

    byMaria|29 Jan 2023|OSRS