How to Get Your OSRS Account Ready for Bossing

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Bossing is one of the most challenging yet rewarding activities you could do in OSRS. However, getting to the point where you can start bossing can take many hours. This is because to start bossing, you will need certain combat skill levels and specific pieces of gear.

On top of this, your Agility level could also help you while bossing because it will make reaching them easier in the case of specific bosses. Some achievement diaries could also be helpful.

Additionally, there are Slayer-specific bosses that you’ll need a certain Slayer level and a Slayer task to kill, and bosses locked behind quests such as Zulrah, Vorkath, or the Phantom Muspah. Generally speaking, for a large variety of bosses to kill, you should work on your combat skills.

Combat Skill Levels

Different bosses will require you to have different combat levels. There are beginner bosses such as Obor or Bryophyta, which you can kill with low combat levels. There are also mid-level bosses such as Sarachnis, which you can take on mid-game, but there are harder bosses such as Zulrah or Vorkath, for which you’ll need a high combat level.

Getting your combat level ready for bossing is relatively easy and can be done in an AFK manner either at Sand or Ammonite Crabs or through the Nightmare Zone minigame, provided you’ve done enough quests. You’ll have 10 minutes, respectively 20 minutes AFK times, so if you have enough GP at hand for a few consumables and the Nightmare Zone fee, you can get your combat stats in their 90s in a couple of weeks, depending on how much you play.

If you’re wondering what combat skills to level, that’s a matter of what specific boss you’re trying to kill. There are bosses vulnerable to the range, but having your melee skills high is also a good strategy. Having all the combat skills high will ultimately allow you to choose from a larger variety of bosses to kill.

Also, ensure your Prayer level is at least 77 so you have access to all of the Prayers. While some bosses won’t require this, the higher your Prayer level, the more you will save on prayer pots.


Only a few bosses, like Zulrah or the Kraken, are vulnerable to Magic, but a high Magic level will help you in some boss fights with some utility or combat spells. Such cases are, for example, the Kalphite Queen fight, where even though you’ll have to use Melee and Range to defeat the two phases of the boss, casting Vengeance will help you speed up the kill and potentially get more kills per trip. The spell belongs to the lunar spellbook.

Another handy trick against certain bosses is freezing them with ice spells from the Ancient spellbook. This is a good strategy against bosses like the new Phantom Muspah. For other bosses, it’s best to use thrall spells found in the Arceuus spellbook. In the fight against Cerberus, for example, summoning thralls will help you defeat the boss faster, which ultimately means you’ll have more kills per run and hence more profit.


While the best-in-slot items or optimal setup for each boss can vary greatly, some pieces of equipment are generally good and that you should obtain for bossing, considering a great variety of bosses.


For the cape slot, three capes will help you when bossing: the Fire Cape from the Fight caves minigame for melee, the Imbued God Cape from the mage arena 2 for magic, and the Ava’s Accumulator or Assembler after the Animal Magnetism quest.

Elite Void equipment

The Elite Void equipment can be good for many bosses requiring multiple attack styles because it will allow you to switch between ranged, melee, and magic easily. To obtain it, you will need both Pest Control points and to have completed the hard Western Provinces diary.

Rada’s Blessing 4

Rasa’s blessing 4 is the BiS for the ammo slot when using melee and magic when you’re not using ranged gear that requires ammo or when you’re using ranged gear that works with charges such as the crystal bow or toxic blowpipe. It will give you a plus two prayer bonus, but you’ll need the elite Kourend and Kebos diary to obtain it.

The Fighter Torso

The Fighter Torso is an untradeable piece of equipment that’s almost as good as the Bandos Chestplate, which is the second best-in-slot for most bosses you’ll fight with melee gear. You can get it from the Barbarian Assault minigame.

Imbued rings

To complement your outfit, you can use an imbued ring: Berserker ring for melee, Seer’s ring for Magic, and Archer’s ring for range. You can obtain the rings from the Dagannoth Kings or the Grand Exchange, but you’ll need to imbue them using Nightmare Zone points or Soulwars points.

Amulet of Fury and Barrows Glove

Even though there are specific attack-style neck slots, such as the Necklace of Anguish for Range, Amulet of Torture for melee, or the Occult Necklace for Magic, having an Amulet of Fury will be efficient against most boss encounters. You want to save on inventory space. Similarly, the Barrows Gloves, which you can get after completing the Recipe for Disaster quest, is the second best-in-slot item for most bosses and one less item to swap if you need to gear switch for that specific boss fight.

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