Is OSRS Randomizer A Possibility?

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In the November 2022 Gielinor Gazette, Jagex discusses the possibility of introducing an OSRS randomizer. Is this possible for such a complex game as Old School RuneScape?

What Are Game Randomizers?

If you’ve never encountered it, a game randomizer is a modification to classic games that brings randomized elements. It can take the form of a DLC, expansion, hack, or game mode, and thinking specifically of RuneScape. An OSRS randomizer could be placed on a separate world, similarly to how other game modes are designed.

Let’s think about the recently introduced fresh start worlds, quest speedrunning worlds, or all the temporary game modes, such as the temporary deadman mode or leagues, all taking place on separate servers. Even the new PvP arena is located on a different server. From this perspective alone, OSRS already has a great way to deliver, so you could instantly hop worlds to gain access to the randomized worlds.


Game randomizers have one purpose: to bring sometimes new to something old, so players are less likely to get bored. Various popular games have successfully implemented all sorts of randomizers, and while some are set within a definite timeframe, others are not. In the Gielinor gazette, Jagex mentions two elements that could be very disappointing for the community: having a new randomization each week and wiping any progress each week.

While the community has been open to temporary game modes such as leagues or DMM, something as short as a week could stand against everything old school stands for. OSRS is a highly grindy game, so having something fast-paced (other than combat or PvP) would be against the very grindy nature of the game.

This is linked to whatever rewards you could get within such a short timeframe from the alternative game mode because if it is too valuable, it will negatively impact the main game. Something as short as one week would defy the game’s nature and its complexities.

Resetting Stats

While those who engage in temporary game modes know from the beginning that their stats will be gone at the end of the period, having a stat reset in other game modes will represent a huge issue. One unique element that makes OSRS loved by so many players is that you don’t lose your stats. This enables players of all levels to engage with the game at various intensities and take breaks from the game without feeling that they’re losing on something. This specific element makes many players return to the game sooner or later.

There’s even a saying in the community that “no one quits RuneScape,” and the meaning behind it is that whoever takes a break from the game will eventually return to the same stats and bank they left, and they can get right back into the grind. However, if Jagex decides to bring the randomizer without having it reset every week or at a higher interval, the game mode could face a lot of popularity.

Skill Randomizer

Even though Jagex is considering a full randomizer, even a skill randomizer could feel amazing for some time. Imagine fletching darts and getting construction XP or killing monsters and getting woodcutting XP. However, this could be short-lived fun that brings the discussion to XP rates. While some temporary game modes, such as the fresh start, will have you fully engage in the grind with the same XP rates as the main game, other temporary game modes offer you the XP at multiplied rates. This is the case for leagues where you will get XP much faster than on the regular servers, and it is because, in the end, you will lose all of the progress.

Choosing A Setting

Jagex wants to set the randomizer in Lumbridge. This means that you won’t have to run too much and will only be exploring a very limited area. This is extremely important because you will only have access to a few quests that are set restrictively in Lumbridge. Also, a limited area has fewer NPCs than the whole world of Gielinor, fewer monsters, and fewer activities. It is significantly linked to the short duration Jagex is proposing for this game mode.

But is one week enough for you to explore a brand new and randomized Lumbridge? As always, you can trust that if this concept becomes popular, Jagex will poll and consider the community’s feedback and run a few betas before finally delivering the new game mode. The randomizer in OSRS is highly likely and doable, but there are a lot of details that need to be further considered. It’s not something new that Jagex would restrict you to a particular area or area of the game, as it has happened before with League and other temporary game modes.

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