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In my personal opinion, Old School RuneScape has some of the best free-to-play quests available in any online gaming world. The writing is excellent, the characters are funny, and they are a great way to get to explore the world of RuneScape! For this reason, I have put together this Old School RuneScape Quest Guide to introduce you to some of our favorite quests in OSRS.

The Knights Sword

The Knight’s Sword is a fan-favorite quest for a few reasons. Firstly, it’s just plain fun. You’re going to be running a lot, and if you’re a low level, you’ll want some food for dashing past Ice Warriors and Ice Giants. Secondly, you can earn a bluerite sword, which is not a particularly strong weapon but it does look pretty cool as free to play items go. The biggest appeal of this quest, especially for low-level players, is the 12,275 Smithing experience. This is enough to level you up directly to level 29 Smithing, which is why this is also the first quest many players like to complete.

To start, head to the White Knight’s Castle and speak with the Squire, who will send you to the Varrock Palace to speak further with Reldo. On the way past the Grand Exchange, pick up a redberry pie, four iron bars, and a pickaxe (you’ll need these later.) Reldo is on the north end of the Varrock Palace, and he will tell you about the Imcando dwarf who is located south of Port Sarim. Specifically, you’ll want to go to the south-westernmost tip of the peninsula below Port Sarim where you’ll find Thurgo. Give the redberry pie to Thurgo and ask him about the knight’s sword. Then head back to Falador to speak with the Squire once again. We did tell you you’d be traveling a lot!

Back in Falador, speak with the squire before heading upstairs to Sir Vyvin’s room. You’ll need to search the cupboard in his room without Sir Vivyn seeing you. This part is a bit tricky, try to have a friend to speak with him or simply search the cupboard when he isn’t looking toward you. It might take a few tries, but once you’re successful you can head back to Thurgo again. If you’re a low level, make sure you bring food with you this time. You’ll probably need it in the Ice Dungeon. After handing the picture to Thurgo, enter the Ice Dungeon and walk until you see snow. Turn your run on and quickly gather two blurite ores. Speak with Thurgo again and he’ll make you a sword, drop this one and speak to him again to get a second sword. Now you have one for you and one to return to the squire. Speak with the Squire in the White Knight’s castle to complete your quest!

The Restless Ghost

This is another all-time favorite of lower level players. For starters, it’s located right in Lumbridge and many people simply start it by coincidence as they start exploring the game from Lumbridge town center. Additionally, you’ll gain 1,125 prayer experience for completion, which is not a bad turnaround compared to burying bones for only 4.5 experience per bone!

Speak with the priest in the creepy chapel at the south end of the city next to the graveyard. He’ll tell you about the ghost haunting the graveyard and send you to speak with Father Urnhey. Just west of Lumbridge swamp you’ll find the Father in a small shack, who will give you an Amulet of Ghostspeak. Return to the graveyard and enter the crypt in the south corner. Search the coffin and a ghost will appear who sends you to the Wizard’s Tower. This is located just west of the house you found Father Urnhey, south of Draynor.

In the basement of the Wizards Tower, you’ll search the altar to find a skull. A skeleton will appear, but you don’t need to kill it. Just run back up the ladder, return to the graveyard, and speak with the ghost again. Use the skull on the coffin and you’re done! Immediate level 9 prayer.

Sheep Shearer

While this quest isn’t as attractive in terms of rewards as the other two, it is one of the easiest quests to complete and requires no combat. To the North of Lumbridge, at the northern end of the western chicken farm, you’ll find Fred the Farmer. Fred wants 20 balls of wool. We recommend you buy the wool balls from the Grand Exchange or buy them from the General Store in Lumbridge (which normally has them in stock.) If you’d like, you can shear sheep south of his house and spin the wool at the spinning wheel on the second floor of Lumbridge Castle. However you go about it, acquire 20 balls of wool and return to Fred. Speak with him and you’re done with the quest!

Cook’s Assistant

This is another easy one, perhaps even easier than the Sheep Shearer. All that is required of you is to bring him a pot of flour, an egg, and a bucket of milk. The added bonus is you’ll get to use the Lumbridge Castle range, which will reduce the chance you burn food no matter what you’re cooking. Speak with the Cook in the Lumbridge Castle kitchen to start the quest. If you acquire these items at the Grand Exchange, you can then speak to him again immediately with these items in your inventory and you’re done.

If you want or need to go about acquiring these items yourself, pick up the pot on the table in the kitchen and get a bucket from the general store. Milk a cow at the cow field east of the city across the bridge and pick up an egg from the chicken coup next to the cow field or the chickens north of Lumbridge. For the flour, go pick some grain from the field north of the city, head to the top floor of the hopper, pull the lever, and head back to the bottom floor to use your pot on the bin. Then walk on back to the kitchen and speak with the chef to finish your quest.

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