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Palworld Meteor Event: Where and How to Trigger

Triggering Meteor Showers in Palworld
By | July 2nd, 2024 | Categories: Palworld

Palworld’s latest update features meteors falling from the sky. These meteors allow players to locate rare Pals and some valuable resources. Many are looking to farm Meteorite Fragments to create various new gear to become stronger. However, some people need help finding or even triggering this event. This guide will show players when and how to find meteor showers in Palworld. 

What are Palworld Meteor Showers

Meteor Showers are uncommon occurrences in Palworld, and their rarity means that they bring some cool stuff with them. These extraterrestrial visitors can bring valuable materials such as Meteorite Fragments and also add a chance to spawn rare Pals for gamers to capture, like Xenovader and Selyne. However, farming these events is more challenging than many players think. 

When Do Meteors Spawn in Palworld

Meteor Showers randomly occur in any location, but many believe that this event follows a strict schedule. Some players think that the meteor event happens every three days in-game, which means you will have to wait three day and night cycles for it to appear.

You can tell that a meteor shower occurs when a prompt saying “Meteoric descent in progress” appears. When the event happens, you can check your world map to see the location of its crash site, which should be marked with a meteor icon. The shower should occur around 140 to 240 meters from your current location, so check within those parameters. 

Can You Trigger a Meteor Spawn in Palworld

Unfortunately, there is no way for us to forcibly trigger this event to occur as it comes to the game naturally. However, there might be certain conditions you must fulfill to ensure a Meteor Shower will arise in its allocated time. Make sure that the following conditions are active:

  • There are No Active Supply Drops: While it’s not officially confirmed, many shared that Meteorites will not spawn if a Supply Drop is active worldwide. Both these mechanics are similar in how they arrive on the island, so one might prevent the other from triggering. Make sure that you claim all the available Supply Drops so that a Meteor Shower can naturally occur.
  • There are No Existing Meteor Events: On a similar note, if you haven’t collected a previous Meteor crash, the timer for the next one won’t start. It would help if you collected a meteorite drop as soon as it lands so the three-day timer can reset. Otherwise, another event will not occur until the first has been removed. 
  • Try to Be on Volcano Island, New Island, or Snow Island. It’s unclear if the meteorites prefer where they will land, but many have stated that they have yet to encounter this event outside these three islands. Try going near these areas when meteor showers are expected to occur to increase their chances of being triggered.

How to Farm Meteorite Fragments 

Once the meteor descends, you can visit the crash site and find tons of resources lying around. Fragments will appear as drops in the surrounding area, and Pals that spawn because of the Meteor Shower will also provide this material. In addition, you can also mine and break the meteor itself to obtain more resources. It should be noted that NPCs and Pals can also harvest these drops, so you be quick to collect the loot as soon as the Meteorite crashes. 

Meteor Event Rewards

We have three notable rewards that you can procure from the Meteor Event. These Pals and resources are exclusive to this occurrence and won’t be obtained from other sources. Here are all the drops you can get from Meteorites:

  • Meteor Fragments: Meteor Fragments can be found in the surrounding area of the crash site. If you collect enough of this material, you can craft a Meteor Launcher, one of the game’s latest and most potent weapons. It uses Meteorite bullets, so you will need stacks of fragments to ensure you never run out of ammo. 
  • Selyne: If the Meteorite crashes in Sakurajima, then there is a chance that a Selyne Pal will spawn. This creature is a Dark-Element type and is level 50. Make sure to bring a Dragon-type when you want to capture Selyne.
  • Xenovader: Xenovaders will always spawn in any crash site. These creatures will drop fragments if you catch or defeat them.
  • Xenogard: Xenogards are stronger versions of Xenovader, and these Pals are currently one of the strongest Dragon types around. This elite type has a low chance of occurring during the event, and they will replace the Xenovader mobs if they do appear. 

Note: Xenogard and Selyne cannot occur at the same time.

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