Genshin Impact: Sucrose Lore and How She Got Her Vision

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Genshin Impact: Sucrose Guide

Name: Sucrose

Vision: Anemo

Birthday: 26 November

Constellation: Ampulla

Titles: Harmless Sweetie, Knights of Favonius Alchemist

Sucrose may be a 4-star character, but she’s good enough to be labeled as ‘discount Venti’. Of course, she’s not going to be as effective as the 5-star character. However, she’s still a good Anemo character to have, especially once you get her Constellation upgrades.

Her E skill, Astable Anemohypostasis Creation – 6308, lets her blast wind at a targeted area. The blast does three things:

  • Sucks in enemies
  • Launches those enemies (if possible)
  • Deals Anemo damage

The talent starts out with one charge, but with her first Constellation upgrade, she can have two charges. That means she can use it twice in succession for more damage or crowd control.

Her Burst, Forbidden Creation – Isomer 75/Type II, releases a wind spirit that does all three actions above. It lasts about 6 seconds, doing one pulse every 2 seconds. If an enemy is affected by another element (sans Geo) beforehand, the element can be absorbed into the attack, dealing additional damage. A constellation upgrade increases its duration by 2 seconds, adding one more pulse.

Her skills can suck in and launch enemies, the same way most Anemo users can do, except Xiao and Sayu. Sucrose’s CC abilities are a little weak compared to Jean, Kazuha, or Venti, but she’s certainly more available than the others as a 4-star.

Considering her skills and the strengths of the Anemo element, she can do very well in a DPS or Secondary DPS slot. With her Ascension talents and Swirl reaction damage scaling off of her Elemental Mastery, it’s the stat you want to stack on her. Sure, Anemo DMG bonuses and Crit Rate or DMG will also help if there’s no better artifact. Energy Recharge can help to let her use her Burst more, as well.

As an Anemo user, the best artifact set you can give her is the Viridescent Venerer set. That boost for Anemo DMG is very helpful, but the 4-set bonus can help her supportive role even more. It increases Swirl DMG by 60% and in the event of an Elemental Absorption, it reduces the enemies’ Elemental RES to the absorbed element by 40%.

Other alternatives are the Wanderer’s Troupe set and the Instructor set. As usual, the Noblesse Oblige set can do as well when out of options. As for weapons, Sacrificial fragments may be the best catalyst to use.

Its secondary stat is Elemental Mastery (not Energy Recharge like the rest of the weapon series) but it keeps the weapon passive effect. That is, there is a chance for the E skill to reset its cooldown when it hits an enemy. Other DPS-oriented catalysts can do in a pinch, but the Sacrificial Fragments are best-in-slot.

With the buff to Anemo users when Kazuha got released, she can be a veritable powerhouse, especially with all the Swirl effects she can do.

Character Story

Sucrose is a sweet and kind girl who lives up to her ‘Harmless Sweetie’ title, at least if you’re not a hilichurl. She had a well-off childhood as she lived with her parents. She had two best friends at the time, and the three of them wanted to go to a domain that contained a paradise they could play in.

Somewhere out in Teyvat, there’s a domain that contains a field of pink flowers the height of a hundred people. Fairies populated the field, along with unicorns, a picture of paradise. Sucrose and her two friends believed that if they ever reach that place, they’ll surely live happily ever after.

However, as childhood plans go, time and life would go and ruin them. One of her friends went with her adventurer parents on a journey, never to return. Soon after that, the other’s father died, and the aftermath changed her personality completely. She broke off her friendship with Sucrose, leaving the latter alone and lonely.

Plans were ruined even before they got started. Sucrose still wanted to honor their friendship in some way, and that’s when she discovered alchemy. Well then, if she can’t get to that paradise, why can’t she create her own?

That’s how she got into alchemy in the first place, bio-alchemy to be specific. She’ll create the paradise of her dreams, even if her friends aren’t around. She has her insatiable curiosity to help her along her way.

Now, she’s the assistant of the famed Chief Alchemist of the Knights of Favonius, and a skilled alchemist by her own merit. Despite their research focus being on different topics, the two of them get along splendidly. Alchemy in general in Mondstadt isn’t looked highly upon, which is why it’s great that they have each other.

When Sucrose thinks of a question, she can’t help but seek out the answer as soon as possible. This trait of hers let her focus on her research with an almost supernatural endurance and perseverance. There was one time she assisted Albedo in an experiment that lasted 5 days straight. Her superior, noticing her tired state, told her to take a vacation for a week.

Sucrose complied, resolving not to think of research for the rest of the week. She started out her first day with breakfast. There was nothing unusual, she’d already researched about the best food to eat for breakfast. After that, she decided to read a book. Research says it’s the best way to relax, after all. However, there was no book she hadn’t read in her small home. All of them had been read, taken note of, and all important information had been highlighted.

So she turned to chores. She dusted, cleaned, tidied up her home, and did her laundry. A clean environment is conducive to good research. All of those activities took up half the day, and Sucrose had not had the time to ask ‘how’ or ‘why’. She wanted to research something, but all the plants in her house are all those that she had researched extensively.

Frustrated and defeated, she went to sleep. The next day, she turned up at the laboratory quite early in the morning. She’d decided that having nothing to research is torture instead of relaxing.

While many people think she’s quiet and introverted, she’s actually brimming with enthusiasm for her research. She also finds everything in the world fascinating. She only finds interpersonal interactions something far more difficult than alchemy.

With the latter, trial-and-error and a determination to find an answer are enough. Interpersonal relationships, on the other hand, have many more variables to take into account. Manners, moods, the other person’s likes and dislikes should be factored in when socializing. Sucrose finds it especially difficult as a trial-and-error approach to relationships wouldn’t be well received. Which is why she ended up rather shy and introverted.

Plus, she ends up being buried in her research more often than not. As stated above, she has this insatiable curiosity that drives her to answer all kinds of questions about her research focus. So far, she has extensively researched Sweet Flowers, Lamp Grasses, and Cecilias.

Her research about Sweet Flowers, in particular, took her months to complete and about 300 samples grown of the flower. Some had increased nectar output, others had more flowers, and some had larger flowers that can also float in the wind.

After those months of research, Sucrose looked at her stacks of research notes. Despite being exhausted after all the experiments, she looked at those stacks with pride and satisfaction. Having accomplished this task also filled her with joy.

How She Got Her Vision

Sucrose had been on a researching spree about Dandelion Seeds. She’s been experimenting and trying to discover all she can about the seeds. On her 159th attempt, she poured a carefully concocted alchemical solution onto the seeds. It steamed and smoked, and when Sucrose looked at the contents of the cauldron, her Vision gleamed among the burnt seeds.

Instead of draining the solution and getting her Vision, she turned up the burner under the cauldron. She wanted to see if the elemental energy of the jewel would do something to the experiments. Three hours later, she saw that nothing happened and stopped the experiment. Though this one was a failure, her Vision did help her in future research, as her newfound abilities granted her another avenue of discovery.

Judging by her story, it would be fair to assume that she might’ve received a Pyro Vision instead. Sucrose is plenty passionate about her research into bio-alchemy. However, she received an Anemo Vision instead. It’s associated with freedom and going with the flow, which doesn’t seem to be too evident in Sucrose. Except, when you look at it, she is being tugged this way and that by something.

Her natural curious temperament leads her to whatever new avenue of research she can do. Pyro users have only one focus, for Klee, it’s bombs. For Xinyan, it’s music, specifically rock n’ roll. Sucrose may be interested in bio-alchemy, but that’s a wide field. She’s free to wander and take up which branch of bio-alchemy to pursue. Personality may also play a part, as Sucrose is shyer than Pyro users.

That’s all for Sucrose, everybody’s favorite sweetie. She’s a great support or main DPS, especially with an EM build and an element to Swirl. As a 4-star, she’s easier to get than any of the other Anemo users in the game, as the majority are 5-star characters. As usual, enjoy playing Genshin Impact and creating snowmen in the events.

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