FFXIV Endwalker Release Preparation Checklist

FFXIV Endwalker Release
By | November 30th, 2021 | Categories: FFXIV

FFXIV Endwalker’s Release is Just Around the Corner

With just over a week to go before the new FFXIV Endwalker release, here’s a list of things to do to get the most out of the new content as it is released. The list is very broad so feel free to pick and choose whatever is more important to you. Hopefully these points will help you organize your priorities over the coming week as we collectively count down the days.


If you aren’t capped it may be time to hold off on using your leve allowance in the period leading up to Endwalker. For those who do not know, players accumulate leve allowance at a rate of 3 per 12 hours in real time or 6 per day. Having 100 allowance ready to go on day 1 of the new expansion will be a huge experience buff right off the bat in leveling the new jobs or grinding your current ones to the new level cap of 90.

Challenge Log

When the challenge logs refresh, be sure not to fully complete them as you can turn them in on the day of FFXIV Endwalker release for experience on the new jobs or progressing your current jobs to 90. For example, participate in two out of the three duty roulettes so on release upon completion of the third and final duty, roulette will grant experience. This can be done for the FATEs, guildhests, gathering and crafting. Just be sure to fall one action short of each to build up a handful of turn-ins to cash in on day 1 of Endwalker.

Location Location Location

It can be beneficial to position your character a day prior to release to a location that suits your goals for day 1 of the new expansion. If you wish to jump straight on the Sage hype train then move your character to the pirate city of Limsa Lominsa. For the future Reaper mains out there, they should head to the bustling merchant city of Ul Dah. Players who wish to get straight to the Main Story Quest will log off within the Rising Stones. At the very least players should be logging off in cities for rest experience to boost their day 1 gains.

New Jobs

On the topic of getting a headstart on the new jobs, be sure to grab a set of full Scaeven gear set ready to go for Reaper and/or Sage. The Reaper gear set will consist of Scaeven gear of Maiming and accessories of Slaying. Alternatively, players wanting to pursue Sage first will opt to get Scaeven gear of Healing. Getting on top of gearing before launch will leave players with one less thing to worry about on release and allow them to get straight into leveling.

Stat Squish

If you are already on top of all FFXIV Endwalker release preparations then it may be time to take advantage of cheesing old content before they are rebalanced with a stat squish in the new expansion. This includes doing old expansion dungeons for mounts such as Heavensward’s Lanner and Stormblood’s Kamuy. The other content that can be cheesed is Blue Mage abilities.

Currency Capping

Players may want to take advantage of the downtime leading up to the new expansion by capping the various currencies in the game. Tomestones of Poetics, Allegory and Revelation will all be handy to have at the start of Endwalkers to buy gear and items needed to progress the game. By collecting the Tomestones players will gradually level up any class and gather more Gil. On a different note, there may be new items added to your Grand Company or the Casino, to get onto those items first players will need to gather up Grand Company Seals and MGP, respectively. 


I would bet most players are guilty of offloading their items, that they will definitely use one day, to their retainers. Now is the time to clear out all the gear and materials to organize your storage for Endwalker. With new jobs and an increase to the level cap across all jobs there will be an abundance of new items to collect, gather, and craft with. Having an unorganized storage system will hinder the new expansion experience and slow players down in their progression.

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