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    PoE December Events

    PoE December Events

    PoE December Events Coming into the last month of 2021, Grinding Gear Games has released a schedule of PoE December events to participate in to finish off the year […]

    bySir Atlas|01 Dec 2021|Path of Exile

    FFXIV Endwalker Release

    FFXIV Endwalker Release Preparation Checklist

    FFXIV Endwalker’s Release is Just Around the Corner With just over a week to go before the new FFXIV Endwalker release, here’s a list of things to do to […]

    bySir Atlas|30 Nov 2021|FFXIV

    FFXIV Crafting and Gathering Guide

    FFXIV:‌ ‌Easy Crafting and Gathering Guide to Get to Level 80

    Easy Guide to Level Crafting and Gathering in FFXIV   As‌ Endwalker approaches‌ ‌for‌ ‌Final‌ ‌Fantasy‌ ‌XIV,‌ ‌it‌ ‌is‌ ‌beneficial‌ ‌to‌ ‌max‌ ‌out‌ ‌our‌ ‌crafting‌ ‌and‌ ‌gathering‌ ‌skills.‌ ‌These‌ ‌are‌ […]

    bySir Atlas|18 Nov 2021|FFXIV

    OSRS Construction Guide

    In-Depth OSRS Construction Guide

    OSRS Construction Training Construction in OSRS introduced Player Owned Houses. A home base players can continually build and show off to their friends. The houses are full of quality […]

    FFXIV Endwalker New Jobs

    FFXIV Endwalker Newest Jobs: Sage and Reaper

    Sage and Reaper Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker is approaching fast even with the delay. The 4th expansion for the game will bring a new race, higher level cap, vast […]

    bySir Atlas|15 Nov 2021|FFXIV

    OSRS Crafting Guide

    OSRS Crafting Guide

    OSRS Crafting Guide Crafting is generally considered one of the most expensive skills to train in OSRS, especially if you want to do it efficiently. It is recommended that […]

    OSRS Thieving Guide

    In-Depth OSRS Thieving Training Guide

    OSRS Thieving Training Thieving is a fantastic skill in OSRS that requires little to no investment and will generate noticeable wealth as you climb to level 99. It is […]

    bySir Atlas|11 Nov 2021|OSRS

    GTA Trilogy

    Rockstar’s GTA: The Trilogy Is… Not Great So Far

    Rockstar Games Rockstar is one of the most successful entertainment companies in the world. To illustrate, Grand Theft Auto: V alone generated close to a billion dollars in revenue […]

    bySir Atlas|11 Nov 2021|Featured

    PoE Build Guide

    Path of Exile 3.16 Build Guide – Exsanguinate Champion

    Self-Cast Exsanguinate Champion This PoE 3.16 build is a solid tank that is capable of starting the league without any investment. This is a build that will not disappoint. […]

    PoE Map Scourging Guide

    How to Quickly Scourge Maps in Path of Exile 3.16

    A Guide to Scourge Maps Scourging maps is one of the most profitable and consistent money-making methods in the Path of Exiles’ latest challenge league, 3.16 “Scourge.” The mechanic […]

    bySir Atlas|03 Nov 2021|Path of Exile

    Best Diabl

    The Absolute Best Job to Play While Getting Ready for FF:XIV Endwalker

    New Players Will Want to Jump In Before Endwalker Starts You have probably heard a large amount of hype from family, friends and the internet as Endwalker approaches. If […]

    bySir Atlas|03 Nov 2021|FFXIV

    PoE League Starter Build

    The Best PoE 3.16 “Scourge” League Starter Builds

    With the new Path of Exile patch, 3.16 Scourge, it is important for players to select a great league starter build in order to build up a foundation for […]

    Atlas Farming in Path of Exile 3.16: Scourge

    Farming in 3.16 Scourge Exiles who have completed the story and progressed through the Atlas are able to start focusing on generating wealth. With this handy walkthrough of various […]

    bySir Atlas|31 Oct 2021|Path of Exile

    poe leveling guide

    Fastest Way to Level to 100 in Path of Exile 3.16 Scourge

    Get to Level 100 Easily In Path of Exile the level cap is 100, a feat most players don’t obtain due to the severity of death penalties at later […]

    bySir Atlas|27 Oct 2021|Path of Exile