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With so many dyes available in Minecraft, it can be hard to track where you can get each specific variant. One of the most used pigments in the game is Black Dye due to its pristine and appealing color. While acquiring this coloring agent can be easy, getting large quantities of them can be challenging. This how to get Black Dye in Minecraft guide will help players figure out how to acquire this resource.

What are Black Dyes Used For?

Like other pigments, Black Dyes are mainly used to change certain items’ hues or blocks. They have no functional purpose to them other than to improve the aesthetic features of bases. However, this specific coloring agent is highly used since it helps create one of the game’s most appealing and elegant colors. 

How to Get Black Dye in Minecraft

Black Dyes can be acquired via two sources: Ink Sacs from Squids and Wither Roses produced by the Wither. The former is obtained by killing Squids that spawn randomly in any body of water. This is the easiest method of getting Black pigment. However, this path can be a bit slow due to the random spawn rate of these sea creatures.

The other method is to farm Wither Rose to get Black Dyes. These flowers are produced when the Wither, a Minecraft boss, kills mobs. These slain monsters have a sure chance of spawning Wither Rose, so making sure that this boss gets to have a body count ensures tons of essential drops. However, this path is dangerous since you must also kill the Wither afterward. If left unchecked, this creature can cause significant damage.

Like other dye resources, you only need to place an Ink Sac or a Wither Rose on a crafting table. The material should only occupy one block to create Black Dye. There is no need for you to smelt or undergo any other complicated process to get one.

What to Use Black Dyes on in Minecraft?

Not every item can be applied with Black Dye. Only certain materials can have this hue, so knowing which ones can help players understand how many coloring pigments they need. Here are all the craftable materials that you can use this Black coloring agent on in different versions:

Java and Bedrock

  • Black Candle = Candle + Black Dye
  • Black Carpet = White Carpet + Black Dye
  • Black Concrete Powder = Sand + Gravel + Black Dye
  • Black Firework Star Gunpowder + Head/Feather/Gold Nugget/(Fire Charge + Glowstone Dust + Diamond) + Black Dye
  • Black Shulker Box = Shulker Box or Any Shulker Box + Black Dye
  • Black Stained Glass = Glass + Black Dye
  • Black Stained Glass Pane = Glass Pane + Black Dye
  • Black Terracotta = Terracotta + Black Dye
  • Dark Prismarine = Prismarine Shard + Black Dye
  • Gray Dye = White Dye + Black Dye
  • Black Banner Pattern = Banner + Black Dye
  • Black Banner Image = Banner + Vines/Bricks/Creeper Head/Wither Skeleton Skull/Oxeye Daisy/Enchanted Golden Apple + Black Dye

Java Exclusive

  • Black Bed = White Bed + Black Dye
  • Black Wool = White Woll + Black Dye

Bedrock Exclusive

  • Black Balloon = Latex + Helium + Lead + Black Dye
  • Black Bed = Any Bed + Black Dye
  • Black Wool = Any Wool + Black Dye
  • Gray Dye = Bonemeal + Black Dye
  • Light Gray Dye = White Dye + Black Dye

Best Way to Farm Black Dye

There are practically two ways of farming Black Dyes in Minecraft. The first is to go to a nearby river and create a hole big enough that it would suck the water into the hole. Make sure to blockade off the connecting lakes or seas to prevent more water from coming in. The idea here is to limit the area where Squids can spawn and place them in a convenient spot so that you don’t have to travel multiple blocks to find these creatures. However, this is still heavily influenced by the spawn rate.

The second and most profitable way is to set up a Wither Rose farm in the Ender. In this zone, you must create a structure that will trap the Wither boss and have him aggro every Enderman near him. The construction can vary from person to person, but the main idea is to restrict the movement of the boss creature so that he stays and slays mobs in a single centralized zone. 

If You Don’t Want it, Sell It

Aside from using Black Dye to color materials, they can also be traded with villagers. Some NPCs are willing to exchange these resources for Emeralds. If you think you have too much black pigment on your hands, find a helpful villager to sell it to.

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