FFXIV 6.2 New Mounts – What Are They?

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A new patch in Final Fantasy XIV brings many content and features for players to explore, from story content to new raids and challenges and even side content like the Island Sanctuary. But nothing is quite as exciting as seeing what brand new mounts are released, ready to be added to your collection. This guide will cover all the new mounts currently released with patch 6.2, a few of the mounts that will be released in the coming months, and how to obtain them. Without further ado, let’s look at all the FFXIV 6.2 new mounts you can currently get your hands on!

FFXIV New Mounts in 6.2


For players who enjoy taking on the PvP elements in the game, the Crystalline Conflict Season 2 rewards offer the Fylgja mount. This massive red dragon is awarded to players who reach at least rank 25 of the series 2 rewards. This will take quite a bit of grinding in the PvP mode added with the release of Endwalker, FFXIV’s newest expansion, as the point requirements for each rank increase the further you progress. Clearly, winning most of your matches will reward the highest points, but even losing will reward Series EXP, so it isn’t a total loss. However, this mount is more than worth it, as not only is the mount impressive in its own right, the acclaim that comes with obtaining PvP mounts is second to none!

Wondrous Lanner 

This large bird mount will require you to either turn in a Gold Certificate of Commendation to Khloe in Idyllshire (obtaining one of these is a feat in and of itself, requiring players to earn three lines in a row in the Wondrous Tails Journal by completing nine various duties from the Duty Finder), or to take part in the Unreal difficulty fights each week and earn 600 Faux Leaves from the Faux Commander by playing the Faux Hollows minigame. Both of these methods require a fair bit of luck, so it may take some time to add this one to your collection.

Lynx of Imperious Wind

Each patch brings a new Extreme Trial, and with it, a new Extreme Mount. The Lynx of Imperious Wind is dropped from the Storm’s Crown EX fight, pitting players against Barbariccia, the Archfiend of Wind. This fight is tougher than then the other Extreme trials up to this point and will take quite a lot of work to master, but players will eventually be able to clear it, grabbing themselves a cool new Windswept weapon. If you’re lucky, this challenging fight, you may even reward this mount as a drop. If not, each clear will reward players with a token they can eventually trade in for the mount instead!


Players seeking an extra challenge can take on the new 8-man Savage raid tier: Abyssos. These fights are currently the hardest content from the patch, and it is usually recommended to join a static or a dedicated team of raiders to clear all of this content. If players can clear all the way to the Eighth Circle of Abyssos Savage, they will have the chance to grab the Sunforged, the large fire serpent familiar of Hephaistos, the final raid boss. This fight is amongst some of the most challenging content currently available, and the drop rate is fairly low, so grabbing this mount will definitely be the pinnacle of your collection. Clearing this fight and claiming this mount for your own will definitely put you in the top of the elite players, as currently, less than one percent of all players have this mount.

Island Eggplant Knight/Onion Prince/Mandragora

For those who would rather avoid combat and kick back on their own private island getaway, these mounts are for you. Once players have unlocked the Island Sanctuary, they can explore, gather, and build on the Island to earn Cowries, the special currency used on the island. Each new mount costs 12,000 Seafarers Cowries, and will require players to reach at least Sanctuary level 3 before they appear in the shop, so they do require a bit of a commitment to earn. Still, with how relaxing and fun the Island gameplay is, it really shouldn’t take too long to obtain each one.

Garlond GL-II

Like the other Island mounts, this all-terrain motorbike, similar in appearance to the SDS Fenrir mount, can be obtained on the Island Sanctuary. Once you’ve committed yourself to grind your Sanctuary to rank 10 by completing all the visions, building the various facilities, and expanding your pasture and farms, you’ll be able to purchase this mount from the island vendor for 24,000 Seafarer’s Cowries. This mount costs double the other mounts available on the island. However, if you’ve put in the time to unlock the ability to purchase the mount, you may as well go all the way!

And that’s all the mounts currently available from Patch 6.2! However, for those who watched the Live Letter, other mounts are set to release some time before Patch 6.3, such as the large Space Jellyfish mount obtained from the upcoming Omicron Tribal questline, or the adorable pink rat, apparently named Silky, a reward from the Criterion/Variant dungeons releasing in Patch 6.25. There is also information about a new Mog Station store mount named the Mechanical Lotus. Later in the year, players can also look forward to the Starlight Celebration holiday event, where they can obtain the Starlight Steed mount, presumably through completing the quest line for the event. Whatever content you enjoy, there is almost assuredly a mount for you to claim! And with a patch schedule of roughly every four months, players will have plenty of time to work on completing the tasks required to earn any or all of these fantastic mounts.

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