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Green Dye
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Minecraft is more than just gathering and improving items to progress through the game’s many bosses. A lot of the game’s features heavily revolve around building and decorating. Dyes are some of the most commonly used materials for aesthetic purposes. The green variant is something that many players get confused about how to get, so knowing where to get them in any version—like Minecraft Bedrock and Java Edition—can help gamers spend their time more efficiently.  This how to get Green Dye Minecraft guide will teach you the most efficient way to get this resource.

What Are Green Dyes Used For in Minecraft?

Dyes are decorative materials in Minecraft used to change the color of certain selected items. While they are mainly cosmetic, some modpacks have assigned specific functional values to these resources; however, they are still used primarily as color changers. 

Each dye variant can be acquired through various means, but the standard way is to harvest flowers and use a crafting table to turn them into a coloring agent. Certain pigments—like green ones—are obtained through other means.

How to get Minecraft Green Dyes?

Unlike Red, Yellow, and Purple, which are obtained from flowers, Green Dyes are acquired from Cacti. These plants can be harvested in Desert biomes or Badlands patrolled by Pillagers. No specific tools are needed to break Cacti, so you can use any item to get them, but Axe is always preferred due to their break speed for these types of blocks.

After getting some Cacti, bring the item to a furnace. Placing the stalk in the smelter with fuel will start the process of making Green Dyes. You just have to wait a few seconds since the smelting process doesn’t take too long. 

Aside from smelting Cactus, there are other ways of getting Dye without the need to harvest plants in the Desert. Chests mainly found in villages scattered around the sandy biome have a high chance of containing Green Dye. Alternatively, you can also trade one emerald for 12 Green pigments with some merchants. 

Where to Use Green Dyes in Minecraft? 

Mainly, Green Dyes are just for coloring selected items unless modpacks are involved. Not all resources can be combined with green pigment as it depends on what type of Minecraft version is used. Here is the list of all combinable materials with green Dye in either Java or Bedrock:

Java Edition & Bedrock

  • Green Bed – White Bed + Green Dye
  • Green Candle – Candle + Green Dye
  • Green Carpet – White Carpet + Dye
  • Green Concrete Powder – Sand + Gravel + Green Dye
  • Green Firework Star – Gunpowder + Head/Feather/Gold Nugget/(Fire Charge + Glowstone Dust + Diamond) + Green Dye
  •  Green Shulker Box – Any Shulker Box + Green Dye
  • Green Stained Glass – Stained Glass + Green Dye
  • Green Stained Glass Pane – Glass Pane + Green Dye
  • Green Terracotta – Terracotta + Green Dye
  • Lime Dye – White Dye + Green Dye
  • Green Banner Pattern – Banner + Green Dye
  • Green Banner Image – Banner + Vines/Bricks/Creeper Head/Wither Skeleton Skull/Oxeye Daisy/Enchanted Golden Apple + Green Dye

Java Only

  • Green Wool – White Wool + Green Dye

Bedrock Exclusive

  • Cyan Dye – Lapiz Lazuli + Green Dye
  • Green Balloon – Latex + Helium + Lead + Green Dye
  • Green Bed – Any Bed + Green Dye
  • Green Glow Stick – Polyethelyn + Hydrogen Peroxide + Luminol + Green Dye
  • Green Wool – Any Wool + Green Dye
  • Lime Dye – Bonemeal + Green Dye

How to Make a Cactus Farm for Green Dye?

Like many resources in Minecraft, getting your hands on Green Dye can be quite a tedious task if you need to go to the Desert every time you need one. The best way to create a sustainable supply of Cactus is to make your own farm. Here are your options:

Manual Cactus Farm

If you don’t mind going out of your way to manually harvest Cactus, you need to plant Cacti on top of a sand block since these plants will grow with minimal supervision. You can have many prickly plants as long as there is one space between them to avoid damaging each other.

Automated Cactus Farm

To make an automated Cactus Farm, you will need some hopper, water, chests, sand blocks, cobblestone, nether bricks, and Cacti. For the foundation, you have to dig one block deep. Dig one space deeper at the edge of the perimeter to set up a hopper + chest system. Use the water to make a current that will shoot items into this mechanism. 

Above the water, you need to place cobblestones midair with at least one space. After this, you can put sand blocks on top of them before planting Cacti. After that, you must place a nether brick between two of these plants and a block above them.

This structure basically assumes that the nether brick automatically breaks the Cactus stalk when the plant grows. The drops will then get carried by the water current into the hopper + chest; all you need to do is to collect them afterward.

Don’t Get Too Green-Minded

You will definitely have an abundant supply of Green Dye should you follow this guide. However, your base might not look too pretty if you just slap this color everywhere on every item. Make sure to include other variations like red, blue, yellow, and white to make your abode much more beautiful!

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