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Every new challenge league in Path of Exile has its own theme and mechanics. These challenge leagues bring unique rewards such as cosmetics for you to collect by completing tasks and quests. Challenges and rewards go hand-in-hand in the ARPG, after all. In the case of the Kalandra League, you can earn exclusive microtransactions by completing 40 challenges. The spoils you’ll get in the Lake of Kalandra challenges are all themed towards mirrored effects; each cosmetic has separate tiers that grant specific effects. Besides that, you’ll also be granted pieces of the Kalandra Totem Pole Hideout decoration which you can put together.

Before your lips smack at the thought of all the goodies you’re about to get, let’s look at the challenges and rewards for Lake of Kalandra in this PoE Lake of Kalandra Challenge guide.

The Uphill Battle of Getting to 40

As I’ve said before, there are 40 challenges available in the league you can complete. You can aim to complete all of them, but note that the later challenges will require a ton of time and effort—especially since the endgame content of Lake of Kalandra is grueling. If you’re not a completionist, the most realistic goal you can achieve is around 30-35.

Here’s a list of all the challenges for Lake of Kalandra:

  1. The Start of it All (Learning the Ropes)

Complete the following tasks:

  • Allocate a Passive Mastery
  • Equip a Magic Utility Flask
  • Identify a rare item
  1. Entering the Lake

Completing the following encounters:

  • Enter the Lake of Kalandra
  • Open a reward chest inside the Lake of Kalandra
  • Have at least 6 Reflection in your inventory before entering the Lake of Kalandra
  1. Vendor Recipes

You must complete vendor recipes to receive the following items:

  • Chaos Orb
  • Chromatic Orb
  • Life or Mana Flask
  • Sapphire, Ruby, or Topaz Ring

Note that a vendor recipe is when you trade a specific slew of items to a vendor NPC.

  1. Act Bosses Part I

Defeat the following Unique Act bosses:

  • Act 1: Merveil: The Twisted (located in the Cavern of Anger)
  • Act 2: Vaal Oversoul (located on the top floor of the Ancient Pyramid)
  • Act 3: Dominus, Ascendant (located in The Upper Sceptre of God)
  • Act 4: Malachai, The Nightmare (go to The Harvest, then travel to the Black Core; open the Black Heart)
  • Act 5: Kitava, the Insatiable (located in the Catherdral Rooftop)
  1. Exile Versus the World

Complete the following tasks:

  • Kill a Possessed monster
  • Open a Strongbox
  • Kill at least one Rogue Elite
  • Activate the Echoing Shrine
  1. Shaping the Lake

Shape the Lake of Kalandra by following these ways:

  • Open or itemize Lake of Kalandra ten times
  • Move blockages five times
  • Move entrances five times
  • Swap reflections five times
  • Change a Water Tile into an Empty Tile five times
  1. Act Bosses Part II

Defeat the following Unique Act bosses:

  • Act 6: Tsoagoth, The Brine King (located in The Brine King’s Reef)
  • Act 7: Arakaali, Spinner of Shadows (located in The Temple of Decay, Level 2)
  • Act 8: Lunaris, Eternal Moon & Solaris, Eternal Sun (both are located in The Lunaris Temple)
  • Act 9: The Depraved Trinity (located in The Rotting Core)
  • Act 10: Kitava, the Insatiable (located in The Feeding Trough)
  1. Equipping Unique Armaments

You must equip Unique items of the following types:

  • Gloves
  • Helmet
  • Ring
  • Boots
  • Belt
  • Body Armor
  • Amulet
  • Weapon
  1. Essence Encounters

Complete the following Essence encounters:

  • Use a Remnant of Corruption on Essence Monoliths 20 times
  • Defeat 2 Essence Monsters that has at least 6 Essences each within 5 seconds of each other
  • Defeat 1 Essence Monster with at least 3 Shrieking Essences in an area level of 81 or higher
  • Release an Essence of Hysteria, Delirium, Insanity, or Horror
  1. Abyss Encounters

Complete the following Abyss encounters:

  • Complete Abyssal Depths 10 times
  • Complete at least 5 Abysses in a single map (should be Tier 14 or higher)
  • Complete Abysses in maps 75 times
  • Defeat Amanamu, Liege of the Lightless or Ulaman, Sovereign of the Well in an area level of 83 or higher
  1. Ambush Encounters

Open the following Corrupted and Rare Strongboxes in the map:

  • Gemcutter’s
  • Operative’s
  • Cartographer
  • Diviners
  • Vaal Vessel
  • Arcanist
  1. Unlocking the Lake’s Abilities

Fully unlock the following Lake of Kalandra Reflection Abilities:

  • Exile Ability
  • Reroll Ability
  • Skip Ability
  1. Heist Encounters

Complete the following Heist encounters:

  • With at least 3 Wings Revealed, complete an Enchanted Armaments Blueprint
  • With at least 3 Wings Revealed, complete a Currency Blueprint or Thieves’ Trinkets
  • With at least 3 Wings Revealed, complete an Unusual Gems Blueprint
  • With at least 3 Wings Revealed, complete an Experimented Items Blueprint or a Replica
  • Level a Heist job up to 5
  • Complete Contracts that are level 81 or higher
  • Open Reward Chests in Contracts that are level 81 or higher
  1. Legion Encounters

Complete the following Legion encounters:

  • Open 40 War Hoards
  • Complete 30 Legions
  • Receive at least 25 rewards from a Domain of Timeless Conflict Encounter
  • Unlock the five-slot Map Device
  1. Blight Encounters

Complete the following Blight encounters:

  • Kill 40 Blight Bosses in areas that are level 81 or higher
  • Complete 40 Blight encounters
  • With at least five mods, complete a Blight-Ravaged and Rare Map
  • With at least eight mods that are Tier 14 or higher, complete a Corrupted Blighted and Rare Map
  1. Expedition Encounters

Complete the following Expedition encounters:

  • Defeat an Expedition Boss
  • Use your Expedition Vendor Refresh Currency 50 times
  • In an area with a level of 81 or higher with 15 or more Remnants active, complete an Expedition Logbook
  • In Tier 14 maps or higher with five or more Remnants active, complete Expedition encounters
  1. Discovering Lake of Kalandra

Complete the following 14 types of Reflections in Lake of Kalandra:

  • Lightning
  • Metamorph
  • Physical
  • Rogue Exile
  • Shrine
  • Strongbox
  • Beyond
  • Breach
  • Chaos
  • Cold
  • Delirium
  • Legion
  • Untainted
  • Torment
  • Harbinger
  • Fire
  • Delve
  • Essence
  • Expedition
  1. Achieving Ascension

Use the Ascendancy Device in the following Labyrinths:

  • The Merciless Labyrinth
  • The Cruel Labyrinth
  • The Eternal Labyrinth
  • The Labyrinth
  1. Skill Gem Level Increase
  • Have a socketed Skill Gem reach level 26
  1. Harvest Lifeforce

Complete the following Harvest encounters:

  • Use 7,500 Lifeforce
  • Harvest 100 Crops
  • Harvest the Heart of the Grove
  • Defeat a Harvest Boss
  1. Tainted Crafting

Use the following currency items for crafting:

  • Tainted Mythic Orb
  • Tainted Chaos Orb
  • Tainted Chromatic Orb
  • Tainted Divine Teardrop
  • Tainted Armourer’s Scrap
  • Tainted Exalted Orb
  • Tainted Blacksmith’s Whetstone
  • Tainted Jeweller’s Orb
  • Tainted Orb of Fusing
  1. Obtaining Items From the Lake of Kalandra

Obtain at least three of the following items from the Lake of Kalandra:

  • Dusk Ring from Reflecting Mist
  • Penumbra Ring from Reflecting Mist
  • Gloam Ring from Reflecting Mist
  • Mirrored Ring/Amulet from Ethereal Reflecting Mist
  • Shadowed Ring from Reflecting Mist
  • Tenebrous Ring from Reflecting Mist
  1. Completing Unique Maps

Complete the following Unique Maps

  • The Coward’s Trial
  • The Putrid Cloister
  • The Twilight Temple
  • The Vinktar Square
  • Acton’s Nightmare
  • Caer Blaidd, Wolfpack’s Den
  • Death and Taxes
  • Doryani’s Machinarium
  • Vaults of Atziri
  • Whakawairua Tuahu
  • Hallowed Ground
  • Maelström of Chaos
  • Mao Kun
  • Oba’s Cursed Trove
  • Olmec’s Sanctum
  • Pillars of Arun
  • Poorjoy’s Asylum
  1. Crafting Orbs

Use the following currency in the Crafting Bench:

  • Orb of Alchemy
  • Orb of Alteration
  • Orb of Fusing
  • Regal Orb
  • Exalted Orb
  • Glassblower’s Bauble
  • Jeweller’s Orb
  • Chaos Orb
  • Chromatic Orb
  • Divine Orb
  1. Pantheon Powers
  • Upgrade any of the two Major and Minor Pantheon Powers
  1. The Perfect Ascension

Complete the following Endgame Labyrinths:

  • Eternal Labyrinth of Opportunity
  • Eternal Labyrinth of Potential
  • Eternal Labyrinth of Fortune
  1. Overcoming the Bosses of the Lake

Defeat the following Unique Map bosses in the Lake of Kalandra (area level should be 81 or higher):

  • 15 Fire Map bosses
  • 15 Chaos Map bosses
  • 15 Cold Map bosses
  • 15 Physical Map bosses
  • 15 Lightning Map bosses
  1. Going Down Memory Lane

Complete at least six types of Atlas Memories on a Tier 14 map or higher:

  • Harvest
  • Incursion
  • Torment
  • Abyss
  • Ambush
  • Bestiary
  • Essence
  • Harbinger
  • Breach
  • Domination
  1. The Trial of Chaos
  • Defeat the Trialmaster
  1. The Atlas Grind
  • Complete maps that have a total of 6,000 modifiers
  1. Unique Beyond Bosses

Defeat at least two of the following Unique Beyond bosses:

  • Ghorr, the Grasping Maw
  • K’tash, the Hate Shepherd
  • Beidat, Archangel of Death
  1. The Shattering of the Lake
  • Complete 77 Reflections that are at least difficulty 7 with an area level of 77 or higher
  1. Unnatural Foes

Defeat ten Rare Monsters with at least one of the following Archnemesis Modifiers:

  • Magma Barrier
  • Mana Siphoner
  • Mirror Image
  • Necromancer
  • Soul Eater
  • Effigy
  • Empowered Elements
  • Empowering Minions
  • Entangler
  • Temporal Bubble
  • Treant Horde
  • Corpse Detonator
  • Corrupter
  • Crystal-skinned
  • Drought Bringer
  1. Influenced Atlas
  • Defeat Elderslayers, Elder Guardians, or Shaper Guardians in maps
  1. Divine Revenge

Defeat 6 Rare Monsters with at least one of the following Archemesis Pantheon mods:

  • Solaris-touched
  • Tukohama-touched
  • Abberath-touched
  • Arakaali-touched
  • Brine King-touched
  • Innocence-touched
  • Lunaris-touched
  • Shakari-touched
  • Kitava-touched
  1. Insurmountable Corruption
  • Complete 30 Tier 16 Rare maps that have eight mods; the maps can be completed by killing Sextants, Scarabs, and Unique Bosses
  1. Conquer the Lake

With at least difficulty 1o Tier 3 and an area level of 83, complete eight of the following types of Reflections in Lake of Kalandra:

  • Lightning
  • Metamorph
  • Physical
  • Shrine
  • Strongbox
  • Beyond
  • Breach
  • Chaos
  • Cold
  • Harbinger
  • Legion
  • Delve
  • Essence
  • Expedition
  • Fire
  1. Deadly Encounters

Defeat at least three of the following endgame boss encounters with conditions:

  • Defeat The Vaall Omnitect in a level 83 area without taking any damage from Flamethrowers (after they’ve finished using Flamethrowers at least once)
  • Defeat Atiziri in the Alluring Abyss without getting hit by their Flameblast
  • In an area level of 81 or higher, defeat Aul, the Crystal King, without being hit by their Crystalline Fissures
  • In an area level of 81 or higher, defeat Chayula, Who Dreamt without getting hit by their Chaos Cyclone projectiles, and after they’ve finished using Chaos Cyclone at least three times
  • In an area level of 83 or higher, defeat The Syndicate Mastermind without letting any of their Volatile Skeletons raise from the ground
  1. The Clash

Defeat at least four of the following Pinnacle Boss Encounters (must be in an area level of 85 or higher):

  • The Maven in Absence of Mercy & Empathy
  • The Searing Exarch in Absence of Patience & Wisdom
  • The Shaper in The Shaper’s Realm
  • High Templar Venarius in Cortex
  • Sirus, Awakener of Worlds in Eye of the Storm
  • The Elder in The Shaper’s Realm
  • The Eater of Worlds in Absence of Symmetry and Harmony
  1. The Endgame Grind

Complete at least four of the following encounters:

  • Complete Tier 16 maps with Atlas Memory Modifiers 75 times
  • Defeat Argus (located in the Endgame Labyrinth) 100 times
  • Defeat Bestiary Boss, Vaal Omnitect, Delve Boss, or the Syndicate Mastermind 80 times
  • Complete Maven Invitations 50 times
  • Complete Reflections of at least difficulty 3 in area level 83 Lakes of Kalandra 500 times

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