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Ramattra Overwatch 2 Guide: Abilities, Lore, & More

The announcement of Ramattra happened in the middle of the Overwatch League Grand Finals 2022, just a few minutes away from San Fransisco Shock going up against Dallas Duel. […]

byAndrea Tan|24 Nov 2022|Overwatch 2


Pokemon SV Glitches to Catch Shiny Pokemon

If you’re one of those trainers that have never had the patience to hunt Shiny Pokemon, you’re in luck. Shiny Pokemon are always touted as these rare and highly […]

byAndrea Tan|23 Nov 2022|Pokemon

Pokemon SV

How to Play With your Friends in Pokemon SV

One of the main features that The Pokemon Company showcased before the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet was that you could play the game with your pals. Fast […]

byAndrea Tan|21 Nov 2022|Pokemon

Pokemon Masters

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Beginner’s Guide

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Paldea region will be yours to explore as the long-running series takes its first stab at doing open world right. Besides being home to lots […]

byAndrea Tan|20 Nov 2022|Pokemon


The Dark Heart of Skyrim Celebration Event

Hear ye, hear ye! The Dark Heart of Skyrim Celebration Event is officially underway in Elder Scrolls Online! Take to the world of Skyrim and The Reach to earn […]

byAndrea Tan|16 Nov 2022|Others


How to Get the Prime Gaming Fuse Bundle

Having an Amazon Prime is arguably one of the best ways to get free stuff for your favorite online games every month. For November 2022, you can redeem the […]

byAndrea Tan|09 Nov 2022|Apex Legends

Pokemon Go Tier List

The Secret to Leveling Up Pokemon Fast in Scarlet and Violet

If you saw the trailer for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet that was released on October 2022, Game Freak (together with The Pokemon Company) showed off more of the upcoming […]

byAndrea Tan|09 Nov 2022|Pokemon


How to Breed Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet

The trailer that dropped on October 2022 for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet was packed full of information during its 14-minute run—most of it being brand new to the franchise. […]

byAndrea Tan|08 Nov 2022|Pokemon

Free Skins

How to Get Free Skins in Fortnite

Fortnite has had multiple crossovers over the years, so the battle royale has loads of rare skins. Cosmetics are a crucial part of the game—it’s the primary method of […]

byAndrea Tan|26 Oct 2022|Fortnite

Elite Void

How to Get Stardust in Pokemon Go

There wasn’t much to Pokemon Go initially outside of the novelty of walking around and catching Pokemon. You could visit specific locations to get items like Potions and Poke […]

byAndrea Tan|26 Oct 2022|Pokemon

Pokemon Go Tier List

How to Get Poke Balls in Pokemon Go

To say that Poke Balls are an integral part of the Pokemon experience is an understatement. They’re an essential item in all Pokemon games, including Pokemon Go. Since the […]

byAndrea Tan|20 Oct 2022|Pokemon

MHW Palico

MHW Palico Guide – How to Unlock Gear and Gadgets

Your Palico will essentially be your right-hand man for tens of thousands of hours in Monster Hunter World, so it’s best to treat them with care. At the very […]

byAndrea Tan|19 Oct 2022|Monster Hunter


How to Get Overwatch 2 Twitch Drops

Overwatch 2 has been… okay, for the most part. You could argue that the game is just Overwatch 1.5, but it’s now free-to-play for everyone who’s the least bit […]

byAndrea Tan|18 Oct 2022|Overwatch 2

Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World Best Charge Blade Build

Mastering the Charge Blade in Monster Hunter World is an intimidating obstacle; not only do you have to remember lots of combos, but the concept of it being half […]

byAndrea Tan|20 Sep 2022|Monster Hunter


How to Get Commendations In Monster Hunter World

There are a plethora of resources to gather for Monster Hunter World, with some being more challenging to obtain than others. Those materials are often needed to get some […]

byAndrea Tan|19 Sep 2022|Monster Hunter

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