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Described as fundamental magick, Essence is an essential resource in Nightingale that can be used as a currency and a means to repair or upgrade your gear. As part of the game’s progression, you’ll acquire various Essence tiers—from the common Essence Dust up to Tiers 1, 2, and 3 Essences. To find other games like Nightingale, check PlayerAuctions.

Upon entering the Major Realm card and visiting specific locations as part of your quest, you’ll be tasked with getting T1 Essence from Octavia. You’ll need lots of the currency to upgrade your tools to further your gear score, key recipe unlocks, and more. If you want to know how to farm the T1 Essence, we’ll share all the details and farming strategies for getting it.

What is T1 Essence?

T1 Essence is used mainly as your primary currency throughout the early to mid-game. You’ll have to use it to buy recipes to improve your base building. Recipes can cost anywhere between 15-30 T1 Essence—depending on the weapon, project, or workstation recipe.

T1 Essence can also be used on upgrades. Improving your Gear Score is tantamount to surviving in the early game. You must upgrade your Gear Score to progress your Abeyance Realm quests and get higher-tier Major Cards. And to do that, you’ll need T1 Essence. It’ll likely cost you around 300 T1 Essence to upgrade your tools and armor on top of the other recipes you need.

Where to Find T1 Essence Nightingale

The Antiquarian, Provision, and Astrolabe Major Realm Cards are the three Major Cards that can bring you to Tier 1 resource areas. Naturally, that includes T1 Essence. If you’re in one of these realms, you’ll find POIs and resources scaled to the difficulty of the tier. You’ll find out as you explore that T1 Essence is the main currency you get from completing quests, POIs, and even from killing enemies. You can get T1 Essence from any place you would have found regular Essence, as long as you’re in a Realm augmented with the three Major Cards.

How to Farm T1 Essence in Nightingale

If you want to get some T1 Essence quickly, go to the Fae Tower. Fae Towers have at least two combat objectives and a random event in the middle of the level. The objectives award T1 Essence, and the mobs you fight can sometimes drop them occasionally. You won’t have trouble clearing the Fae Tower either since you’ll only need a 20 Gear Score.

Once you get to the top of the tower, you’ll be rewarded with a Fae Chest filled with goodies and T1 Essence. A single run of the Fae Tower can yield more than 100 T1 Essence. Just make sure to release the Hope Echoes as they spawn after clearing each floor.

One tip we’d like to impart is to access the realm’s Minor Card machine while you’re already at the top of the tower and use a Treasure Card. This enables you to get more Essence drops while in the world. If you apply it early into a Realm, it increases your T1 Essence farming efficiency.

Should clearing the Fae Tower be too challenging, you can always resort to hunting wildlife. Just be aware that this method doesn’t consistently give you T1 Essence and instead relies more on RNG. As a result, it’ll take you much longer than clearing the tower.

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