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Best Mobile MMOs to Play in 2023

MMORPGs are a dime-a-dozen on the Play Store and App Store these days. While it’s good to have variety, it makes it challenging to find MMOs that are actually […]

byAndrea Tan|09 Apr 2023|MMORPG

Lifeweaver Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 Reveals Lifeweaver, the Next Hero for Season 4

Overwatch 2 has had its fair share of new heroes for the past seasons. So far, we’ve got Kiriko and Ramattra, two colorful characters who have since become a […]

byAndrea Tan|09 Apr 2023|Overwatch 2


The Video Game Industry’s Biggest Expo, E3, is Canceled for 2023

After announcing in 2022 that E3 is scheduled to return this year, the Entertainment Software Association is taking back its statement. Just before March 2023 concluded, they confirmed to […]

byAndrea Tan|03 Apr 2023|Others

Honkai Star Rail

Why You Should Be Hyped for Honkai: Star Rail

MiHoYo is more widely known for Genshin Impact at this point, but you’d be missing out on some bangers if you don’t broaden your horizons. Previously named HoYoverse, MiHoYo […]

byAndrea Tan|28 Mar 2023|Genshin Impact


MultiVersus, A Smash Bros. Clone, is Closing Its Doors Until 2024

Well, this is a surprise. Just today, PlayerFirst and Warner Bros. Gamers announced that MultiVersus—which has been in open beta for quite some time now—will be closing up shop […]

byAndrea Tan|27 Mar 2023|EverQuest

3DS WiiU

It’s Official, the 3DS and Wii U eShop are No More

Here’s the thing, the closure of digital shops for platforms is imminent. It’s part of the “natural” life cycle for any product line since it becomes less used by […]

byAndrea Tan|27 Mar 2023|Others

Dark and Darker

Dark and Darker Taken Off Steam

I was introduced to the world of Dark and Darker during the Steam Next Fest demo event back in February 2023. The game was a hoot in the Goblin […]

byAndrea Tan|26 Mar 2023|Others

Diablo IV

Diablo IV Closed Beta Impressions

Over the years, the Diablo franchise has had some highs and more than a couple of lows than Blizzard would have liked. Diablo II: Resurrected gained huge hype when […]

byAndrea Tan|21 Mar 2023|Diablo

Game Boy Games

Game Boy Games We’d Love to See Added to Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo’s shadow drop of Game Boy and Game Boy Advanced games to Nintendo Switch Online was welcomed with open arms by players. For years, many (including me) have been […]

byAndrea Tan|16 Mar 2023|Others

Albion Online

Albion Online Announces Dedicated Server in Asia

Albion Online has been in the online realm for quite some time now. Released in 2017, it’s one of the few MMOs that receive genuine and positive reviews from […]

byAndrea Tan|14 Mar 2023|Albion Online

PoE Crucible League Currency Farming

Amazon is Publishing Throne and Liberty in North America

Amazon Games has been a roll recently with their list of published games. New World wasn’t exactly a hit, but it’s not a terrible game by any means. Then […]

byAndrea Tan|12 Mar 2023|MMORPG

Sony PSVR2

Sony’s PlayStation VR2 Sales Aren’t Great, Here’s Why.

The concept of VR isn’t niche anymore, but it’s not yet to the point where it’s normal for someone to own those oversized goggles. Despite that, we’ve seen a […]

byAndrea Tan|07 Mar 2023|Others

February’s Pokemon Presents

Everything Announced At February’s Pokemon Presents

Pokemon Day went full swing on February 27. As the tradition of The Pokemon Company, they’ve put together many announcements about all the exciting developments and updates coming to […]

byAndrea Tan|01 Mar 2023|Pokemon

Dark and Darker Wizard Guide

Dark and Darker Wizard Guide

The Wizard is a ranged spellcaster class in Dark and Darker that—if used correctly—can obliterate mobs of skeletons and zombies in a room. While you can undoubtedly use melee […]

byAndrea Tan|20 Feb 2023|Others

Dark and Darker

Dark and Darker Class Guide

The best class in Dark and Darker will depend on your playstyle and if you’re taking on the dungeons solo or with a team. There are six classes to […]

byAndrea Tan|15 Feb 2023|Others