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How to Capture MHW

How to Capture in Monster Hunter world

Monster Hunter World is all about hunting the monsters, but did you know there’s an alternative to that? By learning how to capture in Monster Hunter World, you’ll be […]

byAndrea Tan|13 Sep 2022|Monster Hunter


How to Get Layered Armor in Monster Hunter World

Do you know what’s better than completing a grueling hunt? Doing it with style. You can do just that by using Monster Hunter World’s cosmetic feature. Layered armor has […]

byAndrea Tan|12 Sep 2022|Monster Hunter


Complete PoE Lake of Kalandra Challenge Guide

Every new challenge league in Path of Exile has its own theme and mechanics. These challenge leagues bring unique rewards such as cosmetics for you to collect by completing […]

byAndrea Tan|08 Sep 2022|Path of Exile

Renata LoL

Renata League of Legends Build and Lore

Renata in League of Legends is a formidable enchantress that can sway anyone to play on her side of The Rift; it’s safe to say that she’s a badass […]

Dragonflight Legacies

What is Affinity MHW?

If you’re browsing on YouTube looking for the best builds for your weapon, chances are you’ll stumble upon a couple of them highlighting the importance of Affinity. Affinity can […]

byAndrea Tan|22 Aug 2022|Monster Hunter

DB Legends Tier List

Dragon Ball Legends Tier List

Card battlers can be boring, but Dragon Ball Legends is full of action. It allows you to pit your favorite villains and heroes from the popular anime/manga series against […]

byAndrea Tan|17 Aug 2022|Others

Fate Grand Order Tier List

Fate Grand Order Tier List

Aniplex initially released Fate Grand Order in Japan, but they brought it to the west with a global release. Developed by Lasengle, a subsidiary of Aniplex, the free-to-play mobile […]

byAndrea Tan|17 Aug 2022|Others

WOTLK Dungeon Finder

Will WotLK Classic Have A Dungeon Finder?

Much to players’ dismay (or joy), there will be no Dungeon Finder in WotLK Classic. The Murloc in me is disappointed, and my day is ruined. You can check […]

Snow Area

Noah’s Heart is More Than a Genshin Clone

MiHoYo was already a game developer years before Genshin Impact was released, but thanks to the game, they got tons of exposure. To date, Genshin Impact is one of […]

byAndrea Tan|10 Aug 2022|Genshin Impact

Chimeraland House Building

Chimeraland House Building Guide

If you’ve ever wanted to build the home of your dreams in a video game, Chimeraland has it all. The house-building feature is arguably the best part of the […]

byAndrea Tan|07 Aug 2022|Chimeraland

WotLK Classic Release Date

WotLK Classic Release Date Confirmed: Dungeons, Content & Lore to Expect

Players have been waiting for what seemed like an eternity for any content related to WOTLK. Thankfully, Blizzard has revealed the release date for the Wrath of the Lich […]

Waterweed Filament

How to Get Waterweed Filaments in The Cycle: Frontier

If, by any chance, you’re not a guru at vegetation, finding Waterweed Filaments can be a time-consuming task. That’s because they only spawn in particular locations; thus, they’re pretty […]

OSRS Rune Dragon

Chimeraland Beginner’s Guide

Set in a prehistoric, mythological world, Chimeraland is an open-world sandbox RPG where you can interact with ancient-looking enemies. With many combat mechanics to deal with and a world […]

byAndrea Tan|21 Jul 2022|Chimeraland

Most Hated Fortnite Skins

Most Hated Fortnite Skins

Hate is a strong word, but it’s one that we humans often use – even if we don’t necessarily hate “it.” Ever since Fortnite was released in 2017, it’s […]

byAndrea Tan|06 Jun 2022|Fortnite


What to Expect in the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak DLC

Monster Hunter Rise paved the way for many newcomers to try out the franchise for the first time with its faster-paced gameplay and more streamlined approach; the only problem […]

byAndrea Tan|25 May 2022|Monster Hunter