Best Warcraft Rumble PvP builds

best warcraft rumble pvp builds
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Players in Warcraft Rumble are in constant pursuit of the best strategies, tactics, and decks to conquer the single-player campaign, dungeons, and raids. Once you’ve learned the ropes of the game’s mechanics by defeating formidable monsters repeatedly, it’s understandable to try and test your mettle in the PvP mode. Warcraft Rumble’s PvP pits you with another player, with the victor reigning supreme. To enhance your chances of success, you’ll need to build an optimal deck that works for you.

In this guide, we’ll list down the best Warcraft Rumble PvP builds you can use that can take your units to the next level.

Creating the Perfect PvP Build in Warcraft Rumble

Utilizing what sort of PvP build depends on a whole host of different factors. For the most part, what matters is what your enemies go through. You’ll need to learn to control how you spend your gold and what kind of units you should deploy. Generally, there are two things to consider: attacking and defending. The key to being effective in the game is to balance these aspects; you don’t want to be over-defensive or over-aggressive.

Warcraft Rumble Tirion Fordring Build for PvP

The first build we’d like to share has Tirion Fordring as the leader. It consists of the following units:

Tirion FordringBy the LightMelee
Core HoundsEternal BondMelee
Frostwolf ShamanEarthwall TotemRanged
Murloc TidehuntersSafety BubbleRanged
BlizzardCold SnapSpell
Gryphon RiderOdyn’s FuryFlying

The average stats for this build are as follows:

  • Average DPS: 76
  • Average Gold Yield: 3.9
  • Average Health: 521
  • Average Damage: 167

This deck that centers around Tirion Fordring excels in creating dual-lane pushing opportunities while keeping your Minis healed simultaneously. You’ll want to deploy the Footmen first since they’ll act as the frontline. Plus, thanks to their Armored trait, they’re incredibly effective against decks prioritizing Physical damage. Core Hounds also make for great front liners against Elemental damage decks because of their Resistant trait.

As for Tirion Fordring, you’ll want to save him for last—particularly when you decide to commence your biggest push on the enemy team. He’ll be a main threat to your opponent since he can heal plenty of damage that your other Minis are taking, making your team unstoppable.

The Frostwolf Shaman can be your second healer in the troop you can use in your second lane to create pressure. Meanwhile, you can send out the Murloc Tidehunters to neutralize any flying threats. However, note that these units are vulnerable to AoE spells.

Finally, the Gryphon Rider is the perfect troop to deal with high HP Minis, as well as the flying ones. As for Blizzard, the spell can be used in defending and pushing since it immediately deals AoE damage while freezing enemy units.

Warcraft Rumble Baron Rivendare Build for PvP

This time, we’d like to highlight Baron Rivendare as the leader for this build. Here are the units you’ll need to use:

Baron RivendareChill Of The GraveMelee
Gnoll BruteRabidMelee
Blackrock PyromancerConflagrateRanged
Darkspear TrollBig Bag VoodooRanged

Another PvP deck you can go for is Baron Rivendare’s, which many players consider to be S-Tier. This build allows you to take advantage of the current meta and dominate your enemies. There are three talents you can choose from when using Baron Rivendare, but Chill Of The Grave works best since you’ll get better utility out of it.

You can also learn more about why we prefer these units through BigMath’s in-depth video about the build:

Alongside your leader, you can use the Blackrock Pyromancer and the Flamewalker to kill enemies from afar using spread-type flames. Meanwhile, the Ghoul should keep the tankier units at bay, but consistently deploying this troop can cost a lot of gold, so switch it up now and then.

The Gnoll Brite and Darkspear Troll can cover any of Baron Rivendare’s blind sides. If you find yourself overwhelmed by an enemy that’s hard to take down, that’s where the Execute spell comes in.

With Baron being incredibly fast, your opponents wouldn’t be able to stop your Minis unless they have a Polymorph to counter it. If you keep the leader alive and forge a path for him using your other units, the game will be over before the other player knows it.

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