Lords of the Fallen Damarose Quest Guide

lotf damarose quest guide
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Compared to the other NPCs in Lords of the Fallen, Damarose has quite the storyline. You might have encountered her Pilgrim’s Perch while exploring, specifically in the lower levels, which can be accessed by the elevator. She’s a follower of Adyr and a merchant, but she can potentially be a secondary boss in the game.

Where to Start the Damarose Quest in Lords of the Fallen

You can find Damarose through the railing window inside the upper levels of the Sanctuary in Pilgrim’s Perch. Speak to her so you can be able to trade with her later. You can start Damarose’s questline in Lords of the Fallen from there.

Lords of the Fallen Damarose Quest Walkthrough

As I’ve said before, Damarose can be found inside the Pilgrim’s Perch Sanctuary before encountering your first boss. Interact with her about how weird everybody in the temple is and progress through the area as normal. Once you’ve reached the bottom of Pilgrim’s Perch, go further down the area by using the bottom of the bell vestige with the elevator. After that, you’ll go to another elevator and into a cave, where you must fight the Mistress of Hounds Sin Piercer archer.

After defeating the boss, Damarose will disappear from that location and begin appearing at various stages of Lords of the Fallen, depending on what you decide to do with the first beacon.

How to Complete the Damarose Quest in Lords of the Fallen

There are two ways to complete the Damarose quest in Lords of the Fallen, and depending on your choice, there’s a chance you could go head-to-head with her.

Lords of the Fallen Radiant Ending Result

If you decide to cleanse the first beacon and go with the Radiant ending, you won’t see Damarose until the end of the game, near Bramis Castle, where you must go to cleanse the final beacon after the first five are done. To gain entry into the castle grounds, you’ll have to face Damarose since she protects Lord Adyr, whom she confesses she’s been worshipping in Pilgrim’s Perch.

Lords of the Fallen Inferno Ending Result

If you don’t cleanse the first beacon, Damarose will appear in other spawn locations instead, and more of her storyline opens up. You’ll encounter Damarose in Fitzroy’s Gorge, specifically in the Adyr shrine cave. You can access the cave by defeating the Ruiner on the bridge. Once the boss has been defeated, enter the Umbral and walk a pathway to a ladder hoisted up. A few guards and hell dogs later, you’ll enter a shrine where you can cash in your fingers. You can also find Damarose here and get more lore from her.

Damarose will ask you to retrieve the Adyr-Worshipper’s Saw, which can be obtained on a glowing red altar protected by a Raw Mangler in the Cistern. Her goal is to create life in Adyr’s name using Crimson Rector Percival’s body. Besides the Adyr-Worshipper’s Saw, she’ll request three pieces of Roghar’s flesh: the Lightreaper Flesh, the Infernal Enchantress Flesh, and the Spurned Progeny Flesh.

As soon as you have these items, exhaust her dialogues until she’s prompted to attempt the ritual on Crimson Rector Percival, turning him into a failed proselyte. After that, meet her at the gates of Bramis Castle to receive the reward, Damarose’s Cleaver.

Lords of the Fallen Damarose Quest Rewards (Inferno)

Damarose won’t appear until you reach the final beacon boss, the Sundered King, in Bramis Castle. You’ll find her body being used as the Effigy of Adyr. Beside her lifeless body, you can obtain these items near Adyr’s Effigy in the Throne Room:

  • Miranda’s Touch
  • Damarose’s Garb
  • Daramarose’s Mask
  • Damarose’s Bracers
  • Damarose’s Trousers

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