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Outlaws of the Old West Game

Smoke ‘Em in the Outlaws of the Old West Game

Billy the Kid, Pat Garret, and Jesse James. These are but some of the names from the Wild West whose fame (or infamy) has been forever etched into the […]

byPlayerAuctions|05 Mar 2019|Upcoming

Artifact Cards

All Artifact Cards on Deck

In life, you must make the best of whatever hand you’re given. In a game like Artifact, though, you have the power to choose the cards that make up […]

City of Titans Review

City of Titans Review: A First Look

Riding the massive tidal wave that City of Heroes created, City of Titans is set to be by Missing Worlds Media upon the gaming public soon. Developers must work […]

byPlayerAuctions|27 Feb 2019|Upcoming

Utilizing Apex Legends Hitboxes to Your Advantage

Since the release of the game, there have been news tidbits all over Reddit about Apex Legends Hitboxes. With some legends in the game having a bigger Hitbox compared […]

Blast Your Enemies with Apex Legends Infinite Ammo

Wouldn’t it be fun—and even downright awesome—if you were able to unload round after round without ever running out of ammo? With the Apex Legends Infinite Ammo, you can […]

Apex Legends Hovering Trick

Note: fixed/patched by Respawn on February 26, 2019. Every now and then, a move comes along that has enough impact to be a total game-changer. The Apex Legends Hovering Trick […]

Apex Legends Mirage (Offensive)

Locked behind an in-game paywall, the Apex Legends Mirage is one of the two characters that you’ll need to either grind your way to collect enough currency to buy […]

Apex Legends Wraith (Offensive)

Able to execute swift but deadly attacks and manipulate the space-time continuum by tearing through rifts in the fabric of reality, the Apex Legends Wraith is a whirlwind of […]

Apex Legends Bangalore (Offensive)

If you’ve ever played Soldier 76 of Overwatch, then the Apex Legends Bangalore is just that. Being a professional soldier, you can bet she’s all about gun-based combat. For […]

Apex Legends Caustic (Defensive)

The Apex Legends Caustic is perhaps Apex Legend’s biggest edgelord, with dialogue lines like “Everything dies in the end”. His abilities revolve around spamming an area with gas to […]

Apex Legends Gibraltar (Defensive)

Described as a ‘Shielded Fortress,’ the Apex Legends Gibraltar is a gentle giant but born with a wild side within. The equivalent of Overwatch’s Reinhardt, he’s a tanky Legend […]

Apex Legends Pathfinder (Support)

The Apex Legends Pathfinder is a versatile Legend that has a considerably high skill cap that’s still being discovered by the player base. If you’ve ever played the Titanfall […]

Apex Legends Lifeline (Support)

Unlike other Battle Royale games, Apex Legends has a unique set of characters that have different kinds of personalities, one of which is the Apex Legends Lifeline. Lifeline has some of […]

Apex Legends Bloodhound (Support)

The Apex Legends Bloodhound is the sole tracker character in Apex Legends. Wrapped behind in a veritable enigma, there’s one thing for sure: Bloodhound can track anyone down. This […]

Apex Legends Map Guide: Where to Go and Finding Awesome Loot

Are you new to Apex Legends? Have you been racking your brains out trying to find the best loot in the game? Worry not! With our handy Apex Legends […]