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fortnite batman

Fortnite x Batman Comics Summarized Issues #1-#3

Fortnite recently partnered with DC to create a 6-book comic series featuring some of DC’s most popular superheroes (and villains) venturing into the Fortnite universe. Along with the crossover […]

byPlayerAuctions|29 Aug 2021|Fortnite

What Games Steam Deck Can and Can't Run

What Games Steam Deck Can and Can’t Run?

The focal point of the Steam Deck is that it’s a handheld gaming PC based on Linux where people can play their games from their Steam library. Arguably, the […]

Ayaka Genshin Impact Character Bio

Ayaka Genshin Impact Character Bio

Name: Kamisato Ayaka Vision: Cryo Birthday: 28 September Constellation: Grus Nivius Titles: Shirasagi Himegimi, Frostflake Heron, Daughter of the Yashiro Commission’s Kamisato Clan, Master of Inazuma Kamisato Art Tachi […]

Pokemon Unite’s Zapdos Conundrum

Pokemon Unite Beginner’s Guide & Tips

If you’re a long-time Pokemon player and want to get in on Pokemon Unite, you must forget most of the things you’ve known about the usual game mechanics. Because […]

byPlayerAuctions|26 Aug 2021|Others

Pokemon Unite’s Underrated List

Needs More Love: Pokemon Unite’s Underrated List

Every Pokemon is unique, it’s just that some Pokemon are better suited to a particular job compared to others. This is true for the mainline games and Pokemon Unite. […]

byPlayerAuctions|24 Aug 2021|Others


Brewster’s Cafe Could Still Potentially Come to ACNH

In terms of content, Animal Crossing: New Horizons hasn’t been as interesting as the players had hoped it to be the following year after its release. During its official […]

Genshin Impact Kazuha

Kazuha Backstory & Vision

Name: Kaedehara Kazuha Vision: Anemo Birthday: 29 October Constellation: Acer Palmatum Titles: Scarlet Leaves Pursue Wild Waves Kazuha is the first character from Inazuma to be introduced to players. […]

Genshin Impact Character Tier List

Genshin Impact Character Tier List

There are so many characters in Genshin Impact, it can be hard to figure out who to want. How do you know who to use or to pull for? […]

Eula Backstory & Vision

Name: Eula Lawrence Vision: Cryo Birthday: 25 October Constellation: Aphros Delos Titles: Dance of the Shimmering Wave, Spindrift Knight, Captain of the Knights of Favonius Reconnaissance Company Eula rocketed […]


Steam Deck: PC Equivalent On-The-Go?

There are currently not many portable gaming devices in the market that 100% satisfy the needs of gamers. While the Nintendo Switch is still at large, it’s not exactly […]

genshin impact zhongli

Zhongli Backstory & Vision

Warning! Spoiler alert for Archon Quest Chapter I: Acts I-II and beyond. Read at your own risk. Name: Zhongli (a.k.a. Rex Lapis, Morax) Vision: Geo Birthday: 31 December Constellation: […]

genshin impact keqing

Keqing Backstory & Vision

Name: Keqing Vision: Electro Birthday: 20 November Constellation: Trulla Cementarii Titles: Driving Thunder, Yuheng of the Liyue Qixing Keqing (pronounced ku-ching) is currently the only 5-star Electro character in […]

Aloy Genshin Impact 5 Star Character

The First Free Genshin Impact 5-Star Character: Aloy

The announcement came out of the blue. “Travelers, let’s welcome Aloy,” the official miHoYo (Genshin Impact developers) Twitter said. While crossovers aren’t wholly unheard of in gacha games, it […]

How to Merge Blizzard Accounts

How to Merge Blizzard Accounts ( accounts)

Tending to multiple accounts, no matter what that game is, can be a huge pain especially when you forget your password. While it’s possible to retrieve it once more […]

Mona Genshin Impact Bio

Mona Backstory & Vision

Name: Mona Megistus Vision: Hydro Birthday: 31 August Constellation: Astrolabos Titles: Astral Reflection, Enigmatic Astrologer Mona is one of the most popular characters that players want. For one thing, […]