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Lethality vs Attack Speed

Lethality Vs. Attack Speed: An ADC Guide

ADCs in League of Legends have only one job, and that is to dish out as much damage as possible. While this is true, there is not one but […]

LoL Worlds

Ranking The Top Plays from Worlds’ 22

The League of Legends Worlds’ Championship sees professional players worldwide coming together to face off against one another for the highest prestige title in League, Worlds Champions. This means […]

PoE Crucible League Currency Farming

How to Farm Currency in Path of Exile Crucible League 3.21

Currency is the life of Path of Exile, the entire trading and building mechanics revolve around this, and each league brings upon new and unique ways of farming currency. […]

13.8 LoL Picks and Bans

Best League of Legends Picks and Bans For Patch 13.8

Patch 13.8 in League of Legends just released, and players are eager to know the best picks and bans, considering all the buffs and nerf in this patch. Most […]

CSGO Achievements

CSGO Achievement Guide – Simplified!

Playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive at its best involves learning about achievements. These additional attributes enable players to develop their gaming strategy to its maximum, and makes the game […]

byPlayerAuctions|02 May 2023|Others

LoL Korean Builds

Best League of Legends Korean Builds for Patch 13.7

League of Legends is a highly competitive game played worldwide, it is not simply a game, it is the largest online game right now and has tons of tournaments […]

Best Jax Skins

League of Legends Best Jax Skins

Jax, Grandmaster at Arms, is one of the most popular top lane champs in League of Legends. With his insane outplay potential and high skill ceiling, a Jax can […]


When Will FFXIV Patch 6.4 Release?

There’s no set timeline for FFXIV Patch 6.4, but due to the relatively predictable patch schedule, we can project an expected date easily: FFXIV Patch 6.4 will release in […]

byPlayerAuctions|12 Mar 2023|FFXIV

13.8 LoL Picks and Bans

Elden Ring DLC: Shadow of the Erdtree Expansion Latest News and Release Date

Players have been speculating that Elden Ring will be getting some sort of expansion down the line, and that time has come. FromSoftware has announced Shadow of the Erdtree […]

Best Mid

5 Best Mid Heroes in DOTA 2

Midlane is one of the most crucial yet challenging roles in Dota 2. This lane can be game-deciding, as whoever gains the upper hand in the Midlane can effectively […]

byPlayerAuctions|20 Feb 2023|Others

Realms of Chaos Dota 2

DOTA 2 Realm Of Chaos Guide

Despite being one of the most fun and addictive competitive MOBAs, regular players of Dota 2 can often feel bored or burnt out from the game. Luckily, you can […]

byPlayerAuctions|20 Feb 2023|Others

DOTA 2 Guide

DOTA 2 Viper Build Guide

If you’re looking for a beginner-friendly damage Carry hero in Dota 2, you can’t go wrong with Viper. His playstyle is straightforward and relies on his poison toxins and […]

byPlayerAuctions|20 Feb 2023|Others

Doom Guide

DOTA 2: Doom Build Guide

Doom is one of the most versatile heroes in Dota 2. However, as proved by various teams in TI4, Doom is made to fill in the shoes of a […]

byPlayerAuctions|20 Feb 2023|Others


DOTA 2: How To Farm Like a Pro

During The International 2022 championship, Skiter’s incredible performance as a Carry for the Tundra Esports had us all drop our jaws to the floor. It also taught us how […]

byPlayerAuctions|20 Feb 2023|Others

Spiritbreaker Guide

Spirit Breaker Dota 2 Guide

Offlane heroes are characterized by their high health, mobility/utility-centric abilities, and decent damage output numbers. As it so happens, Spirit Breaker checks all these boxes and positions himself as […]