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CSGO Achievement Guide – Simplified!

CSGO Achievements
By | May 2nd, 2023 | Categories: Others

Playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive at its best involves learning about achievements. These additional attributes enable players to develop their gaming strategy to its maximum, and makes the game far more intricate and enjoyable to play. There are many different achievements, but these are some of the most useful.

Hostage Achievements

There are currently five hostage achievements that add variety to a game. Good Shepherd aims to rescue every hostage in just one round. For an even greater result choose Freed with Speed. It enables a player or team to rescue all the hostages in ninety seconds. For large numbers of taken hostages there are two achievements to try. Cowboy Diplomacy releases up to 100 hostages, while SAR Czar frees as many as 500. Tracking a single hostage? Opt for Dead Shepherd that enables a player to kill an enemy that’s actually carrying a hostage.

Achievements Using a Knife

Knives are valuable weapons to use in CSGO as they don’t rely on additional ammo. It takes a strong nerve to let champions engage in hand to hand combat, but the rewards can be impressive. Make the Cut is an achievement that allows a player to win a single knife fight. When faced with a threatening platoon of enemies, opt for an achievement that is even more effective. The Bleeding Edge grants up to 100 knife victories, while Knife Expert eliminates 100 enemies.

Air Achievements

Attacking an enemy using Death from Above is a popular tactic, killing an enemy while the player is in the air. But what if the enemy is in the air above a ground based player? Bunny hunt is the achievement to choose as it effectively kills an enemy who has taken to the air. One of the most fun achievements is Aerial Necrobatics that allows a player and an enemy to fight each other in the air.

Map Achievements

Maps are the life blood of CSGO as they create dynamic scenarios for players to explore. There is an amazing collection of maps including Demolition maps. Players can test their skills in Run of the Mill where the aim is to dominate Sugarcane and win five matches. My House relates to five victories in Safehouse, Vacation is centered around the Lake, and Marcsman is based in St. Marc. Hostage maps include Italy Map Veteran, while Baggage Claimer is in the Arms Race category. There’s almost an infinite choice of maps to explore such as Aztec Map Veteran, Cold Pizza Eater, and the amazing King of the Kill involving 5,000 matches in Demolition or Arms Race mode.


Achievements are an essential element of CSGO. They add variety and outrageous excitement. They also provide players with intricate scenarios where they can hone their skills and strategies. Visit to discover how professional players have perfected the art of using a variety of achievements in CSGO.

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