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KRU Esports is an organization based in Argentina with the goal of increasing Esports in the country. Since they were founded, KRU has been able to establish itself as one of the best teams in Valorant, especially in the South American Region. While they were unlucky not to dig themselves deep into the VCT Istanbul this year (2022), this doesn’t mean they don’t possess the confidence, skill, and vigor to turn the tide of any Valorant game in their favor. 

With that said, how could a team of initially unknown players stand toe-to-toe with the top-performing teams of the VCT season? Let’s dig a little deeper and learn all about KRU’s past and what they have in store for the next Valorant season!

A Brief History Of KRU Esports

Founded by the world-renowned footballer Sergio Aguero, KRU Esports initially started their roster with akz, Leobas, Klaus, Mazino, and NagZ, with Onur and BeTony as their coaches. Their first tournament was the Valorant Champions Tour South America Qualifier, where they made their presence known by earning themselves the second seed in their region.

Following that, they were able to recreate that success in the First Latin America South Challengers, finishing second in the competition. However, the tournaments following this were a disaster for the team, and bringing home a winner’s trophy started seeming like a lost cause. 

During these consecutive losses, KRU Esports parted ways with Leobas and akz and replaced them with delz1k and bnjssj, which apparently seemed to be just what the team needed. After the much-needed roster shuffle, the time finally won their first gold in the Stage Two Challengers, where they were completely undefeated in the whole tournament. 

From there, KRU Esports was ready to be tested against the rest of the continent. During this period, bnjssj was benched from the main roster, with the team deciding to bring in keznit as a replacement. Following, the team has undergone a plethora of roster changes, experimenting to find what works best for them.

KRU Esports’ Performance

Over the past year, KRU Esports has been branded as the “Valorant God Slayers” as they managed to pull off one of the biggest upsets in the game’s history. In their third Valorant Champions, KRU Esports was placed in a group alongside Team Liquid and Sentinels. Both these teams are fan-favorites and absolutely ruthless toward newbie rosters like KRU. 

However, to everyone’s surprise, KRU Esports beat both teams in the final rounds and pulled off the greatest upset ever in professional Valorant. Later on, they even took down Fnatic, a well-established team, to solidify their position as a force to be feared. While they eventually fell to Gambit Esports, the defending champions, KRU did manage to make a standing for themselves in the international Valorant scene.

KRU Esports Current Team

With frequent roster changes, the final lineup of KRU players has changed significantly from when the team was founded. Currently, KRU plays host to one of the most feared teams in the Valorant circuit, with Klaus as their captain, accompanied by NagZ, xand, Davyees, Melser, and axeddy.  Furthermore, KRU has hired Leazo as the Head Coach of the team and ddx as the official Analyst.


Nicolas “Klaus” Ferrari has taken up the role of the In-Game Leader (IGL) and initiator for his team. While he initially used Killjoy for defensive roles, Klaus used Sova and Fade the most out of all the agents to keep up with the meta. 

Klaus has immense potential and he is one of the youngest players in the professional Valorant scene His presence of mind and calm-mindedness put his team at ease, giving KRU the potential to overpower any opponent they face. 


Lopez “NagZ” Miranda is a Chilean player who has been a part of Estral Esports before joining KRU. Since then, he has cemented his position as the Duelist/ Entry Fragger of KRU Esports, with his top-picked agents being Chamber and Jett. 

NagZ plays a very smart role in the team with supreme gun skills, which put even the best players in the community to shame. He is never afraid to take on a duel and is always looking for a chance to give his team an advantage.


Marco “Melser” Amaro is a Chilean player who recently joined KRU Esports, replacing their previous Controller, delz1k. Melser is a natural Controller, with Omen and Astra being among his most-picked Agents. While he joined the team just recently, Melser bags in a lot of prior experience by having played in teams like Leviatan and Australs in the past.


Alexandre “xand” Zizi has a Brazilian origin and has been playing Valorant since 2020 in different teams such as B4 Esports and Ninjas in Pyjamas. He has secured his place as a Duelist/Entry-Fragger for KRU Esports and is extremely comfortable playing Jett as his main Agent.

Although he has not been seen on the international stage for some time since his benching from Ninjas In Pyjamas, it will be exciting to see how xand returns to the professional Valorant circuit and leads his team to victory. 


Santiago “DaveeyS” Ruiz was born in Colombia and has played for teams such as Infinity, LAZER, and E-Xolos LAZER (LAZER rebranded). After KRU not being able to perform well at the recent VCT, DaveeyS was a part of their reforming plan.


Last but not least, the Brazilian Carlos “axeddy” Galvoa has been part of teams such as Jaguares Esports, Galaxy Carrots, and ODDIK before finally joining KRU in 2022. He has taken up the role of a second Controller for the team and works on controlling and manipulating sites on entry. 

While axeddy has been playing in the C-tier and B-tier tournaments of Valorant, KRU is his first first-division team allowing him to showcase his skills on the main stage. 

Final Thoughts

Although not much time has passed since KRU Esports was established, they have accomplished many milestones as a young team. Many feel this team to be one of the best in the world at the moment, and they are only to get better as they go on. Keep checking back with us for more about KRU Esports and other professional Valorant teams.

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