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OSRS Forestry: The Way of the Forester Part One Guide

OSRS forestry
By | June 29th, 2023 | Categories: OSRS

Part One of the Forestry update is finally here! Part two is still over a month out, including the much-anticipated two-handed woodcutting axes, but Part One gives the community plenty to sink their teeth and axes into in OSRS.

Here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know about Part One of the Forestry update.

New Tree Despawn Mechanics & Invisible Woodcutting Boost

Before the Forestry update, players had to compete with one another and with bots for trees. With Forestry being a social Woodcutting activity, that’s a thing of the past.

Trees now have set despawn timers. The timer will begin once a player starts chopping a tree, and the tree will regenerate if players stop cutting it before it’s completely chopped down.

  • Oak: 27s
  • Willow: 30s
  • Teak: 30s
  • Maple: 1m
  • Hollow Trees: 36s
  • Mahogany: 1m
  • Arctic Pine: 1m 24s
  • Yew: 1m 54s
  • Magic: 3m 54s
  • Redwood: 4m 24s

Additionally, players are now encouraged to chop trees in as big a group as possible. The more players there are chopping a tree, the bigger the invisible boost to your Woodcutting skill. Players can receive up to a +10 invisible Woodcutting boost with ten players or more.

This is huge for trees like yews, magics, and redwoods, which are notoriously slow if you try chopping them immediately after meeting their minimum skill requirement.

Before you rush off to the redwoods in the Woodcutting Guild, the new invisible Woodcutting boost does not apply in the Woodcutting Guild or while cutting normal trees.

Forestry currently has three dedicated worlds: Worlds 330, 440, and 10

Friendly Forester & Forester Kit

The Forestry update introduces a new NPC: The Friendly Forester. You can find him behind Draynor Bank and in Camelot, close to the Woodcutting spot in Seers’ Village. You can purchase a Forester Kit from the Friendly Forester for 120 GP, and you’ll need this to partake in Forestry activities.

Forestry Kit Items

Anima-Infused Bark

Anima-Infused Bark is the primary currency of the Forestry activity. Use Anima-Infused Bark at the Friendly Forester’s Shop to purchase various Woodcutting/Forestry-related goods.

Leprechaun Charm

Increases your chance of spawning a Woodcutting Leprechaun after successfully chopping a log. It requires level 70 Crafting, level 70 Woodcutting, level 35 Farming, a Clover Insignia, an emerald, and a ball of wool to make.

Bee On A Stick

 Increases your chances of spawning strange bushes to pollinate after successfully chopping a tree. It requires level 50 Hunter, level 35 Woodcutting, Powdered Pollen, a ball of wool, and some logs to make. You must also be near a beehive to make Bee on a Stick.

Nature Offerings

Gives players a 60-80% chance of receiving an extra log after successfully chopping a tree. It requires level 50 Farming, level 68 Woodcutting, some Ritual Mulch, and a high-level herb (Avantoe, Kwuarm, Snapdragon, Cadantine, Lantadyme, Dwarf Weed, or Torstol) to make.

Note that you will use Nature Offerings even if you don’t receive an additional log.

Forester’s Ration

Gives players a 30% chance of restoring 20% run energy while chopping trees with a 1-Handed Axe. These require level 35 Cooking, level 35 Woodcutting, any leaves, and some cooked meat.

Secateurs Attachment

This attachment roughly doubles the number of leaves you receive while chopping trees. They require level 35 Smithing, level 35 Woodcutting, a Secateurs Blade, and an iron bar to make.


Leaves come in normal, oak, willow, maple, yew, and magic varieties. These currently do not have much purpose but will see use in Part 2 of the Forestry update, primarily the Tea Brewing activity.

Forestry Events

Rising Roots

Rising Roots is the easiest of the several Forestry events. Periodically, roots will rise up out of the ground. Simply chop them to receive Anima-Infused Bark.

Pay attention to the anima-infused roots that glow green. These roots give 5-6 Anima-Infused Bark per successful chop. The regular roots only give 1-2 Anima-Infused Bark.

Flowering Tree

You need a Bee on a Stick if you want to spawn the Flowering Tree event. Flowers will pop up over the area, and you’ll need to identify which ones to pollinate. Doing so rewards you with Anima-Infused Bark and additional rewards.

Struggling Sapling

The Struggling Sapling event will spawn a young tree sapling and five resource piles: wild mushrooms, droppings, rotting leaves, green leaves, and splintered bark. You can create mulch using three portions from any of these resource piles to feed to the sapling. Each event has a specific combination that the sapling loves the most.

Any mulch pile has a default nutritional value of 10%, and every correct ingredient increases that value by 30%. You receive a number of Anima-Infused Bark based on the nutritional value of the mulch you give the sapling. Sometimes the resource piles are pretty spread out and that makes figuring out the correct combination and using it to farm the most amount of Anima-Infused Bark a little hard.

If you successfully grow the sapling, you will receive additional Anima-Infused Bark (100+) and 20 random leaves.

Woodcutting Leprechaun

The Woodcutting Leprechaun is the least exciting Forestry event. When a Woodcutting Leprechaun spawns, you can use him to bank your logs for free.

Friendly Forester Shop Rewards

Forestry Kit

Wearable item in the cape slot. Required for engaging in Forestry activities. You can purchase Forestry Kits for 120 GP each.

Secateurs Blade

A required component of the secateurs attachment. You can purchase a secateurs blade for 20 Anima-Infused Bark, 10 oak logs, and 5 willow logs.

Ritual Mulch

A component used to make nature offerings. You can purchase ritual mulch for 150 Anima-infused Bark and 10 maple logs.

Clover Insignia

A component used to make Leprechaun charms. You can purchase a clover insignia for 200 Anima-Infused Bark and 15 oak logs.

Powdered Pollen

A component used to make a Bee on a Stick. You can purchase powdered pollen for 300 Anima-Infused Bark and 15 willow logs.

Log Brace

The Log Brace combines the Log Basket and Forestry Kit into one wearable item. You can purchase it with 3,000 Anima-Infused Bark, 300 maple logs, and 300 yew logs. You also need level 75 Smithing, level 75 Woodcutting, 45 nails, 2 ropes, and 3 adamantite bars.

Log Basket

Virtually identical to the Fishing skill’s Fish Barrel. The Log Basket stores 28 additional logs of various types for you. You can purchase it for 5,000 Anima-Infused Bark, 300 noted willow logs, and 300 magic logs.

Lumberjack Outfit

The Lumberjack Outfit in the Friendly Forester Shop is identical to the set you can receive from the Temple Trekking minigame. Wearing the complete set increases your Woodcutting EXP by 2.5%.

  • Lumberjack Hat: 1,200 Anima-Infused Bark, 200 Yew Logs (noted), and 100 Magic Logs (noted)
  • Lumberjack Top: 1,500 Anima-Infused Bark, 60 Yew Logs (noted), 120 Magic Logs (noted), and 120 Redwood Logs (noted)
  • Lumberjack Legs: 1,300 Anima-Infused Bark, 160 Yew Logs (noted), and 140 Magic Logs (noted)
  • Lumberjack Boots: 1,000 Anima-Infused Bark, 200 Yew Logs (noted)

Forestry Outfit

The Forestry Outfit is a cosmetic override for the Lumberjack Outfit. Each piece of the Forestry Outfit will cost you 1,250 Anima-Infused Bark, the respective Lumberjack Outfit piece, and 60 noted oak, willow, teak, maple, mahogany, arctic pine, yew, magic, and redwood logs.

Clothes Pouch Blueprint

The Clothes Pouch Blueprint lets you make the Clothes Pouch. You can put it inside your Forestry Kit and it will allow you to receive the 2.5% Woodcutting EXP bonus from the Lumberjack Outfit while wearing any outfit you want.

You can purchase the Clothes Pouch for 10,000 Anima-Infused Bark, 300 willow logs, and 300 maple logs. You will need to craft it with level 50 Crafting, level 50 Woodcutting, thread, and leather.

Bear in mind that if you are wearing a set with some sort of bonus effect, it will override the Lumberjack Outfit bonus effect in your Clothes Pouch.

Funky-Shaped Log

If you are lucky enough to have a beaver skilling pet, the Funky-Shaped Log reward will let you recolor your beaver after feeding the Funky-Shaped Log to it.

You can purchase the Funky-Shaped Log for 15,000 Anime-Infused Bark and 500 oak, willow, teak, maple, mahogany, arctic pine, yew, magic, and redwood logs.

Miscellaneous Forestry Tips

Use RuneLite

I cannot state enough just how much RuneLite improves the OSRS experience. Forestry is a social event, but in many ways, more players mean more hassle. There are many Dwarf multicannon trolls in the three Forestry-dedicated worlds who will set down their cannons to make it harder to spot Forestry events.

And even if there aren’t, massive amounts of players, pets, random events, and loot/log piles make it difficult to participate in Forestry events effectively. RuneLite mitigates the majority of these issues.

Use the Random Event and Entity Hider plugins to hide other players, their pets, and their random events from your screen. You can’t do anything about cannons, Strange Plant random events, or loot piles, but you will find Forestry much more enjoyable without the uh, excessive “social” elements.

DON’T Use Leprechaun charms

As mentioned earlier, Leprechaun events give no Anima-Infused Bark. Woodcutting’s days as a super profitable money maker are long gone, so the Leprechaun’s banking utility isn’t very useful.

The fewer Leprechaun events you get, the better your chances of spawning events that actually give Anima-Infused Bark.

Do NOT Buy the Lumberjack Outfit From the Forestry Shop

Temple Trekking is far from the most popular minigame, but use a guide, and it’s easy to do. Anima-Infused Bark is a slow grind, and there are much better items to purchase from the Forestry Shop than the Lumberjack Outfit.

Save Some Resources for Part Two

This is only Part One of the Forestry event, so I recommend stocking up on Anima-Infused Bark and the various leaves so you’ll be ready for the Part 2 update, which will introduce even more rewards. We have no idea how much these new rewards will cost, so it’s best to be prepared.

Part Two Coming in September

Part Two of the Forestry Update will go live sometime in September. Among the things included in Part Two are two-handed axes, Tea Brewing, Campfires and Bonfires (Something RS3 players know well), new events, and balance changes. Stay tuned!


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