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Client of Kourend
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In this Client of Kourend quest guide, we will be looking at the first quest surrounding Great Kourend. Your goal is to help Veos with a cryptic client. The quest is of novice difficulty and medium length.

In this guide, we will be discussing the following:

  • Quest Requirements
  • Quest Guide
  • Rewards

Quest Requirements

For this quest, you are going to need to have finished the X Marks the Spot quest. You will also need a feather, and you should take something to restore your energy too. You should have a games necklace with you as well, and some Kourend teleports.

Quest Guide

To get started with the quest, we are going to need to go and speak with Veos. You can find him near the Rusty Anchor Inn in the north of Port Sarim. This will take you to sailing to Port Pscarilius, where you can speak to Veos again to see if there’s any quests available.

Veos mentions that he has a quest in which a client is looking for information about the cities around Kourend. You will be handed an enchanted scroll, and you need to use a feather on it so that you get the enchanted quill. When you have the quill, go over to the general store owners that you find in Great Kourend.

The Store Owners

It’s worth mentioning that if you are using the Kourend Castle teleport spell, then speak with Leenz in the general store before you use the teleport. This is a city that you don’t have a shorter running distance from teleporting. You can then teleport over to Great Kourend and use it to go to each general store.

You need to speak with a store owner and enquire about the city they are in and how to gain favour. When you get to the Arceuus general store owner, Regath, you will notice that your quill starts to glow. It will damage your hand, though you won’t take any actually damage.

After you have gotten round to speaking to every general store owner in the vicinity, you will hear a strange voice telling you to go back to Veos. He will then take your quill and scroll from you. Tell Veos that your hand was damage, and he will explain that talk of the Dark Altar had provoked his emotions, and apologises.

The Dark Altar

You will then be asked go to the Dark Altar with the mysterious orb that you are given. If you can’t find the Dark Altar, then head to the north of Arceuus. To get there more quickly, try using the games necklace to teleport over to the Wintertodt Camp. Once it’s been used, head south down the path and stick to the west, after which you will find yourself in a darker area. From here, head to the east where you see the purple crystals. At the end of these crystals is the Dark Altar.

For those who have Fairy rings, try using the code C.I.S which will put you in the vicinity of the Dark Altar. From there, head north-east and you will be at the Dark Altar. Keep in mind that you need to pay 80,000 gold to unlock it. When you get near the Dark Altar, you can then activate the orb. It will break into broken glass and you will hear a voice again to tell you to go back to Veos.

Finishing the Quest

To finish off this quest, you need to go back to Port Piscarilius and speak with Veos. You won’t be able to finish the quest by talking to him in Port Sarim, so make sure that you’re in the right place. Veos will state that he hadn’t talked to you since he had taken you to Great Kourend. He will then be possessed by the client and start speaking. Even questioning him will not lead to anything, and he will stop speaking. Veos will stop being possessed and give you your rewards.


 For completing the quest, you will receive one quest point. You will also get two antique lamps that give you 500 xp each in whatever skill you like. Veos will give you Kharedst’s memoirs that he got from auction, and you can read about King Khardest and his daughter, Rose.

One key reward that you get is the Kourend favour certificate. This gives you 20% favour for any city that you choose. That said, it might be a bit confusing as to which city you should be choosing to gain the favour with. If you want to save some coin, then go with Port Piscarilius. If you don’t have 30% favour with this area already, then it’s a good place to use your certificate. Usually, when you are gaining the first 30% it isn’t just pretty expensive. You also have to deal with the fact that it can take up a lot of your time as well. This will help you to bypass that, so go with Port Piscarilius.

This Client of Kourend OSRS guide should help you through this medium length, novice quest. Remember that X Marks the Spot is a requirement for this quest, though it didn’t used to be. In fact, it was only updated a few months ago to make this quest a requirement. This means that every other Kourend related quest has become a requirement too. The Client of Kourend is required for you to complete Dragon Slayer II, Tale of the Righteous, The Ascent of Arceuus, The Depths of Despair, The Forsaken Tower and The Queen of Thieves. So the quest is a great starting point to lead onto a whole bunch of other interesting quests.

This wasn’t the only interesting change that was made to the quest. Before an update came in back in April 2018, the quest had doubled the amount of favour needed in the cities around Great Kourend, and then the update saw the doubled rate become the norm.

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