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Blast Furnace
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If  you’re new to the Blast Furnace OSRS mechanic, then this guide will teach you what you need to  know. It can be complicated learning about what the requirements are and how to use it, but hopefully we can make life a bit easier for you.

In this guide, we will be taking a look at the following points:

  • What is the Blast Furnace?
  • Blast Furnace Requirements
  • How to Reach the Blast Furnace
  • Recommended Inventory
  • How to Use the Blast Furnace
  • Making Money with Blast Furnace

What is the Blast Furnace?

In Old School Runescape the Blast Furnace is a minigame for members-only accounts. The furnace is based in Keldagrim, and you use it for smelting bars. You only actually need half the coal that you would usually need when smelting. If you have been smelting ores needed to make coal, then this can be a useful place to be.

In the game there are 15 Blast Furnace worlds. They are operated by Dumpy, Pumpy, Numpty, Thumpy and Stumpy. These dwarves make it simple to solo Blast Furnace for you, since all you’ll have to do is keep an eye on taking the ores to the conveyor belt and repeating the process.

Blast Furnace Requirements

If you are to take part in this minigame, then firstly you’ll need to have started the Giant Dwarf quest. This will allow you to access Keldagrim where you will find the Blast Furnace. If you don’t want to have to pay a fee of 2500 coins for smelting bars for 10 minutes, then you will need to have gotten your Smithing level up to 60. You can reduce the fee down to 1250 OSRS coins if you have the ring of charos equipped and you go through the dialogue from the Blast Furnace Foreman.

You can cool the bars when they come out by using a bucket of water or ice gloves. Also, when you are on the Blast Furnace themed worlds, you will need to pay an extra 72,000 gold every hour as a fee to use the furnace. This can be paid directly to the Blast Furnace Foreman, or you can put the coins inside the coffer.

How to Reach the Blast Furnace

As mentioned earlier, the Blast Furnace can be found in Keldagrim, having started the Giant Dwarf quest. From Seers’ Village, you need to find the mines. These are found by going east of Rellekka, and you can use the mine cart to get back if you have reached Keldagrim for the first time, found under the Ice Mountain, or you can use the Group Finder minigame as well.

Recommended Inventory

Going into the Blast Furnace, you should do everything you can to help save your run energy when you are moving smelted bars and heavy ore. With that in mind, clothing that will reduce your weight will be very effective. For example, the Boots of Lightness can bring your weight down very nicely.

If you wish, you can pay coins for more time to the Blast Furnace Foreman. You can also buy ore from Ordan as well. That said, you should get a coal bag if you plan on using ore that needs coal. Stamina potions will come in very handy too, as would a ring of endurance.

How to Use the Blast Furnace

When you’re at the right location, get started by putting the your ore and coal on the conveyor belt. Use the water bucket to cool your smelted bars down. Alternatively, you can equip ice gloves and start collecting the bars. Start taking the bars from the bar dispenser, and then it’s simply a case of repeating the process.

When going through this method, you should always make sure that your coal bag is filled to the max. The most that you can place in the furnace is 254, so start stocking up on your coal and getting it to this number before you start adding ore.

As for your primary ores, your adamantite, runite, gold and mithril are all limited to 28 pieces. You will receive an error message if you attempt to place over 28 ores without taking the bars from the dispenser. Make sure to collect your gold bars too so that you get the right amount of XP as well. And if you have ores on the conveyor belt then log out, then you will lose your ores.

Making Money with Blast Furnace

If you’re looking to make some in-game profits, then the Blast Furnace can actually be a very impressive earner. There are a few opportunities for you to make gold here, depending on what you are smelting. At level 15, you can make 6000 bars an hour, with a profit of 431,133 gp. Smelting mithril bars near doubles this, and steel bars falls just short of 1 million gp. If you want to get into the real profits, then adamantite and runite bars will both take you past the 1 million gold mark. What’s more, you will receive 101,250 and 107,500 hourly XP respectively from these bars.

If you do need to buy ore, then you can go to Ordan, the ore seller. This is just one of a number of stores that you will come across in Kedlagrim. If you have been struggling to find it, then try heading downstairs in the Blast Furnace factory. This is over to the east side of Keldagrim if you are looking for it.

The store has ore in stock that can be used for your Smithing skill. The dwarves will replenish the stock of the store, who will frequently come into the building and deliver a type of ore. These are delivered in bulk of a certain kind, rather than a single one of each. The excess are then sent to storage once they get to 100.

So now you know what to do to use the Blast Furnace OSRS minigame. Making sure that you have the right equipment is going to make your experience a lot smoother. It’s also a fun way for you to make high profits if you wish. Whatever the reason you are looking for the furnace, you’re now equipped with the knowledge to make the most of it.

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