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    ESO vs WoW

    ESO vs WoW – Which Is the Best MMO to Play in 2022?

    The age-old debate between which MMO titan of the gaming industry is the best has been waging on since the conception of massive multiplayer online role-playing games, with both […]

    King's Ransom OSRS Quest Guide

    King’s Ransom OSRS Quest Guide, Requirements, and Rewards

    The King’s Ransom OSRS quest is the last quest in the Camelot series, in which players are tasked with unveiling the plot made by Morgan le Faye and the […]

    Holy Grail OSRS Quest Guide

    Holy Grail OSRS Quest Guide, Rewards, and Easiest Method

    The Holy Grail OSRS quest serves as the second entry in the Camelot quest series, in which you need to help King Arthur locate the holy grail. The following […]

    OSRS Herb Run Guide

    OSRS Herb Run Guide – Tools, Herb Patch Locations

    Old School RuneScape has such a wealth of activities to take part in, some of which are more useful and easier to complete than others. Completing a herb run […]

    byJack Hamnett|01 Mar 2021|OSRS, RuneScape

    RS3 Gear Progression for Melee, Ranged, and Magic

    Detailed RS3 Gear Progression Guide

    If you have been looking at what gear you need when it comes to RuneScape, then you may have struggled to find what the best choices are. Given the […]

    byJack Hamnett|22 Feb 2021|RuneScape

    RuneScape Fastest 99

    Top 5 RuneScape Fastest 99 – Quickest RS3 Skills to Train & Level

    If you have been wondering what the RuneScape fastest 99 skills are, then you are in luck. There are a number of fast methods available that will have you […]

    byJack Hamnett|21 Feb 2021|RuneScape

    OSRS Bloodveld Slayer Guide

    OSRS Bloodveld Slayer Guide – Best Locations, Gear, & Requirements

    If you have been looking to get started with Bloodvelds, then there are a few facts that you need to know about beforehand. In this Bloodveld OSRS guide, we […]

    byJack Hamnett|17 Feb 2021|OSRS, RuneScape

    ESO Werewolf Guide

    ESO Werewolf Guide – Best Race, Class, and Pros/Cons

    If you have been looking for a way that you can become a powerful Werewolf in ESO, then there are a few things you should know first. Therefore, the […]

    byJack Hamnett|10 Feb 2021|ESO

    FFXIV Bard Guide

    FFXIV Bard Guide – Leveling Up the Bard Profession

    There are a number of different jobs available to you when playing FFXIV. One that has been introduced to the delight of players is the Bard, which we will […]

    byJack Hamnett|02 Feb 2021|FFXIV

    ESO Warden Build Guide for Best Magicka DPS

    The Best ESO Warden Build Optimized for Magicka DPS and Performance

    If you have been trying to find the best possible build for the Warden in Elder Scrolls Online, then you may have noticed that it can be a quite […]

    byJack Hamnett|27 Jan 2021|ESO

    The Grand Tree OSRS Quest Guide

    The Grand Tree OSRS quest is one that takes players on a journey to help save the gnome population of the game by uncovering why the tree is dying. […]

    RuneScape Invention Guide 1-120

    RuneScape Invention Guide 1-120 – Most Efficient Invention Leveling RS3

    If you are looking at how invention works in RuneScape and want to level it up, then you are in the right place. RuneScape invention can take some getting […]

    byJack Hamnett|18 Jan 2021|RuneScape

    EQ Blacksmithing Guide

    EQ Blacksmithing Guide – Most Efficient Route from 1-300

    There are a lot of questions raised when it comes to leveling blacksmithing in EverQuest, particularly surrounding what the best route to do so is. With that in mind, […]

    byJack Hamnett|17 Jan 2021|EverQuest

    Skotizo Guide OSRS

    Skotizo Guide OSRS – Best Strategies, Recommended Levels, Rewards

    If you have been looking to take on Skotizo in Old School RuneScape, then you are in the right place. The demonic boss is something that provides a challenge […]

    byJack Hamnett|13 Jan 2021|RuneScape

    Monkey Madness 2 OSRS Quest Guide

    Monkey Madness 2 OSRS Guide

    The Monkey Madness 2 OSRS quest is a lengthy one, in which you will be continuing on from the previous Monkey Madness quest. Now Glough has gone missing, with […]