EQ Blacksmithing Guide – Most Efficient Route from 1-300

EQ Blacksmithing Guide
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There are a lot of questions raised when it comes to leveling blacksmithing in EverQuest, particularly surrounding what the best route to do so is. With that in mind, the following EQ blacksmithing guide should give you a better idea about what the skill is and what the best ways to level it up are.

This guide will outline the following:

  • What is blacksmithing?
  • How to level blacksmithing

If we want to level up blacksmithing in EQ, then first we need to know a little bit more about how it initially works.

What is Blacksmithing in EQ?

Also referred to as smithing, blacksmithing is a tradeskill within EverQuest. The skill itself has a lot of different sues that you can use to your advantage. The primary effectiveness of this tradeskill is to make metal weapons and armour. The items that you create using the smithing tradeskill are often required for other tradeskills, which makes it an important asset for you to have.

One thing that you should be aware of is that Smithing is perhaps one of the most difficult Tradeskills in the game when it comes to raising it. There is little doubt that it can be a very frustrating experience to get it to where you want it to be, as many cases see you needed a high number of combines to even be in with a chance of making a single item or getting a skill up.

Having said that, it does have some advantages too. For example, once you have managed to get used to blacksmithing, you will notice that you will have free reign on what you can make. This means that you will have the tools to create utensils for other tradeskills. It plays a massive central role for all of your other tradeskills. You will be able to create the likes of frying pans and filleting knives for baking, or Steel Boning for the tailoring skill and the list goes on.

EQ Blacksmithing Leveling Guide

For the first 21 levels, you are going to do as you would with any other Tradeskill. Simply visit your trainer to raise it for the first 21 points then you are ready to move on. Once you have done so, you should then shift focus to Steel Boning. This can be saved so that you can use it for other tradeskills. If you don not happen to be raising your other tradeskills at the time, then you can opt to try and sell it to fellow players who might be currently going down this path. The three components needed are a File, a small Brick of Ore and a Water Flask.

This should see you through to around level 37. Once you arrive here, you can then move onto Large Lanterns, which can take you up to 68. You will need a Bottle, a Lantern Casing Mold, Metal Bits and a Water Flask. You can also vendor these ingredients so that you can make a bit of money back if you wish to do so.

Your next couple of items should focus on armor. With Banded Armor, you can get it to fit the size of your race, so you can make Small Banded Armor for small races, Banded Armor for medium races and Large Banded Armor for large races. This can be made with Boot Mold, Sheet Metal and a Water Flask. Meanwhile, Ornate Armor will take you up to level 122, and works as Banded Armor does in terms of the sizes of the races. You can make it with two High Quality Metal Rings, a Large Chainmail Boot Pattern, a Silver Bar, a Water Flask and a Smithy Hammer.

Pushing on to 163 we have the Fine Plate Visor. This is a good option to vendor your gear back to make money back. One component is Leather Padding, which you will need to farm to make the armor. With a Plate Visor Mold, Medium Quality Folded Sheet Metal and a Smithy Hammer with your Water Flask. You can then make the Fine Plate Gauntlets too to help you through to 175.

Keep farming Leather Padding so that you can use those materials to make the Fine Steel Breastplate. Using the same materials, it can take you to 188 and even into the 200s. Meanwhile, Field Plate Gear can help reach 200, though it is worth mentioning that it can only be made by Humans. That being said, it is a great advantage if you are a Human, since it is a quick route to getting to 200. The downside is that you will need to get an item called Sea Temper which is difficult to get, which requires crafting with a Mug of Sea Foams that are from the Ocean of Tears from the Cyclops.

Going beyond 200, you will want to look into the Mistletoe Cutting Sickle. For this you will need a Blessed Sickle Blade, a Blessed Sickle Hilt, a Blessed Sickle Pommel, and a Smithy Hammer. After you have gained these ingredients, you can combine them in a forge.


By following these instructions, you should not have too much trouble getting from 1-300 in blacksmithing. This EQ blacksmithing guide should give you a bit more of an outline on how the tradeskill works, and that there are certain items that you can make that will get you to the desired level as quickly as possible.

What you should take away from all of this is that blacksmithing is without a doubt one of the most important tradeskills that are in the entirety of EverQuest. It serves as something that will help raise your other tradeskills to where they need to be. It can most certainly be one of the most difficult to skill due to some of the components that you need to get your hands on. With that being said, hopefully this EQ blacksmithing guide has provided a bit more of an insight so that you won’t struggle too much with finding ways to getting from 1-300.

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