Skotizo Guide OSRS – Best Strategies, Recommended Levels, Rewards

Skotizo Guide OSRS
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If you have been looking to take on Skotizo in Old School RuneScape, then you are in the right place. The demonic boss is something that provides a challenge to those who dare confront it, but we are on hand to help you the Skotizo guide OSRS needs.

If you are planning on taking on Skotizo, then the first thing you will want to know is whether you’re actually strong enough yet or not. As such, we’ll be starting with the recommended levels.

Recommended Levels for this Skotizo Guide OSRS

The recommended levels for taking on Skotizo varies depending on what your combat approach is. If you are using the Arclight, then you are going to find this battle much easier. There is a lot to consider, but if you are following this guide, then a lot of it comes down to the items that you are taking with you. The likes of the Arclight, Stamina Potions and Magic defences are the factors that are going to weigh in heavily for this battle.

Even so, you will still want to ensure that you are going into the fight with reasonably high stats. It’s best to make sure that your combat stats are at least level 80, and that you are well equipped with what you need. This way, you should be able to take down Skotizo without too much trouble. At the very least, 75 Attack, 70 Defence and 80 Strength are needed for a relatively stress-free time.

Skotizo Best Strategies

Skotizo has something in common with other demons, in the sense that it is weak to demonbane weapons. If you happen to be on a greater demon or black demon task, then you will also find that Skotizo is vulnerable to both Slayer helmet and Black mask benefits, so its worth keeping in mind.

As for the method of fighting this boss, you should use Arclight where possible and make sure that your magic defence is high, so opt for black dragonhide armour if possible. Use Protect from Melee to encourge Skotizo to revert to magic attacks, which you should have high defence against. As for your weapon, the best possible choice is the Twisted Bow, though it is expensive. You could opt for a Dragon Warhammer to get similar effects as Arclight.

When you have begun the fight, you will notice that Skotizo activates the Awakened Alters that are dotted around the room you are in. These each have 100 hitpoints, which will increase defence, reducing damage when they are activated. With that in mind, you should try and dispatch of them if you are ever in a situation where two or more are activated. At the point where these are active, you should make sure that you have Protect from Magic, since Skotizo will not opt for the melee method during this time.

When going around disabling the altars, Stamina Potions will be very effective. This is especially true since having the Arclight in your inventory if you have been following this method will result in more altars being spawned. That being said, it might be worth you opting for a method that doesn’t use the Arclight if you don’t have enough Stamina Potions. A good alternative for this would be the Toxic Blowpipe, which is very effective against altars.

If you are having trouble with the altars and do not have an Arclight, then there is an effective method that you can use. Firstly, wait until all of the altars have spawned. You should then focus on getting each altar down to low health before killing them all one after the other as quickly as you can. By doing so, the altars will no longer be summoned.

When you get to the halfway point, Skotizo could summon a Dark Ankou or three reanimated demon spawns to help it out. Ensure that you are using Protect from Melee, and they won’t be able to affect you. There’s no point in engaging with them really since they can just be summoned again once you have beaten them.

Skotizo Drops OSRS

The next burning question surrounding Skotizo in OSRS is more than likely what you could possibly receive for defeating the boss. The average drop value for defeating Skotizo is about 167K gp. You will see drops of Ashes and a Clue Scroll (hard) plus a guaranteed drop of at least a single ancient shard. There is a small chance that you could roll Skotizo’s sub-table, which includes uncut Dragonstone or uncut Onyx.

There is also a chance of gaining rune armour too, as well as runes such as Death, Soul and Blood runes if you are lucky. As for resources, there is the likes of Adamantite ore, grimy Snapdragon and Torstol, or raw Anglerfish and Runite Bars. So needless to say, there are some profitable drops for you to gain. You may notice that Brimstone Keys are a drop for beating this particular boss, but it is worth mentioning that they are only dropped if you kill Skotizo whilst on Konar quo Maten’s Slayer task.

One of the rarest drops is the Jar of Darkness. This can be clicked on to make your screen go temporarily black, whilst the chatbox states that you view the darkness. You can use it in a player’s Achievement Gallery on a boss lair display to make one of Skotizo. It is worth mentioning that the drop rate for this is extremely low.

OSRS Skotizo Guide Conclusion

That is everything that you need to know about fighting Skotizo. Hopefully now that you are equipped with this Skotizo guide OSRS will become a whole lot easier than going in blind. There are a few requirements to consider, but if you are equipped with the right gear then this fight can actually be a lot easier than you think. Keep your skill levels high, have the right tools, and you will be taking down Skotizo with ease.

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