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RuneScape Invention Guide 1-120

RuneScape Invention Guide 1-120 – Most Efficient Invention Leveling RS3

If you are looking at how invention works in RuneScape and want to level it up, then you are in the right place. RuneScape invention can take some getting […]

byJack Hamnett|18 Jan 2021|RuneScape

EQ Blacksmithing Guide

EQ Blacksmithing Guide – Most Efficient Route from 1-300

There are a lot of questions raised when it comes to leveling blacksmithing in EverQuest, particularly surrounding what the best route to do so is. With that in mind, […]

byJack Hamnett|17 Jan 2021|EverQuest

Skotizo Guide OSRS

Skotizo Guide OSRS – Best Strategies, Recommended Levels, Rewards

If you have been looking to take on Skotizo in Old School RuneScape, then you are in the right place. The demonic boss is something that provides a challenge […]

byJack Hamnett|13 Jan 2021|RuneScape

ESO Gates of Oblivion

ESO Gates of Oblivion – Rumours and What We Expect So Far

The next expansion coming to Elder Scrolls Online is set to be the Gates of Oblivion, bringing a wealth of new content to the game. As excitement builds, we […]

byJack Hamnett|08 Jan 2021|ESO

Warframe Plastids Farming Guide

Warframe Plastids Farming Guide 2021

If you are new to the popular online Multiplayer game Warframe, then you may have come across a term known as Plastids. They are used and collected as a […]

byJack Hamnett|04 Jan 2021|Warframe

Monkey Madness 2 OSRS Quest Guide

Monkey Madness 2 OSRS Guide

The Monkey Madness 2 OSRS quest is a lengthy one, in which you will be continuing on from the previous Monkey Madness quest. Now Glough has gone missing, with […]

byJack Hamnett|30 Dec 2020|OSRS Quests

Best Upcoming MMOs

Most Exciting Upcoming MMOs in 2021/2022

We are fast approaching the end of 2020, which means we are looking forward into the next year and what excitement awaits us beyond in the MMO genre. Over […]

byJack Hamnett|27 Dec 2020|News

Garden of Tranquillity OSRS Quest Guide

Garden of Tranquillity OSRS Quest Guide

In the Garden of Tranquillity OSRS quest, players are tasked with becoming an experienced gardener to construct a garden of peace for the Queen of Varrock, as a surprise […]

byJack Hamnett|25 Dec 2020|OSRS Quests

Monkey Madness Part 1 OSRS Quest Guide

Monkey Madness Part 1 OSRS Quest Guide

The Monkey Madness Part 1 OSRS quest is a long quest of master difficulty, taking part in the Gnome OSRS quests series. It also serves as the sequel to […]

byJack Hamnett|21 Dec 2020|OSRS Quests

OSRS Fairy Tale Part 2 Quest Guide

OSRS Fairy Tale Part 2 – Cure of a Queen Quest Guide

The OSRS Fairy Tale Part 2 quest continues the story of the Fairy Queen and the strange goings on in Zanaris. The Fairy Godfather has yet to leave the […]

byJack Hamnett|18 Dec 2020|OSRS Quests

FFXIV Botanist Guide

FFXIV Botanist Guide for Leveling 1-80

There are a number of ways in which you can get to level 80 as a Botanist in FFXIV. If you have been looking for the best methods in […]

byJack Hamnett|14 Dec 2020|FFXIV

RuneScape Raksha Guide and Rewards

RuneScape Raksha Best Strategy Guide and Rewards

RuneScape has once again brought a new challenge to its players in the form of Raksha, the Shadow Colossus. This miniquest grants access to Orthen Oubliette, where you will […]

byJack Hamnett|14 Dec 2020|RuneScape

OSRS Fastest 99 Skill to Train

The Top 5 Fastest OSRS 99 Skills to Train

If you have been wondering what the quickest skills to level are in Old School RuneScape, then you will want to check out the following guide. We will be […]

byJack Hamnett|08 Dec 2020|RuneScape

FFXIV Dragoon BiS DPS Gear Guide

FFXIV Dragoon BiS (Best in Slot) DPS Gear Guide

If you have been looking to make the most of the Dragoon in FFXIV, then this article is for you! We will outline what the best FFXIV Dragoon BiS […]

byJack Hamnett|04 Dec 2020|FFXIV

League Season 11 Preseason Item Changes, Nerfs, and Buffs

League of Legends Season 11 Preseason Item Changes, Nerfs, and Buffs

As we close in on the League of Legends 2021 preseason, we will be seeing a number of adjustments being made to the game. These alterations focus on everything […]