ESO Nightblade Build Guide – The Best Builds to Try Out

Best ESO Nightblade Build
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If you’re looking to get started with an ESO Nightblade build, then there’s a few facts that you should know about it first. The trick is knowing which builds are the best for you to adapt to. With that in mind, here we are going to be looking at some of the best Nightblade builds that Elder Scrolls Online has to offer.

Best ESO Nightblade Builds

The builds we will be looking at are as follows:

  • Silencium
  • Bomb Magicka
  • Illusion Healer
  • Siphoner Tank
  • Solo Stamblade
  • Solo Magblade


The first ESO Nightblade build in our list is a high-damage build. Using Relentless Focus and Slimmering Frenzy as buffs, with unseen enemies being debuffed with Camouflaged Hunter. You can expect much higher damage with Focused Aim, Ballista and Silver Shards. It has a two-handed skillset as well that keeps the Nightblade out of sight with Shadowy Disguise. We will then want to move onto damage buffs using Channeled Acceleration, Resolving Vigor and Forward Momentum. You can deal more damage with Concealed Weapon too, and if you find yourself in a really sticky situation, then you can use Temporal Guard to take your health, magicka and stamina back to its stats from four seconds earlier.

Bomb Magicka

Naturally, with this build we will be focusing on bombing. To make the most of this, you are going to need to be able to debuff the opponents that we can’t see. To do so we can use Inner Light and Camouflaged Hunter, as well as Concealed Weapon to get a boost of damage as well. You can get lifesteal too with Sap Essence, and the Soul Tether ultimate will devastate your foes.

You will have the Light’s Champion ultimate to get a huge healing boost with the Restoration Staff and Radiating Regeneration. We can add buffs too with Channeled Acceleration and Dampen Magic, and increase damage with Shadow Image. If you’re looking for area of effect damage, the Proximity Detonation is useful.

Illusion Healer

We have taken a look at a couple of damage dealers so far, so it’s probably best we move onto a couple of different kinds of approach. Before we discuss tanks and such, let’s take a look at the Illusion Nightblade Healer.

This build is capable of providing a great healer for your team. Don’t be fooled by their light armour, as their healing abilities more than make up for it, especially if you use the Magicka Recovery Glyph and the Atronach Mundus Stone. You will be using the Restoration Staff that is able to produce skills that involve healing, as well as heals-over-time to make you indispensable to your teammates. You could also opt for the Shock Staff, with which you can use Elemental Blockade and Elemental Drain to help boost your defences.

Siphoner Tank

This tank is somewhere in between the builds that we have mentioned. Of course, they are damage dealers but they don’t have the healing properties of the Illusion Healer, but they are there to absorb as much damage as possible. This is why this particular build is so popular, due to its survivability which is aided by the likes of Spell Symmetry and Leeching Strikes.

Want to cut down your enemy’s defences? Then you can do so with the Pierce Armor and Heroic Slash debuffs that are available. On the other side, you can add to your team’s defences with the use of the Destro Staff, and then using Aggressive Warhorn to add damage as well.

Solo Stamblade

We will be finishing off the list with a couple of choices that many will consider to be the best. Starting with the Solo Stamblade Nighblade, this allows you to get through dungeons by yourself. Reducing your damage is the order of the day here, which is where the likes of Dark Shade comes in, as well as Mirage. If your stamina is starting to suffer, then Leeching Strikes can be a great help.

Buff your attacks with Echoing Vigor and Relentless Focus to really get this build going. You can really make your foes crumble as well with the likes of Reverse Slice, Brawler and Surprise Attack. If stunning is more your mode of approach, then try out Incapacitating Strike as the ultimate too.

Solo Magblade

This does slightly differ to the Stamblade counterpart. You aren’t as reliant on stamina this time, though it is another build in which you can use to help you get through dungeons alone. That said, we will once again be needing to look to buffs and such to make our way through them.

We’ll start with Sap Essence as a lifesteal from area of effect attacks, and if you come across single targets then you can use Swallow Soul for the same effect. Defensively, we will want to be looking at the Iceheart Monster Set. This has great shields for us to use, and the Harness Magicka can really get us out of some tight situations if needed.

Looking at the mainbar for the Destruction Staff, we will see that you can reduce damage with Merciless Resolve, whilst Dark Shade dishes out area of effect damage. If you want to use an ultimate for buffing your damage, then Incapacitating Strike is of great use.

Conclusion on Finding the Best ESO Nightblade Build

Overall, the ESO Nightblade build that you use is going to entirely depend on your style of play. As you will have gathered from here, there is a fair few builds for you to choose from no matter what kind of class you are using. With that said, you should hopefully have a better idea of what ESO Nighblade build you want to be using. Are you going to opt for healing your team, or absorbing damage as a tank? Or will you be taking advantage of ults to decimate your opponents? Whatever build you decide that is right for you, there is bound to be something that you will be able to adapt to and go forth into battle with. So if you’re set to try out the Nightblade, now would be a great time to get started.

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