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RuneScape RS20 Once Upon a Time: Flashback Quest Guide

RuneScape Once Upon a Time_ Flashback Quest Guide
By | April 19th, 2021 | Categories: RuneScape

If you have gotten underway with the Once Upon a Time questline in RuneScape, then you’re going to want to know how to complete the second part of this tale. Here’s our RS20 Once Upon a Time: Flashback quest guide.

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Once Upon a Time: Flashback Step-by-Step Guide

To begin, we are going to be going through Death’s office to speak with Closure in his office. You will be informed that Relomia has stopped by to steal and vandalise biographies during their visit. Such vandalism has ended up having dire consequences to the biographies in question, and you will be shown a replay of how the events unfolded. It will show Relomia leaving to go and get a drink, so use that knowledge to head over to the Blue Moon Inn over in Varrock.

You may remember this place from the previous Foreshadowing quest, as you are now in the same pub as before. Go up to the bartender and you will be given Relomia’s message. It will tell you that she has gone to a different inn in an attempt to make things what she refers to as less “BOARing”. This should give you the idea that she is over at the Jolly Boar Inn, which you can find to the north-east of Varrock. Once you are there, speak with Relomia before heading back with the Stack of Closure’s Biographies in hand.

Restoring the Biographies

By this point, the damage has been done as the edits made by Relomia have altered reality. In the waiting room of Closure’s study, Merlin, Ava and Ozan await because they are now supposed to be dead according to their respective biographies. Closure will have a hard time making the changes since the references he needs aren’t available. This means that it will take years to fully restore them, though the player was there when each moment was changed. This means that Closure can formulate a plan in which you are sent into each of the memories to get you to correct the changes to the memories.

Next, you will need to speak with each character to gain access to their memories. This will send them to specific locations during a time in a quest, so for example you will find Merln in Merlin’s Castle, Ava in Animal Magnetism and Ozan in Diamond in the Rough. During each memory, you will find a number of changes, such as objects or interactions, and the character involved dying rather the quest playing out as it would.

Closure will give you an Oneiric Manipulator, which lets you play out memories to make sure they are right in terms of the details, or they can be reset if anything is incorrect. You will now need to interact with the characters and objects in every scene to make sure everything matches up correctly.

To start with, the first sequences will end in death for the relevant character. The sequences that are wrong often end up with rather funny outcomes, in which the player may leave in anger or a random NPC makes an appearance. Eventually, you will find the right sequence in which you can match what happened in the quest. Though Closure isn’t able to exactly replicate the way the player looks during the memory, as the technology he uses isn’t able to keep up with the changes in looks that you make, which explains why you are rather bleak looking.

Merlin’s Memory

In Merlin’s memory, you will be taken to where he is saved from the crystal at the end of the quest. Relomia’s version of events however sees the player using a cannon to try and destroy the crystal, which kills Merlin. During the memory, players are able to alter how the crystal is destroyed, what type of crystal it is and what the wall decoration is. The correct respective choices are Excalibur, Giant Crystal and the Wallshield to complete this section.

Ozan’s Memory

Meanwhile, in Ozan’s memory you will be in Diamond in the Rough. Both you and Ozan will be about to jump down from Al Kharid bank. Ozan will be too scared too jump in Relomia’s version of events, and he will be killed by a goblin archer. You will need to alter the actions of both you and Ozan, as well as the object that is landed on. Your action will be to jump first, followed by Ozan jumping second, with both of you landing on the cart full of hay.

Ava’s Memory

Finally, Ava’s memory is based in Animal Magnetism, in which players are about to give her the undead chicken. Relomia’s version of events sees players handing an undead cow, in which Cow1337killr goes on to kill both characters. The changes you can make here include what you deliver to Ava, the furniture behind her, and the lever that is pulled when leaving. The right order of these is undead chickens, the wardrobe and the lever.

Finishing Once Upon a Time: Flashback

Once done, speak with each character that have had their memories corrected to send them away from Closure’s study. After these memories have been fixed, speak with Closure who will thank you and endeavor to introduce a form of protection where only he can edit the biographies himself.

Rewards for Once Upon a Time: Flashback

For completing the quest, you will be rewarded with a Medium XP lamp, as well as Closure’s ghost biography cosmetic override. You will also get the Flashback (miniquest) achievement too.

Congratulations on completing the Once Upon a Time: Flashback quest! It is a short, novice quest, but it does have a rather captivating narrative for you to engage with, so it’s worth setting a short amount of time aside to finish it to continue on with the miniquest line.

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