RuneScape RS20 Once Upon a Time: Foreshadowing Miniquest Guide

RS20 Once Upon a Time Foreshadowing Miniquest Guide
By | February 5th, 2021 | Categories: RuneScape

Recently, we have seen the introduction of the first miniquest of the Once Upon a Time series in RuneScape. Entitled RS Foreshadowing. This is part of a very special time in the life of RuneScape, with an anniversary that will see a number of celebrations scattered throughout the year for lucky fans to enjoy. The first of the series is now available to those who wish to attempt it, and if you are looking to overcome it, then the following Runescape Foreshadowing miniquest guide is here to help you.

In this guide, we will be discussing the following:

  • Once Upon a Time: Foreshadowing Guide
  • Foreshadowing Miniquest Rewards

Before we find out what we will receive for completing the miniquest, first we need to know how we can navigate our way through it. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the quest guide for Foreshadowing.

Once Upon a Time: Foreshadowing Miniquest Guide

The Foreshadowing quest is rather short, and it is relatively easy for you to complete. It is worth mentioning however that it is only available to members, so F2P players are out of luck. To get the quest started, head to north Varrock. Head into the Blue Moon Inn and talk to Relomia.

To the left, you will need to take a party hat and a drink off of one of the tables, then go ahead and drink it whilst wearing the hat. Relomia will then proceed to start telling you three stories, and you will need to then interrupt her during the third story because of the mistakes being made. This will see you sent to Death’s office.

To the right of Death you will find Closure’s office, so go to there. Before doing so, make sure you help Count Draynor, Delrith and Elvarg beforehand so that Closure can in turn help you. Delrith can be freed by clicking on the five words in order that are presented to you, then speak to Elvarg once you have finished.

Helping Elvarg and Count Draynor

Your next task is helping Elvarg. This involves you going to the Grand Exchange, so head there. Use the last will and testament so that you can get Elvarg’s treasure hoard.  Once you have done that, head back to Elvarg and give them the treasure. Your next task is to then speak with Count Draynor. This next part will see you heading over to Draynor Manor, where you will have to find the kitchen. You can locate this area on the ground floor to the northwest. Switch off the oven then return to Draynor to talk to him.

Finishing the Foreshadowing Miniquest Guide

You will then need to go back to Closure and finally talk with them. This will see you embarking on a journey back to Relomia, where you will need to ask her for an autograph. This is actually a signed contract, which you will then need to take back to Closure. Doing so will then complete this short miniquest.

Foreshadowing Miniquest Rewards

So there you have it. The Foreshadowing miniquest definitely lives up to the miniquest name, as you will have already guessed it is very short. It isn’t too difficult to complete either by any means, with just a bit of back and forth tasking involved in order for you to complete it.

Now that the quest is done and dusted, let’s take a look at the rewards that you can expect to receive. For finishing the RuneScape Foreshadowing miniquest, you will receive 414 quest points. What’s more, a medium XP lamp is up for grabs, plus you get to keep Relomia’s party hat and you will also unlock the Last Blast music too.


The Foreshadowing quest is just a part of the Once Upon a Time series. This is going to be a run of miniquests that will run throughout the year to celebrate the anniversary of RuneScape. According to recent social media posts from the game’s developers, we can expect to see three more quests as the year rolls on.

The Foreshadowing quest is arguably the biggest entity that has been showcased for the 20th anniversary so far, with celebrations initially kicking off earlier in January prior to its release. Hopefully this quest has given you a glimpse of what else is to come in RS throughout the rest of the year, but for now we can bask in the party of this new miniquest.

We also hope that this RuneScape Foreshadowing miniquest guide has been of some use to you when it comes to completing it. As mentioned, it is a short quest but one that is well worth entertaining to get into the party spirit for the big milestone that RuneScape is celebrating this year. It is something that will certainly be enjoyed by old and new fans alike, and we look forward with great anticipation to the remaining quests in the miniseries.

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