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BDO Fashion
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Many modern MMORPG’s are offering the players the possibility to adjust the looks of their avatars to a certain degree, which is especially useful in the games where the majority of a single class character are wearing pretty much the same gear towards the end of the game and are thus indistinguishable from each other. We assembled this Black Desert Online (BDO) fashion guide to tell you all about the customization possibilities of one of the most prolific MMO’s out there when it comes to the aspect of fashion and changing looks of its characters.

BDO Fashion costumes can be crafted by players, earned through quests or bought from the in-game shop. What makes these outfits special is the amount of effort that has gone into their creation, the abundance of detail and, above all else, the sheer diversity of the costumes and outfits available. Admittedly, as is the case with many MMO’s, a great deal of these are rather impractical, especially when it comes to skimpy female costumes, but there is no denying their quality and the high degree of individuality. The creativity the developers have displayed in this segment is astonishing.

Loin Cloth and Missing Hat

In an MMO, you usually get to wear a specific armor that reflects your class and your progress within the game. Sometimes those armors are adapted for PVE, sometimes for PVP. In different MMO’s you can slightly change the appearance of the armor pieces, usually by changing their color by adding specific dyes to them. World of Warcraft has introduced transmogrification to enable people to create different exterior looks, regardless of what gear they currently have equipped. This was done by enabling players to change the appearance of a specific piece of equipment by superimposing an image of a different type of, say, a helmet, boots, cloak or weapon over it.

Black Desert Online system is somewhat more complicated than this. Initially, there was a lot of confusion between crafted profession gear and costumes. The system in Black Desert Online is that a player wears a costume on top of the armor. Costumes can be either crafted by the players alone, obtained as quest rewards or bought in the cash shop.

Life Skills Clothing

There are specific life skills in BDO, also known as professions, such as cooking, fishing, alchemy, trading, gathering etc., that many people get really serious about. If you want to improve your chances and your learning speed when it comes to one of those life skills, you would be well advised to craft your own clothing to help boost your experience gain. A specific piece of clothing will give you a certain buff as well as experience gain boost of 5%.

These costumes can be crafted in different costume mills, but before you can do that you will need to gather all the required materials for the said costume. Starting with the black stone powder, which is a prime requisite for every life skill costume, you will also need together other materials such as different pieces of cloth, fabrics and other random materials. Majority of these costumes will get a movement speed buff of +1, with the additional buffs off, say, +1 to gathering and fishing level, increased weight limit when wearing trader’s clothes and similar. Cooks and alchemists also get one-second reduction in cooking and alchemy time.

As mentioned before, all clothing items will demand specific and very profession focused additional materials. For example, for sailor’s clothes, you will need 10 coral pieces, while other life skills will demand traces of battle or traces of forest. Some of these materials are available on the marketplace, but others are harder to obtain, and you will find yourself doing specific tasks only to get secondary products from them, such as traces of specific powder. Experience shows us that setting workers out to perform specific gathering or processing tasks for us is much more efficient and less time-consuming. Just assign specific workers to gather these materials at various nodes and you can go AFK and take a nap with a smile on your face.

Costume Tailor Coupon

Initially, there was a lot of confusion about how armor and costumes actually work together. People would craft a specific part of the armor, thinking that these are actually costumes, only to see that when they equip this piece of armor it actually replaced the existing piece of armor. In order to craft a costume, one needs a so-called Costume exchange coupon, which will turn the select piece of gear into a costume. Costumes indeed keep their bonuses from the gear they were converted from, as well as get some extra bonuses such as +2 movement on the noble costume. Finally, the costume and the armor do indeed stack when it comes to the bonuses since one can equip one of them as a costume and the other one as armor.

Unfortunately, if you exchange an outfit to become a costume you cannot actually dye it. Whereas several other types of armor can, in fact, be dyed, such as Calpheon Noble Dress, Delphe Knight Armor, Jarette’s Armor and Edan’s Traveling Clothes, among others, none of the life skill costumes (fishing, cooking, trading, sailing) can be dyed or significantly altered by players, at least yet.

Costume Limitations

It is also important to state that the Black Desert Online costumes have a number of limitations when it comes to their use. Costumes will get bound to the character that is using them and can’t be traded to other characters on your account or sold off. There is also a number of costumes that are limited only to males or females. This is also true for all the classes within the game, they will find that specific costume types will be available only to specific classes such as striker or the witch,

Finally, it must be stated that Black Desert Online MMORPG has its best costumes in the game’s cash shop which cannot be obtained unless one invests a healthy amount of real-life money in it. With the additional usage of dyes which are also available through the shop, there can be a lot of new, interesting and eye-catching combinations that can be explored within the world of Black Desert Online fashion.

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