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Inside Access of Brand New Features for FIFA 19

By | June 19th, 2018 | Categories: FIFA

The FIFA World Cup is just around the corner. What better way to celebrate this amazing, international tournament than getting passionate about next year’s rendition of FIFA 19?

Although it’s not yet on the market, we have been able to dissect every bit of it before it becomes available—getting you as stoked for the release-date as you are for the next World Cup Match.

You can watch the World Cup and play along on the field or wait for the arrival of the latest edition of the video game when you have the urge to copy whatever history-making move you just saw on the pitch.

If you’re concerned about the user-friendliness of the game—whether you’re a newbie at it or a senior-gamer-expert, you really don’t have to worry about a thing.

With its annual update and a new release every year, game developers have to undertake the challenge of creating new features or sections of the game to wow their already loyal fans and players.

If you thought 2018 was good, 2019 is going to be a year to blow your soccer socks off. They really stepped up their game. The new FIFA edition pulled out all the stops in making this year’s game the best to-date.

FIFA 19 Features

Take a Lucky Shot

Simply by pressing “Circle” and “B” simultaneously, with the timing just right, you can land an upper 90. However, if you miss your chance by a millisecond, it’ll go flying to hit the 3-D animated crowd.

Your Goalie Has New Movies

You can make playing out of the back as secret as possible—moving the stick now doesn’t trigger movement from the camera so you can get away with playing out from a goal kick without your friend knowing.

Support Has Markers

Now, you’ll know who’s got your back. With the addition of a grey marker above the currently selected second player when defending. With an easy flick to L1 / LB. EA has, smartly, taken the idea and put it into FIFA 19.

Flight Out of the Back

Your outside backs can get really into the attack. All you have to do is flick through the team management options and you’re defenders will be overlapping the wingers automatically.

More Defensive Organization

Just like in a real game, you can get the center-mid to cover more ground—either by defending the wing or the entire middle.

Mini-Map Shapes

When looking down at the mini-map, you can easily identify which team is yours and which is the enemy. The game makers have differentiated between the two using triangles and circles.

Pre-Game Tactical Management

You can really get into the role of manager by setting up alternate tactical options, even before the whistle is blown. That way, you’ll be ready for anything—whether you are losing or up at the half. You can switch to your pre-meditated systems even while in-play.

Fresh Blood in the Upper Box

Not only do they have the Champions League logo implemented into the system, they also have two new players on the team. The voices of commentators Derek Rae and Lee Dixon will fill your speakers as soon as you make the options to choose to play Champions League.

New Leagues

You can choose to play in the Europa League or Champions League in FIFA 19, in all the different modes—the Journey, the Ultimate Team, and Career mode.

On the Field Changes

Flick through the new defensive settings os: “pressure after possession loss,” “constant pressure,” “drop back,” “balanced,” and “pressure on heavy touch” to be able to control your defensive tactics as best as you possibly can.

Hang-Time Added

Like in the real game, your players now have a bit more hang-time when jumping for a header from a corner kick. You can also control them to make more realistic runs into the box for a better chance on goal.

Depth and Width

While you’re in the middle of playing, you can also control your entire team’s width and depth. It even gets as specific as adjusting the number of players you separate to go up for a corner and free kicks or make the runs onto goal.

Launching the Through Ball

Making the slot in for your teammate to run onto has never been this easy—too easy. The controls are extremely sensitive, making it easier for you but also finding it necessary to have to really search for that sweet spot on the toggle.

They’ve Worked on their First Touch

Any soccer player can tell you how important the first touch is. Finally, the game makers of FIFA have also stepped into training. Through a new active touch system, when you’re playing the game you can have much better control over your first touch—with all parts of your body! Using the same system, you can also fake in one direction before the ball even gets to you. So, fake one way go the other way has made its way onto a video game, making defense harder than ever.

Our Take

Although you could get nit-picky about some glitches in the game or personal preferences, FIFA 18 has been an amazing update and upgrade in the all-around, all-time popular game. From half-time breaks to individualizing 3-D crowds, the game makers for FIFA have really upped their game, just in time for the live World Cup 2018 Tournament—inviting you to up yours!

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