Icons, Ronaldo Edition, and FIFA 18 Release Date

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Icons, Ronaldo Edition, and FIFA 18 Release Date We’re one month away from the release! FIFA 18 is just around the corner. We’ve been writing about the game for a few months now, hyping you readers up with the many new features it will offer, and giving you the heads-up on possible kinks. The [...]

FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch: A Promising Start

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FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch: A Promising Start Nintendo and FIFA aren’t two names that you see together very often. When Electronic Arts (EA) first announced FIFA 18 for the Nintendo Switch, it wasn’t a shock that some people were doubtful at the prospect of a possibly dumbed down FIFA on a handheld device. [...]

What Should FIFA 18 Career Mode Include?

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What Should FIFA 18 Career Mode Include? Career modes have been a foundation in sports-related games. Depending on the game, it’s either stellar or good enough but lacking. For example, NBA 2K focuses on a well-done and robust career mode. On the other hand, WWE 2K and UFC career modes start out great, but [...]

FIFA 18: Keep An Eye Out

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FIFA 18: Keep An Eye Out FIFA 18 launches September 2017 for the current generation consoles, and the PC. Yes, “current generation consoles” include the Nintendo Switch. Let’s hope that the Switch is a better home for the game than the previously disastrous PlayStation versions. Gamers have high expectations that FIFA 18 will be [...]

FIFA 17 Career Mode: Kicking it Up a Notch

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FIFA 17 Career Mode: Kicking it Up a Notch FIFA 17's Career Mode is the default single player option of the game before The Journey came along. You manage a soccer team, thriving to make the best team. Choosing players and training them to win, while managing team income and expenses are in Career [...]

Moving the Goalposts: FIFA 18 News

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Moving the Goalposts: FIFA 18 News In 2016, we got FIFA 17. Then, we’ve had gamers who do some FIFA pack opening, which gives the game a fresh new take. Now, we are four months into 2017, and we’ll be getting next year’s version of FIFA in a few months. You’re probably getting pumped. [...]

Why FIFA is Addicting

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Why FIFA is Addicting I've always wondered why soccer was a popular international sport. A game takes a long time to finish one match. Players must depend on the skill of the teammates; scoring one goal could appear to be the hardest task ever. The rise of soccer in the twenty-first century has made [...]

FIFA 17 – What To Expect

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While many people may consider it too early to consider what might be in FIFA 17, at PlayerAuctions we like to be ahead of the game. Here you have it: some possible ideas for what to expect in FIFA 17! Growth In Women’s International Teams For FIFA 16 women’s international teams were introduced for [...]

FIFA 15. Ultimate Team Ultimate Trade.

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In Fifa 15 Ultimate Team, a single weak player can mean the difference between a winning and a losing match. Fortunately for you, PlayerAuctions is the dedicated marketplace. We provide buyers and sellers alike with a fast and safe trading hub for FUT Coins, Ultimate Team’s unique currency. FIFA 15. FUT Coins [ezcol_1third] [/ezcol_1third] [...]

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FIFA 2014 Ultimate Team

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The World Cup is, without exaggeration, the greatest show on earth! The fan fare, the colour, the drama, disappointment; a wired, wonderful few weeks every four years when one country plays host to the world. We are walking to the beat of a samba drum at the moment as football fever reaches fever pitch...don't worry [...]

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