15 FIFA 19 Kits to Look Your Best

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There are many intricate components within the game itself that attract gamers to FIFA 19. The gameplay is superb, the interaction is high-class, and the FIFA 19 Kits this year? Fire.

The graphics are one of the biggest components that flock players to the game. Every year, the game producer, EA Sports, analyzes the improvements in graphics compared to the previous year—always striving to be better.

If you’re like most football fans—or a player, yourself, you probably are familiar with that jolt of happiness you get while looking at beautiful players, kits, and stadiums.

One of the most important graphic designs in this year’s edition is the FIFA 19 Kits. If you play with the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT), you have the option to pick the kits you want your team to put on during your games.Even though many gamers just go for the team they support in real life, you can get as creative as you want with your kits.

What are the best Kits?

Even though your intention to pick a gorgeous kit is there, you might run into a little problem: there are over 1,500 kits you can pick from. Looking for the best one for your team all of a sudden isn’t that easy. But don’t worry, we’ve picked out 15 that you’ll simply drool over—and choose for you for your next match and many others in the future.

1st Place Kits (1-7)

1. Paris Saint-Germain

I mean, who doesn’t love this jersey? Probably someone who has never seen it. Nike has used a simple design for PSG’s third kit, bringing you a gray strip at the middle of the jersey.

But the biggest attraction is the Air Jordan logo on the jersey. Although this is a popular jersey, you should still try it regardless. It’s also one of the most expensive going for 700 to 1000 coins.

2. AS Roma

The Italian team’s home jerseys have always looked beautiful. This is mainly due to the color combination. The wine color of the jersey and the yellow collar and Nike logo matches the club’s logo.

It all comes out beautiful and you’ll enjoy seeing this kit. If you’re also looking for simplicity, this kit is the way to go.

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3. Moreirense

If you like a complex designed that comes out well, then this home jersey is a great choice. The green colors of various sizes look like tiles on a bathroom wall.

The design really comes out well. And this explains the high cost of this kit. You have to dish out 1,000 to 1,500 coins for this one.

4. Poland

This national team kit is an epitome of simplicity. You can see the red numbers, logo, and collars on a light shade of grey.

As a result of this, the red colors come out. This kit goes for 200 coins on the market.

5. Al Taawoun

This is a team based in Saudi Arabia. Despite being less popular on the football side of things, their away jersey is a beauty.

It has a pattern designed with metal and robots. It also looks pretty simple—if you prefer that—and will cost you 200 coins.

6. Inter Milan

The away kit of this popular Italian team is one of the most beautiful ones you can use for your team. It combines silver and grey to bring out a mesmerizing pattern.

Added to that, there’s a dark strip down the middle that gives it a definite structure. This kit is available for 200 coins.

7. Napoli

As one of the most popular teams in Italy, it’s only logical that it has one of the best kits around. The logo and the designs come out on the gray background.

Kappa also has its logo from the armpit down to the knee. This gives your logo a unique look. You can purchase this kit for 200 coins on the market.

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How about the second best Kits?

If none of these have suited you, please try a few of these less famous designs from our second-best contenders:

2nd Place Kits (8-15)


This Italian team has taken an old school design and made it modern. Compared to the past, the team is less popular now.

However, its kit is classic enough to give you a beautiful view of your team. It has blue stripes around the shirt and the Tassigroup logo sits in the middle. If you want a less popular kit that’s impressive, you’ll get this kit for about 500 coins.

9. RB Salzburg

The Austrian team combines red and light pink color to create a beautiful design. The logo also comes out on the shirt to create an overall beautiful design.

This kit will cost you 200 coins.

10. Gornik Zabrze

The home kit for this Polish team looks like the Croatian jersey that wowed many people during the 2018 World Cup. It’s embedded in a red and white checkerboard design that combines the two colors in a well-organized pattern.

You can get this kit for 200 coins.

11. Atletico Huila

If you want a kit with so many colors that come out well, then this kit will fill you with joy. The kit contains yellow, green, and red colors mostly and combined them beautifully. You can get this kit for 200 coins.

12. Stand Up to Cancer

Of course, picking a kit shouldn’t only be about design. You can also do so to stand for a cause.

This kit gives you that opportunity as the Stand up to cancer movement helps those who suffer from cancer.

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13. Vitality

Vitality is a gaming team. Their kit is sponsored by Adidas and the design, yellow stripes on the sleeves and the strips at the middle, just pop on the black shirt.

The name of the team is also printed on the jersey.

14. SK Gaming

This is another kit from a gaming team based in Germany. If you want a simple design, this kit is one of your better options. It combines different shades of grey colors to bring out a beautiful uniform.

15. FUTWiz

If you want your team to don a jersey from an esports team, then FUTWiz from the United Kingdom is another great option you can explore. The kit combines black and green colors to bring out a beautiful design.

You can see the green stripes on its short sleeves and green polka dots at the lower part of the black kit.

Wear the Best and Play Your Best

Your team’s FIFA 19 Kits goes a long way in determining how smooth or how intimidating your team looks during a game.

Whether you want a simple or complex design, there’s something out there for you. We hope our list has helped you pick a kit for your FIFA ultimate team.

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