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Adriana Rodrigues is a Professional Soccer Player, Freelance Writer, Author, and Gamer when she finds the time. Playing her way through college, on the field, and with her friends on FIFA, Adriana integrates soccer in her life in whichever way she can. Though it has taken determination and hard work to get her to where she wants to be, she knows that sometimes, it‘s just as important to just, play. Adriana is currently living in Florida but travels often for soccer.

Written by A-Rod

Let’s Score with the FIFA 18 Best Young Players

There is just something about a prodigy that makes the crowd go wild. Whether it’s their insane natural talent or their loaded energy, hard-worker, go-get-it attitude, everyone loves an underdog. The best thing about them, think Freddy Adu, Cristiano Ronald in his younger days, is that there is an [...]

by A-Rod|16 Jan 2018|  0 |FIFA

It’s Here: The Best FIFA 18 Formations & Tactics

Just got the new FIFA 18 and not exactly sure what to do with it? We’re here to help lay out some of the Best FIFA 18 Formations and Tactics and to use that will help you succeed in both the online and offline versions of the game. [...]

by A-Rod|08 Jan 2018|  0 |FIFA

FIFA 2018 Player Ratings: Best FIFA Players

With every new edition of a game, the most up-to-date versions of technology are always implemented — insanely off-the-wall graphics, details closer and closer to reality, and new ways to control it. But some aspects of the game are updated that have nothing to do with the way [...]

by A-Rod|28 Dec 2017|  0 |FIFA

Yes for the Best FIFA 18 Kits

You’ve mastered the skill set, honing in on all the years you’ve been practicing on FIFA since it was released and compatible with your PC. You have your favorite team you will always scroll down to, no matter against whom you’ll be up against. Pitch conditions, weather, and [...]

by A-Rod|20 Dec 2017|  0 |FIFA

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