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Adriana Rodrigues is a Professional Soccer Player, Freelance Writer, Author, and Gamer when she finds the time. Playing her way through college, on the field, and with her friends on FIFA, Adriana integrates soccer in her life in whichever way she can. Though it has taken determination and hard work to get her to where she wants to be, she knows that sometimes, it‘s just as important to just, play. Adriana is currently living in Florida but travels often for soccer.

Written by A-Rod

Inside Access of Brand New Features for FIFA 19

The FIFA World Cup is just around the corner. What better way to celebrate this amazing, international tournament than getting passionate about next year’s rendition of FIFA 19? Although it’s not yet on the market, we have been able to dissect every bit of it before it becomes [...]

by A-Rod|19 Jun 2018||FIFA

Kicking It Off: FIFA 18 World Cup Mode

Getting hyped for the World Cup? It’s less than 10 days away! To coincide with the kick-off, FIFA 18 has made FIFA 18 World Cup Mode available — bringing the world’s largest soccer tournament to your computer or video game console. Available on Xbox One, Xbox One, PlayStation [...]

by A-Rod|10 Jun 2018||FIFA

The Real Opinion: Is FIFA 18 Top 100 Better for Players or Player Ratings?

When you're looking to any type of sports game or competition, the players and participants are so competitive that any way they can be measured up against the competition is a win for them—and one more way to be better. Even when it comes to FIFA, a video [...]

by A-Rod|13 May 2018||FIFA

Exploring Beyond the Game with FUTWIZ FIFA 18

From FIFA 14 to FIFA 18, FUTWIZ is an online community for the most dedicated FIFA players. Since the announcement of FIFA 18 hitting the market FUTWIZ has opened up for the new edition of the game. With the release date of September 29th on PlayStation, X-Box and [...]

by A-Rod|16 Apr 2018||FIFA

Batching Up FIFA 18 Chemistry Styles

In the transfer market, you need to be as knowledgeable as you can. Every in and out on ways to improve your team and your players can help you in some way. With this time around as you hone in on your skills and invest in your team, [...]

by A-Rod|01 Mar 2018||FIFA

An Early Start with the FIFA 18 Companion App

If you are an eligible FIFA Ultimate Team player, you can start the FIFA 18 season early with the FIFA 18 Companion App. What is the Companion App? If you're away from your console, you can still manage your Ultimate Team, being able to access squads, club items, and [...]

by A-Rod|20 Feb 2018||FIFA

Jamming to the Beats: FIFA 18 Soundtrack

In an international platform that places artist on the world stage, FIFA 18 is a perfect way for artists to showcase their best work. Whether the world was familiar with their music or if they were just introduced to it now through the FIFA 18 Soundtrack, either way, their [...]

by A-Rod|08 Feb 2018||FIFA

Have a Good Time with FIFA 18 Celebrations

Being able to play like the pros in FIFA 18 is an important aspect of the game that really gets you into it. However, what makes the version complete, is that after you get the ball in the back of the net, you can also celebrate like the pros. [...]

by A-Rod|04 Feb 2018||FIFA