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Adriana Rodrigues is a Professional Soccer Player, Freelance Writer, Author, and Gamer when she finds the time. Playing her way through college, on the field, and with her friends on FIFA, Adriana integrates soccer in her life in whichever way she can. Though it has taken determination and hard work to get her to where she wants to be, she knows that sometimes, it‘s just as important to just, play. Adriana is currently living in Florida but travels often for soccer.

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FUT Squad Builder

FIFA FUT Squad Builder: A Beginner’s Guide

If you have played the previous versions of FIFA Ultimate Team or are playing at the moment, chances are you’re hoping for a new start to everything—especially if your […]

byA-Rod|16 Sep 2019|FIFA

FIFA 20 release date

FIFA 20: Release Date, Volta Mode, Top 5 Things to know

Whether you’re an avid FIFA fan who has been eagerly awaiting the game’s next installment or you’re just a casual player looking for a quick football fix, you shouldn’t […]

byA-Rod|19 Aug 2019|FIFA

FIFA - 20 Best Players

FIFA 20 Best Players

In football, just like the real world, the makeup of your team matters. That’s why the best teams always do everything possible to lure the best players in to […]

byA-Rod|09 Jul 2019|FIFA

The Twist of FIFA 20 The Journey

If FIFA has been your game for the very beginning and you‘ve been following along with the story of Alex Hunter, unfortunately, the newest edition of FIFA 20 The […]

byA-Rod|20 Jun 2019|FIFA

Important Elements About FIFA 20 Career Mode

Whether you’re an old school, traditional FIFA player looking for a little more managerial control or you just need a revamp on your entire FIFA career, FIFA 20 Career […]

byA-Rod|12 Jun 2019|FIFA

All You Need to Know About FIFA 20

The news about the start of FIFA 20 has been flooding—fast and thick—like the rush on the field after a championship win. In this article, you will find all […]

byA-Rod|26 May 2019|FIFA

15 FIFA 19 Kits to Look Your Best

There are many intricate components within the game itself that attract gamers to FIFA 19. The gameplay is superb, the interaction is high-class, and the FIFA 19 Kits this […]

byA-Rod|15 May 2019|FIFA

Recognizing FIFA 19 Chemistry Styles

If you play FIFA 19 or any other football game online, you already know that having the best players go a long way to win a football match. However, […]

byA-Rod|05 May 2019|FIFA

8 Simple and Great FIFA 19 Skill Moves

If you want to keep your opponent wondering when you are going to attack, be unpredictable by mastering the different FIFA 19 skill moves. These skill moves will make […]

byA-Rod|11 Apr 2019|FIFA

FIFA 19 Formations to Make a Difference on the Field

Just like being on the field and directing a real-life soccer team, there can be so many different FIFA 19 Formations to choose from. Whether you are new to […]

byA-Rod|20 Mar 2019|FIFA

10 FIFA 19 Tips to Help You Win

A year is a long time in football. Over a year, you’ll see football clubs make incredible achievements. While others fail spectacularly to reach high expectations. For the newest […]

byA-Rod|03 Feb 2019|FIFA

FIFA 19 Best Young Players for Different Positions

In FIFA 19, signing a young player can turn your Career Mode team to genuine contenders from also-rans. With the right game time and tuition, the FIFA 19 Best […]

byA-Rod|03 Jan 2019|FIFA

The Champions Feature for FIFA 19 The Journey

FIFA 19 The Journey on the latest installment is the culmination of a three-year series focusing on the story of Alex Hunter. This year’s feature maintains many positive additions […]

byA-Rod|24 Dec 2018|FIFA

FIFA 19 Squad Builder in the FUT Mode

FIFA Ultimate Team™ (FUT) is the most frequently used part of the FIFA game franchise. What brings the greatest challenge and intrigue for a FIFA fan is the FIFA 19 […]

byA-Rod|11 Dec 2018|FIFA

The Entire List of FIFA 19 Stadiums

In order to provide you with an immersive and comprehensive gaming experience, more real-life venues have been added to the selection of FIFA 19 Stadiums. Featuring over 70 licensed […]

byA-Rod|27 Nov 2018|FIFA