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Best FIFA 18 Kits
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You’ve mastered the skill set, honing in on all the years you’ve been practicing on FIFA since it was released and compatible with your PC. You have your favorite team you will always scroll down to, no matter against whom you’ll be up against. Pitch conditions, weather, and stadium — whether home or away. You know the perfect game that takes mere seconds to set up, so much that your hands often do it on their own accord. However, with FIFA 18, it’s time to rethink everything.

With the improved, realistic graphics, highly personalized for each player, the breathtaking imagery of stadiums and surrounding environments, and the game’s upgrade of highly detailed and realistic action sequenced close-ups comes something even flashier than anything else surrounding the programming of the game: the kits.

After scrolling through the Best FIFA 18 Kits, you might rethink what your go-to team will be when you unwrap the game this holiday season and sift through your options.

Top 10 FIFA 18 Kits

  1. Santiago Wanderers – Home AND Away

This Chilean team in the Primera Division is causing a bit of geometrical entrancement. Not only do the different shades of green in their home and away jerseys look amazing when designed next to one another, its unique patterns are eye-catching and perfects the Santiago Wanderers look for camouflage when wandering around.

  1. Levante UD – Third Kit

Though their away is the original black and white and their away is red and blue, their third kit is the one that stands out the most. It’s the pink one and by far their best. Not only does this give all the girls playing the game a chance to represent their femininity, it also gives you an opportunity to dress your favorite players in stark pink — and who doesn’t want that?

  1. Bristol City – Away

Not only does Bristol City have a deep, rich purple for their jerseys, their shorts are highlighter green, which completes any need for an outlandish, standing out kit. These bright colors will stand out on the pitch and make you feel even more as a star as you’re playing.

  1. Tigres FC – Home AND Away

This Colombian soccer team runs away with their own name. They take advantage of their mascot, los Tigres (the tigers), and plaster one right on their jerseys. These serve quite well not only as intimidation, with the tiger’s teeth bared and mouth wide open ready to pounce, but also gets points for creativity. Their home kits are a deep navy and gold, showing off the details of the tiger, and the away kits are bright pink with the tiger faded in the background, standing out on any field.

  1. Osmanlispor – Home AND Away

The colors of both kits, white and purple, and black and gold make their team colors stand out. The Turkish team has some of the most outrageous designs for this year’s season. The design is based on their graphic logo and has gotten lots of attention thus far with the 2018 season on its way in.

  1. Manchester United – Home AND Away

Sponsored boldly by Chevrolet, these new kits, especially the grey and black ones, are not only sleek, but hold a strong attitude. The interesting fact about the kit was that it was created and produced by a fan. It was produced by the Adidas Football Creator Studio platform. This was shown in five other clubs as well (FC Bayern Munich, Real Madrid CF, Juventus, AC Milan, and Flamengo).

  1. Odense BK – Away

The Danish soccer club has their new kits released by Puma and they are definitely in the top of our decisions as our best ten kits for FIFA 2018. With two different greens, the jersey stands out in a good way. Along with their sponsorship from Carlsberg, the popular beer company, this is a surefire popular vote when it comes to FIFA 18 kits.

  1. Juventus – Away and Alternate

Straying away from their home black and white, the two jerseys for Juventus, especially the alternate army green, which is a definite crowd-winner. The green, black, black combination of alternate kits is associated in tough, earthy colors, with a sleek finish that suggests a traditional and simplistic route. This carves the soccer kits back to its original simplicity, with a nice flourish that only Jeep can do.

  1. Moreirense – Away and Home

Particularly, the away kits for this Portugal team have a different look about them. This year, geometric shapes seem to be in season. From their home kits being a checkered green to most of the other kits this year from various different teams moving in toward more of a checkered design. The away kits, however, have a twist to them. Not only are they an uncommon red-orange color, they also have a shaded, faded look to a new take on the checkered design. Instead of being the original squared, checkered pattern, these away kits are diagonally checkered.

  1. Granada CF – Away

From the strange brand name sponsoring the front of their jerseys as Energy King, these away kits are a solid black with a hint of bold, fluorescent green. These accents are basic, but are noticeable, outlining a statement for all to see. Fresh, simple, bold, and form-fitting, these uniforms take the cake.

Sometimes, there is too much of a good thing. Kits attempting to stand out too much might eventually backfire and take away from the finesse, style, and beauty of the game itself. However, a fashionable and newly designed fresh kit can do wonders to spark interest and excitement from fans and players alike for the upcoming season. Not only does this ring true in the FIFA regular season but also in the FIFA 2018 video game.

We hope our top ten kits have gotten you even more hyped for the FIFA 2018 edition. Now, you cannot only follow your favorite teams into this new edition but also become new fans of team’s.

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