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Star Trek Online Dilithium: Making Things Easy with 5 Farming Tips

Star Trek Online Dilithium
By | November 27th, 2017 | Categories: Others

What is Dilithium? In the Star Trek Universe, Dilithium is a crystalline power source that is used to regulate the warp core reactions of starships. In Star Trek Online (STO), Dilithium (“Dil”) is used as a currency to purchase everything from starships, high level or specialized weapons and armor, and other end game content, including contributions to Fleet Projects (STO’s Guilds) and the Reputation system. As the game’s endgame currency, Dil can come at a premium, being required for so many things and a chore to gain. So, today I’m going to share some tips that can make acquiring Star Trek Online Dilithium less stressful task.

Tip 1: Level Up

Starting out, acquiring Dil can be a difficult prospect and some of the best methods are level locked until level 50 and 60, so getting your character to level 50 or 60 should be your first task. Thankfully, playing through the storyline episodes provides you with a small chunk of Dil upon completion. Players of the Federation faction have it even easier as they unlock system patrols, which are short to the point missions acquired by visiting various star systems in the Alpha or Beta Quadrants that award a little bit of experience upon completion.

Tip 2: Voth/Undine Battlezones

The Solanae Dyson Sphere is a rich source of Dil for those who like to have a more active hand in their Dil farming, especially in the Voth Ground Battlezone (BZ). The Voth BZ is a territory control style “adventure zone” where players capture points, move payloads, or shut down Voth generators. What’s great about this is, the Battlezones aren’t dependant on player participation and can be played whether you have a full team, or running solo. Just fighting in the BZ earns you Dil as you complete objectives, fight bosses or complete tasks. Once you capture an area, you gain Dil and Dyson Reputation Marks that can also be spent for more Dil or even to acquire Dyson Rep items. If you get tired of the ground BZ, you can pop up to the Undine Space BZ that has a similar territory control mechanic for Dil and Counter Command Rep Marks.

Tip 3: Admiralty

The Admiralty system, added during Season Eleven, is another fantastic way to farm Dil in a semi-passive way and becomes available to players who reach level 52. The Admiralty system functions similarly to the Duty Officer (Doff) system where you assign up to three starships rather than crew members to perform tasks, and upon completion, send a report stating success or failure, along with rewards gained.

The Admiralty System has three “Campaigns” you can slot projects:

  1. Federation: focuses on Skill point rewards
  2. Klingon Empire: Dil focus
  3. Romulan Republic: crafting focus
  4. Ferengi: Trade Alliance (Dil and gold pressed latinum focus).

While all four Campaigns will offer assignments that can award Dil, the “Tour of Duty” assignments in the Klingon and Ferengi campaigns each award 30,000 Dil upon successful completion of all 10 of their tour of duty assignments. You can maximize your earnings by spending Dil, Energy Credits, and/or Fleet Credits on ships to claim the ship’s Admiralty Card (a representation of that ship to be sent on assignment). Also, taking advantage of the summer and winter events, which award ships with very rare ship cards with good stats. Also, completing all ten levels of each campaign awards a unique Epic rank ship card that can further aid in your Admiralty Dil farming.

Tip 4: Join a Fleet

Like many MMORPGs, STO has Guilds (called “Fleets”), which not only provides you access to end game content but can even get you a boost to the amount of Dil you receive while playing the game if they have their Fleet Research Lab upgraded. Fleets also have ships to buy for Fleet Credits (earned by contributing to fleet projects) and for those that can afford fleet ship modules, the coveted Tier 6 Fleet Ships. Fleets will also have access to their Dilithium mine which, combined with the public Vlugta Dilithium Mine, can net you nice amounts of Dil if you have the time and patience to play the Dilithium Mining Minigame.

Tip 5: Take Advantage of Events and the Dilithium Exchange

STO regularly throws weekend events periodically that can net you large sums of Dil upon their completion, or even give you a Dil boost during the Dilithium mining event. At the time of the article, the current event underway is the Mirror Universe Invasion event, where completion of the Raid, known as a Player vs. Everything (PvE), over 14 days will net you 50,000 Dilithium plus a few other goodies. Combine that with alternate characters and the ability to transfer refined Dilithium between them using the Dilithium Exchange will grant you access to lots of Dil. The Dilithium Exchange is a marketplace in the game that allows you to sell Dilithium for the game’s paid currency (Zen). While it can be used to transfer Refined Dilithium, Players who can buy or otherwise acquire Zen can expedite their Dilithium collection by using the Dil Exchange to purchase large amounts of Dil and thus saving time. There’s a limit to how much Dil you can refine each day. Look out for my Tips on Increasing Refinement.

Dilithium in Star Trek Online can be a hard-earned but rewarding resource to acquire. However, it’s said to find what you enjoy, and the Dilithium will come, and armed with these tips, we can make the process even more comfortable. What are some of your favorite methods for farming Dilithium? Share your tips in the comments below.

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