The Best Overwatch Skins for Every Hero

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Overwatch heroes are specialists in bringing uniqueness and personality to any player’s game-style. They are all different characters but the skins definitely add some spice to the individuality of our beloved heroes, after all, the Best Overwatch Skins are based on the hero’s personality.

4 Ways to Unlock Overwatch Skins

  1. Participating in some event involving another Blizzard game.
  2. Loot Boxes and Event Loot Boxes.
  3. Overwatch Currency.
  4. Special Events like buying a Blizzcon ticket or buying the Origins Edition or Game of the Year Edition.

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Skins Quality

Skins have rarity or quality, this has an impact when it comes to drop rate. Rarer skins have lower drop rate.

  • Blue: rare and worth 75
  • Purple: epic and worth 250
  • Orange: legendary and worth 1000

Best Overwatch Skins

Blizzard has a great attention to detail and it shows in every skin, with every tiny and special feature. So, this is my humble list for every hero in Overwatch released to date.


Ana has a lot of attitude and the skins I like the most (and I’m sure you like them too) are Ghoul and Captain Amari. The latter is great as you catch a glimpse of how she looked when she was second in command of Overwatch (and she had two eyes).


My choice here is between Overgrown and Woodbot. Even though the one from Blizzcon 2016 is great, Overgrown gives a feeling I can’t explain: it’s happy and has flowers. However, the Woodbot (or Antique) is somewhat special as it resembles a toy… or a character from Robots the movie.


Palanquin D.Va is adorable with that colorful dress and the decorated mech. On the other hand, Officer D.Va is amazing! The pistol has a whistle and the mech looks like a police vehicle! This outfit gives D.Va a great feeling of authority and sexiness.


My favorite is Leopard Doomfist, but if you’re a fan of Megaman, the Caution Doomfist is going to be of your liking thanks to its resemblance to Gutsman.

Oni Genji is one of my favorites. The skin has a lot to do with the Japanese culture as Onis are part of their mythology. They’re fearful and this sticks to Genji’s character. However, SentaiGenji is a Super Sentai: that’s awesome and you know it!


OkamiHanzo (and Lone Wolf) makes a reference to a great god (being “kami” a word for god) but it also refers to “wolf” when it’s written in another kanji -狼-. It’s no surprise to see Hanzo wearing a wolf fur since it shows a strong and independent character.


Dr. JunkensteinJunkrat is one of my favorite and I’m sure it’s one of the best Overwatch skins EVER. The steampunk vibe and the wickedness of a crazy scientist combine perfectly to create a spooky and amazing character skin.


My favorite is Ribbit, with more futuristic and stylized legs and clothing, the toad head is simply funny, fitting perfectly Lúcio’s character. Jazzy Lúcio is more steampunk but the best feature of this skin is the MUSIC, it changes to a more jazzy style!


I’m going to go definitely with Vigilante and Gambler, they both are colorful and evoke past times! The antique look of the weapons is great and the mustache or the latter? Marvelous!


Even though Mei is commonly hated thanks to her “toxic” play-style, she’s terribly cute and it shows in her skins. I love Chang’e because it’s an “out of work” Mei just having fun, followed by Yeti Hunter and Jiangshi Mei. I just love these! Did you notice the knife in the Yeti Hunter weapon?


Without hesitation: Witch Mercy. It’s just the best. The book, the hat, the pointy boots and the broom!!! On the other hand, just the opposite: Winged Victory Mercy with that angelical and greek style that nicely suited the Summer Games.


Moira is Overwatch’s new hero and doesn’t have many skins but the best Moira skin FOR ME is Moon (and Glam) which are clearly a tribute to David Bowie! However, the classic Moira is great as well!


The Null Sector Orisa is a must here, thanks to its resemblance to the bots used in the King’s Row Uprising. However, my favorite is Megasoma Orisa, it almost looks like a Pokémon to me and I love that.


The MechaQueenPharah is my favorite option here. It’s similar to a mecha suits her perfectly. I mean, if Pharah was in an anime, she would totally be a mecha pilot!


Pumpkin Reaper is without any doubt one of the best Overwatch skins, and definitely Reaper’s finest. The pumpkin head replaces the characteristic mask he wears with something no less creepy. The scary look on his face and the details of the weapons make this an amazing skin.


I’m going with Balderich. This was the armor wore by Balderich Von Adler just before dying at the Battle of Eichenwalde. He clearly meant a lot to Reinhardt as we see it in the short “Honor and Glory.” Of course, the armor is not as shiny as it was because many years have passed but the sentiment is still there.


This character is creepy, he definitely looks like he’s the villain in someone’s nightmares. To me, Junkenstein’s Monster is the best, followed by Bajie, which shows a scary and deadly hook and a horrendous pig mask.

Soldier: 76

Strike Commander Morrison blows every other Soldier: 76 skin. As with Captain Amari, we can see how he looked when he commanded Overwatch after the Omnic Crisis. It features a beautiful blonde hair and a blue outfit.

Cyberspace (
and Augmented) is my choice here. It’s bold, techie, different, and it suits Sombra’s character. That long braided hair totally does the trick for me.


Halloween 2017 brought to us the best Symmetra skin ever and one of the finest in the game: Dragon. It would be a nice contender in the reality show Face Off as it seems like her skin is painted and the features are just great! And the weapon? A masterpiece. However, before Dragon’s arrival, Oasis had my heart with that futuristic outfit.


To me, all the legendary skins of Torbjörn are worthy enough to be called “the best.” The thing is, it depends on the player’s taste. They are so, so different they make this decision biased and subjective. They have different weapons: hammers (and a Thor-like one), wrenches and even nutsetters. Nevertheless, I’m going with Viking.


I’m going with Track And Field for its unquestionable British cheerfulness and being someone who runs a lot, it totally fits her personality. Graffiti Tracer is great too, she’ll never be caught doing some street art, mate!


The Noire Widowmaker is her most sci-fi and best-styled skin. With that black and red costume and the cable dreadlocks with pointy ends put this one on the top 5 skins. For a little bit of fan-service, we also got a Côte D’Azur Widowmaker with a nice blue swimsuit, fashionable sunglasses, and some sexy tattoos.


Without any doubt: Yeti Winston. The uniqueness of this skin is what makes it best. We can see a mythological beast with a handcrafted weapon and a skull-made jetpack that brand awesomeness in these accents. A remarkable article? The glasses.


The best Zarya skin is not released yet… I’m talking about Barbarian Zarya, the one announced in Blizzcon 2017. It’s just like she’s been dragged out of Diablo III. The style and the personality of Diablo’s playable character combine harmonically with Zarya’s fashion.

I’m between Nutcracker and Cultist; a difficult decision that comes down to one thing: the player’s type. For me, it would be the Nutcracker but take a Cthulhu fan and he will choose the Lovecraftian Cultist without hesitating.

Unlocking the Skins

I also prepared an article talking about the seasonal events where players can get the skins. For the non-seasonal skins, they can be looted from loot boxes or purchased with Overwatch currency, so stay tuned.

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