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Flamer and salty, Karen is the Rage Queen. She is most known for writing hysterical, comical and furiously happy blog posts. Gamer since she has memory, geek by heart, manga lover and anime fan. She mains a paladin in the Alliance but tends to play in the Horde a lot.

Written by Kary Ragenroll

Strap Up with the Best Weapons in Fornite

When we’re playing Fortnite, getting the highest rarity weapons doesn’t always mean it’s the best we can get. Let me explain this with a nice example: if we have to choose between a legendary semi-automatic sniper (golden) and a rare bolt-action sniper (blue), in any situation the latter one [...]

by Kary Ragenroll|13 Mar 2018||Fortnite

The Best Warframe Class for 4 Categories

Warframe is the type of game where you go on missions, shoot things and get loot. This opens up to some preconceptions for the people that first start to play the game. Most games like this have what we call “Class” (Classes) which is basically a type of character [...]

by Kary Ragenroll|12 Mar 2018||Warframe

The Rundown of Warframe Nightmare Mods

The Warframe Nightmare Mods are very peculiar and they are different from the others because they have dual stats. This means they bring double benefit, although they usually have stats that other mods bring in greater quantity, the science behind these is to getthe extra benefit on certain weapons [...]

by Kary Ragenroll|27 Feb 2018||Warframe

Overwatch Pharah Skins for a Beloved Hero

Although Pharah fits in Tier 4 of the Overwatch Meta for almost all competitive levels, she’s still a beloved hero even when she’s hard to play. Pharah’s maneuvers and attacks may seem complex but fun for the new players and she’s definitely lethal when it comes to using her [...]

by Kary Ragenroll|22 Feb 2018||E-Sports

Warframe Farming Credits are Here to Stay

In Warframe, there are many currencies and each and every one of them has a specific use. The most common of them all is the “credit” and it’s, therefore, the easier to get. In every mission completed by the player, he will be awarded credits among other things. Farming [...]

by Kary Ragenroll|12 Feb 2018||Warframe

Light it Up for the WoW Lunar Festival

The WoW Lunar Festival, which coincides with the Lunar (Chinese) New Year – is a wonderful event where people from Azeroth reunite to celebrate and commemorate the victory against the Burning Legion by the hands of the night elves, tauren, furlbogs and earthen, a battle that was called the [...]

Patch Notes Overwatch Killed Mercy & Huge Nerfs

If you play Overwatch constantly, you are probably aware of the supremacy of Mercy and her absurd pick and win rates. Well, in the last Patch Notes Overwatch, it launched on January 30th, the super mercy ended! The Overwatch PTR didn’t prepare us enough for this. The [...]

by Kary Ragenroll|06 Feb 2018||E-Sports

Exploring the Drones & Warframe Best Sentinel

Be it on the surface of our own home planet, or on the furthest corners of the Solar System, it is always dangerous to go alone. Most multiplayer games have companions that will accompany you on your journey and Warframe has their own set of these. Companions in [...]

by Kary Ragenroll|31 Jan 2018||Warframe

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