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Flamer and salty, Karen is the Rage Queen. She is most known for writing hysterical, comical and furiously happy blog posts. Gamer since she has memory, geek by heart, manga lover and anime fan. She mains a paladin in the Alliance but tends to play in the Horde a lot.

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Light it Up for the WoW Lunar Festival

The WoW Lunar Festival, which coincides with the Lunar (Chinese) New Year – is a wonderful event where people from Azeroth reunite to celebrate and commemorate the victory against the Burning Legion by the hands of the night elves, tauren, furlbogs and earthen, a battle that was called the [...]

by Kary Ragenroll|07 Feb 2018|  0 |WOW

Patch Notes Overwatch Killed Mercy & Huge Nerfs

If you play Overwatch constantly, you are probably aware of the supremacy of Mercy and her absurd pick and win rates. Well, in the last Patch Notes Overwatch, it launched on January 30th, the super mercy ended! The Overwatch PTR didn’t prepare us enough for this. The [...]

by Kary Ragenroll|06 Feb 2018|  0 |E-Sports

Exploring the Drones & Warframe Best Sentinel

Be it on the surface of our own home planet, or on the furthest corners of the Solar System, it is always dangerous to go alone. Most multiplayer games have companions that will accompany you on your journey and Warframe has their own set of these. Companions in [...]

by Kary Ragenroll|31 Jan 2018|  0 |Warframe

Knuckle Up in How to Get Ivara Warframe

Ivara is perhaps the stealthiest warframe of the game. Ivara is a warframe for the end-game because you have to be high level to collect the parts (unless you want to pay real money for her). She has many abilities like turning herself and her allies invisible (with [...]

by Kary Ragenroll|25 Jan 2018|  0 |Warframe

The Best Mice for Overwatch Used By the Pros

Choosing a mouse is an important matter to every gamer, even more, if we’re talking about Overwatch and other shooters. What we look for in a mouse is for it to be precise, comfortable, easy to slide across the mousepad and customizable extra buttons. I’ve come with a [...]

by Kary Ragenroll|10 Jan 2018|  0 |E-Sports

The Best Overwatch Team Comp for Season 7

In this article, I’m going to talk about the Best Overwatch Team Comp that dominates the metagame (or the best way to win). The following information is used to explain the impact each hero has on team composition on each competitive tier. The pick rate is the frequency [...]

by Kary Ragenroll|03 Jan 2018|  0 |E-Sports

WoW: The Best PvP Classes

Player versus player content (PvP) is perhaps the most thrilling thing you can do when you play World of Warcraft. The racing heart, the adrenaline and both the joy and frustration of wins and losses are just some of the perks that come with players battling against each [...]

by Kary Ragenroll|31 Dec 2017|  0 |WOW

Best Overwatch Settings for Competitive Performance

Playing Overwatch does not only require you to have decent aiming skills, it also requires a decent computer… However, you can increase Overwatch’s performance and FPS while reducing input lag just by optimizing the game’s settings (and some computer settings). Let’s start with the requirements to play Overwatch. [...]

by Kary Ragenroll|30 Dec 2017|  0 |E-Sports