The Rundown of Warframe Nightmare Mods

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The Warframe Nightmare Mods are very peculiar and they are different from the others because they have dual stats. This means they bring double benefit, although they usually have stats that other mods bring in greater quantity, the science behind these is to getthe extra benefit on certain weapons and Warframes in which they might fit perfectly. For example, Barrel Diffusion (120% Multishot) or Gunslinger (72% Fire Rate); these mods give more benefits by themselves as normal mods but Lethal Torrent (Nightmare Mod) provides both Multishot and Fire Rate even when they are a bit weaker.

How to get Nightmare Mods completing Challenges

To get these mods you must complete Nightmare Missions. This game mode is a challenge because players must complete the mission whilst missing something important or have different difficulties. Amongst these challenges you will find the following:

Vampire Mode

Tennos’ lives will be reduced in 1.5% of their maximum HP every second. Enemies’ deaths, including Infested Runners exploding, will recover 15% health to the entire Tenno team. It’s recommended to take warframes with the great area of effect abilities to hit many targets at once. Ember and Equinox are really good for this mode.

Timer Mode

In this mode players have to beat the clock, they have five minutes to complete the mission. Eliminating enemies awards extra time. It’s better to play this mode with quick warframes, such as Volt and Nezha, they are fast and they’ll help you complete this mission in no time.

Energy Drain Mode

Warframes’ energy will be gradually reduced. It’s a good idea to take Trinity as support to provide energy for the team.

No Shield Mode

As hinted by the name of the mode, players can’t use their shields, making any damage enter directly into their health bar. This is one of the hardest modes because warframes are kind of weak when it comes to having zero protection. It’s useful to take support warframes like Trinity or tanks like Rhino, Inaros, and Valkyr. Another option would be to use Loki and make use of its invisibility to evade enemies.

Low Gravity Mode

The scenario’s gravity will be at 50% of its normal value, changing physics a bit. Jumps are slower and the movement speed will make you feel like a turtle. This game mud is really fun because the environmental change does not only affect players but also enemies and items too!

High-Level Enemies Mode

As the name implies, the spawning enemies are going to be much higher level than the player, it’s a dangerous mode and you have to proceed with caution. It’s good to take warframes with nice CC (Crowd Control) such as Rhino and Nyx.

Enemy Damage Buff Mode

Enemies are going to deal much more damage than normal. It would be good to choose tanky warframes or those that have great CC abilities to make it easier for the Tenno.

Longer Reload Mode

The reload speed of weapons will be dramatically affected and will take more time than normal. However, here’s the trick: Volt is capable of accelerating its recharge speed with its acceleration abilities so this penalty won’t be as much as a nuisance when it comes to taking on this challenge.

But, where can I find Nightmare Missions and get the Mods?

Each planet has a specific node that will provide a mission in Nightmare Mode for you to complete. Every eight hours the mission will change. These missions are a treasure because not only they can benefit the player with equipment but the items can also be sold for Platinum. The following is a list of the Nightmare Missions and the mods they reward.

Planets and Nightmare Mods Reward

Earth, Mars, Venus, and Mercury have missions in Nightmare Mode in easy difficulty, so the challenges are not really hard. In these planets you may find the following mods:

  • Ice Storm +40% Magazine Capacity +40% Cold
  • Stunning Speed +40% Reload speed +10% Status chance
  • Hammer Shot +60% Critical Damage +40% Status Chance
  • Wild Fire +20% Magazine Capacity +60 Heat
  • Accelerated Blast +60% Fire Rate +60% Puncture
  • Blaze +60% Damage +60% Heat
  • Chilling Reload +60% Cold +40% Reload speed

Jupiter, Ceres, Phobos, Saturn, The Void, and Europa have medium difficulty Nightmare Mode missions and you can find the following mods:

  • Drifting Contact increase combo duration by +10 secs +40% Status chance
  • Seeking Fury +15% Reload Speed +1.2 Punch Through
  • Armored Agility +15 sprint Speed +45% Armor
  • Shred +30% Fire Rate (x2 for bows) +1.2 Punch Through
  • Rending Strike +60% Slash +80% Puncture
  • Fortitude +20% Chance to resist knockdown +80% Shield Recharge

Sedna, Pluto, Neptune, Lua, Uranus, and Eris, these are the places where the missions are the hardest and as a reward, you may get the following:

  • Streamlined Form+60% Holster Rate +15% Slide -15% Friction
  • Animal Instinct +30 Loot Radar +18 Enemy Radar
  • Vigor +120 Shield Capacity +120 Health
  • Lethal Torrent +60 Fire Rate +60% Multishot
  • Focus Energy +40 Channeling Efficiency +60% Electricity
  • Constitution +40% Knockdown Recovery +28% Ability duration

In Conclusion

These mods are treasured and useful, some more than others. Mods like Drifting Contact, Hammer Shot, and Lethal Torrent are highly valued in the Trade Chat and they are bought for Platinum. If you have these mods you may consider to sell them for the most expensive currency of the game.

It’s definitely worth to complete the Nightmare Missions and try to beat them alone or with friends. Not only you challenge yourself but also the tons of fun and rewards you’re going to get. Bring your friends, prepare your warframes and get ready for the Nightmare, Tenno.

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