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Escape from Tarkov has its fair share of unbreakable closed doors that need a specific key to get in. We made this Escape from Tarkov Keys guide to make your search for them easier, both regarding places where the keys can be used and found. Regarding key locations, you can find them almost anywhere, from dead scavs to different places on the individual maps. If there is a fixed position where the key spawns, they will be listed. Some of these places are also questing locations. The loot in the rooms may be consistent in some cases while it is random in other cases. In many rooms, there is money littered all over them.

Please bear in mind that this guide is subject to changes due to the game development. More keys are being added as new content is introduced to the game.

Where are the Tarkov Keys in the Customs map?

  • Customs Key: Opens the top floor office in the red building close to spawn. There is a safe, three lootable computers, coats, and a duffle bag. Quest location.
  • Car Key: Key that opens the trunk of the white car near the dorms with a grenade crate inside.
  • Cabin Key: This one unlocks the trailer inside of bus depot. There are loose loot and some money.
  • Cabin Key (trailer park): Opens the cabin near offline spawn. Currently only loot there is a coat. Quest location.
  • Cabinet Key: This one opens the gas station office door with a safe, occasionally a pistol under the desk, money on the ground. Random loose loot on the shelves.
  • Black Handle: Just like the cabinet key, this one opens the gas station office door.
  • Black Handle (portable cabin key): Unlocks the office trailer for construction on the second level. There is a weapons crate and money. Quest location. Key location: Locked room Factory under the coats.
  • Unknown Key: This opens the trailer in front of ICE. A quest location. Key location: Dead scav in the bushes behind the truck.
  • Factory Key: The key you should always have with you, it opens the shortcut. There are a green crate and a filing cabinet within the checkpoint. Very rarely a grenade spawns on the table. Key location: Office of three-story in Customs, glass warehouse in Customs (inside the blue locker or at the dead scav).
  • Checkpoint Key: Opens the building at the UN Checkpoint at the far end of Customs. Contains ammunition crates, grenade crate and weapons rack that spawns weapons with a high frequency. Key location: Glass warehouse near the dead scav.
  • Machinery Key: This opens the fuel truck’s cabin inside Customs construction area. Quest location. Key location: Room 205 in three-story, search the jacket.
  • Medical Storage Key: This one opens the medical storage room in the gas station next to the office and medical items. Key location: under the desk in the gas station office.

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How about the keys for the 2-story dorms?

  • Dorm Guard Desk: Key for the security room in the lobby of a two-story. Two ammo crates, a weapon crate, a weapon rack, and a possible key spawn in a key locker. Key location: Dead scav in the first floor two-story bathroom.
  • Room 104: There are two jackets on the wall and a toolbox on the ground. Key location: Dorm Guard Desk room, inside the key locker.
  • Room 105: There is a safe and loose loot on the ground, some money.
  • Room 110: There is a safe and some loose loot on the floor as well as money. Sometimes a random spawn on the bed.
  • Room 114: Contains a lootable safe, computer and a medical crate. Quest location. Key location: The trunk of the car near the UN Checkpoint.

Which keys are for the 3-story dorms?

  • Room 108: The Pussy Room: There is a graffiti of the cat on the wall (hence the name of the room). Contains a filing cabinet and a lootable computer.
  • Room 118: Coats, loose loot on furniture, littered money.
  • Room 203: Contains a duffle. Another quest location. Key location: Room 214, in the red mug.
  • Room 204: A locker with some random loot on the ground.
  • Room 214: Usually contains high-grade ammo as well as a safe. Quest location. Check the red mug for the key for room 203.
  • Room 218: AKA “The Weapon Room.” High chance for a weapon spawn near the bed or some weapon parts or attachments.
  • Room 220: Here you can find a duffle, loose loot, littered money, and coats. Possibility to find thekey ZB-014 on the desk. Another quest location.
  • Room 303: AKA “The Murder Room.” Contains a green crate and a chance of a weapon spawn on the desk. Quest location.
  • Room 306: Random loose loot.
  • Room 308: Also known as the “The Money Room,” with dollars, euros, and rubles strewn around.
  • Room 314: AKA “The Ritual Room” Money on the floor, random loot, possible weapon spawns. Also, there’s a chance to get a rare item.
  • Room 315: Possible pistol spawn location and random loose loot.

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Where are the key locations on the Shoreline map for the Health Resort?

Health Resort West Wing

  • Office 104 West Wing: High chance to get good medical supplies. Key location: A locker in the shed near the power station.
  • Office 112 West Wing: Contains two duffels and random loose loot. Key location: On the bus in the middle of the bus station.
  • West Wing 216: Contains weapon boxes and crates, as well as a grenade crate and a potential weapon spawn. There is also a chance of a rare item spawning here. Key location: Desk on the second floor of the Health Resort.
  • West Wing 218, 221 and 222: Contains a lot of decent loot including two gun lockers and two weapon spawn points, a weapon box, duffle, green crate, random loot, money, and a medical bag. Chance of getting some rare ammunition. When entering the room 218 proceed to the balcony and get access to rooms 221 and 222 that way. Key location: Chair next to the blue bathroom stall on the beach.
  • West Wing 219: Contains a weapon box and a locker, rare ammunition and random loose loot. Key locations: In the lighthouse on a broken box or in the SUV close to the harbor office.
  • West Wing 220: There are two weapon boxes to be found here, a green crate, and random loose loot. Sometimes spawns Grizzly first aid kits. Also potential for a rare item. Key location: Key locker in the back room of the unlocked Estate.
  • West Wing 301: Contains a weapon box, a green crate, a couple of lootable computers, scattered money, and random loose loot. Key location: On a seat on the bus near the wrecked tunnel.
  • West Wing 306: Inside the room are two dead scavs, a med bag, some loose loot. A weapon may spawn on the bed.
  • 321 Safe Key: This is the key to the safe in west wing Room 321. Key location:  Locker in the radio tower.

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Health Resort East

  • Office 107 East Wing: There is a medical crate and a medical bag, a duffle, scattered money, and random loose loot. Key location: Spawns on a chair in the auditorium.
  • East Wing 206: Contains three weapon boxes and a weapon rack, a duffle, a med bag, loose medical items. There is a weapon locker on the balcony. Also a chance of a rare item spawn. You can enter room 205 via the balcony. Key location: SUV on the road to the harbor office.
  • East Wing 218 & 221: Contains a weapon box, two gun lockers, a medical bag, a duffle, a green crate, and random loose loot. Also, a potential weapon spawn point.
  • East Wing 222 & 226: Contains two weapon boxes, a gun locker, a weapon rack, a grenade crate, and a toolbox. A rare item can spawn as well as two weapons. Key location: Key to the room 222 spawns is the room on the left in the power station. Key for the room 226 can be found on Scav Island on the workbench with the outboard motor.
  • East Wing 301: There is a weapon box, a green crate. The possibility of a weapon spawn.
  • East Wing 306 & 308: Contains two weapon crates, four lootable computers, loose loot. The possibility of a weapon spawn. In 308 there is a medical crate, random loose loot, a weapon rack, and another possible weapon spawn. Key location: Customs Office safe room.
  • East Wing 310: High-quality random loot and a chance of a rare item spawn. Key location: Bus near Customs building.
  • East Wing 314: Scattered money, loose loot, and several weapon boxes. Key location: Checkpoint building in the woods.
  • East Wing 316: Two-weapon boxes, a potential weapon and attachment spawn point.
  • East Wing 328: There is a lootable computer, a duffle, and loose loot. Also, a potential attachment spawn point. Key location: The key spawns on Scav Island on the workbench with the outboard motor.

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How about the key locations for Quest keys?

  • Unknown Key – The Extortionist: Find the hidden valuable cargo. Key opens the white cabin in front of wallet spawn. Skier reputation quest. Key location: Dead scav in the bushes behind the truck.
  • Cabin Key (trailer park) – Golden Swag: The key opens the cabin close to the offline spawn. Skier reputation. You can find the key as a random drop.
  • Room 303 – Golden Swag: The key can be looted from random scavs. Leave the golden lighter in the trailer. Skier reputation.
  • Room 220 – Chemical (Part 2): Find the sealed letter and flash drive. Skier reputation.
  • Machinery Key – Checking: This key is used on the fuel truck inside Customs construction area. Pick up the bronze pocket watch from the truck cabin’s floor. Prapor reputation. Key location: Room 205 in three-story, search the coat.
  • Customs Key – Delivery from the Past: Find the secure case in Tarcone director’s office under the desk. Prapor reputation.
  • Key (black handle: portable cabin key) – Bad Rep Evidence: The key to the office trailer in the Customs construction area. Grab the secure folder 0031 from the bunkhouse at the customs. Prapor reputation. Key location: Room in Factory under the coats.
  • ZB-014 – Ice Cream Cones: Find the bunker nearest to the exit, loot 60 round mags and deliver them. Alternatively, buy them. Prapor reputation. Key location: Room 220 in Customs.
  • Room 214 – Shaking Up Teller: Find a bank case in room 203. Prapor reputation. Key location: Key 203 is in the red mug in room 214.
  • Room 206 – Therapist’s quest: Operation Aquarius: Find hidden water in the dorm. The key is a random drop from scavs. Therapist reputation.
  • Room 114 – Pharmacist: Find the briefcase and documents under the bed, hand them over. Key is a random drop from scavs.
  • Sanatorium Key – Spa Tour (Part 5): Find the key from the locked resort rooms. Peacekeeper reputation. Key location: Look for the bunker near Rock Passage extraction point, on the platform in the back, lying on the chair on the left side.

Which keys are for the Woods map?

  • ZB-014 Key: Opens the room inside the bunker closest to the exit. This room has a weapon locker, crate, and loose loot. Quest location. Key location: Room 220 in Customs.
  • Yotota: This one opens the pickup at lumber yard parked next to the three huts. Random loose loot.


We hope this Escape from Tarkov Keys guide helped you through. Stay tuned for future articles!

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