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Pushing the Limits: Escape from Tarkov Factory Map

Escape from Tarkov Factory Map
By | July 24th, 2018 | Categories: Escape from Tarkov

There is more than one reason why the Escape from Tarkov Factory Map is one of the favorites with the player base of this magnificent, albeit unfinished survival shooter. Next to the compelling story, realistic setting and great love for the details there is also a hard-core gameplay that leaves players constantly wishing to push the limits of their progress.

Why is the Escape from Tarkov Factory Map so popular?

First off, it is a much smaller, more compact map than the rest of the maps, providing the many players that closed combat space feel they are familiar with from other special FPS games, such as Counterstrike. Second, it provides people with a very quick action, since the very compact nature of the map that brings them all together much faster than that is the case with the rest of Escape from Tarkov maps where it can take quite a while to players actually engage in combat due to the sheer size of the maps in question. The third and final reason might be somewhat curious for the most people who don’t play EFT, which is the metagame of blitz runs on this map. We are talking about the quick “get in and get out” play style that has become a part of this game, where players spawn with very little or no gear and weapons at all, simply run in to get the crates and immediately run out with the loot.

What are the most important things about the map?

Factory map has several important features that a player needs to keep in mind so that his or her progress will not be stifled. Before everything, the players need to be aware of the fact that this map, although it is a fairly small one, is very complicated in its build and recommended play style. It has five actual levels on which the action is spread on. These are the underground, first floor, second floor, third floor, and rafters. It is important to come to terms of them and memorize all the important locations such as spawn locations and loot locations. However, one of the most important issues in the gameplay itself is the so-called callout locations.

How about custom callout locations in the game?

In every game where there is a multitude of players attempting to communicate with each other, there is a need for a common language, a mutually agreed upon way to relay information. More often than not this information needs to be communicated quickly and precisely due to the high action speed of the game; you may have seconds only to alert your comrades to the incoming threat before the heat is on! Not surprisingly so many games, especially the military-themed shooters see their player base adopt a specific lingo that imitates the military in one way or another. The enemy sightings will not be called out as “next to us,” “left” or “behind us” along with “kinda far” or “fairly close,” and the players will use bearings in degrees, the four cardinal directions (North, East, South, West) along with a specific measurement unit (100 meters).

However, in the close confines of the Escape from Tarkov factory map and the need to know the precise position of the enemy the four cardinal directions make just as little sense as the “left” or “right” callouts. However, there are other callouts, once that is based on the nature of the very building itself, and they work much better. These are custom callout locations from the factory map, and they are map specific.

However, there is one important issue at hand; the developers themselves have not created these callouts, so this was left to the community itself.

How were the custom callouts created?

The custom callouts emerged gradually, through a long process of adaptation and assimilation inside the player base. Specific spawn locations, loot locations, and paths got their own designations, and as the specific language speaking group formed, they also formed the custom callouts for specific locations. Initially, there was a lot of arguments and misunderstanding about where something was and how it was supposed to be called properly, but in time the official map received a number of custom callouts that are now simply a valid and important part of the game.

It took time before people settled in to call specific points on the factory map in the way that finally settled in, and some locations still have several names clinging to them. There are so-called generators in the ground floor that are also regularly referred to as “silos”, “horizontal tanks”, “tanks” or even “boilers”, but usually, most of the other places have one single designation.

There are several random spawn locations on this map, but not all of them are convenient for the player – one of these deadly spawn locations has long since been called “Death Box Spawn” in case the new players don’t get the hint. The Red Light Spawn is also very dangerous since the player can be attacked from several sides at once, but luckily there are more ways than one to escape that location.

Show me the loot!

Finally, there is the loot, the main reason why we enter this place which is as dangerous as it is fun and compelling. Many spawn locations will bring the players extremely close to the loot, so that the blitz tactic of storming the place (either unarmed or just partially geared up), grabbing the loot and dashing for the extraction point is, in fact, a very promising strategy. The Escape from Tarkov factory map promises players quick action and potentially easy, high-quality loot so that it is understandable why the map is so popular. The game, however, is still a subject to the ongoing development and adjustments so that it is very likely that a number of existing features and gameplay elements might be changed in one way or another; what remains clear is that this map will still be among the favorite ones for the entire player base.

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