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story telling

How do Games Tell a Story?

Stories drive games. It gives the player a purpose, direction, and something to do in the game. Every game, no matter how simple, has a story. Even games like […]

byGallinule|30 Jun 2022|Others

Why Are Games So Boring Now

Why Are Games Boring Now?

Picture this: you’ve finished the game’s story mode and done all the sidequests. All characters are geared up. The ‘endgame’ activity won’t reset for a few more days. You’ve […]

byGallinule|19 Jun 2022|Others

Eastern vs Western Games

Eastern vs. Western Games

Today, we’ll be comparing the different game philosophies between the two halves of the world. All gamers want to have fun, but they may have different definitions of fun […]

byGallinule|12 Jun 2022|Others


Why Does Everyone Play DPS in MMOs?

WoW players have been complaining of long queues. Lost Ark players have to wait for support characters to join them. This is common across all MMOs and servers, so […]

byGallinule|09 Jun 2022|MMORPG

Genshin Ayaka

Ayato’s Story and How He Got His Vision

The elusive sibling of Ayaka is finally here! Kamisato Ayato in Ayaka is a strong unit that can fill the support and main DPS roles. Here are some suggestions […]

Fall of EA Games

The Fall of EA Games

I have fond memories of EA Games, starting with The Sims. My siblings would play Red Alert while I watched. Then they moved on to Need for Speed, SimCity, […]

byGallinule|12 May 2022|Others

How to Enjoy Games

Sick of Gaming? How to Enjoy Video Games Again.

You might be wondering why such an article exists. While burnout is a common phenomenon for employees and sports athletes (yes, even e-Sport athletes), gamers can have it too. […]

byGallinule|13 Mar 2022|Others


The Demise of Feature-Complete Games

Gaming used to be a lot more straightforward. You go to a shop, buy the game, install it on the PC (or insert the disc or cartridge on the […]

byGallinule|03 Mar 2022|Others

Best Games to Play 2022

Best Games to Play for the Story in 2022

Some people play games because they like to increase their levels or grind the perfect build, while others would just leisurely enjoy the campaign. The former is more likely […]

byGallinule|27 Feb 2022|Others


Genshin Impact Lore: Enkanomiya

What is Enkanomiya? Ever since the release of Watatsumi Island in Genshin Impact, we’ve been hit with hints of a civilization that lived deep beneath the sea (think Atlantis). […]

Yae Miko Lore

Genshin Impact: Yae Miko’s Lore and How She Got Her Vision

Yae Miko’s Story (as Told by Her) Oh, you want to know more about me. Well, I can certainly indulge you for a while, though it wouldn’t be for […]

Valentines Day Games

The Most Romantic Games to Play this Valentine’s Day

By Yourself on Valentine’s Day? These are the Most Romantic Games to Try. Whether you’re single or not, you can still celebrate Valentine’s Day, the weekend, or the whole […]

byGallinule|15 Feb 2022|Others

hard games

What Makes a Good Game?

The Characteristics of a Good Video Game Hades. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It Takes Two. Resident Evil Village. Ghost of Tsushima. The Last of Us […]

byGallinule|14 Feb 2022|Others

yun jin

Genshin Impact: Yun Jin Lore and How She Got Her Vision

Genshin Impact: Yun Jin’s Story and How She Got Her Vision Name: Yun Jin (that’s her whole name, with Yun as her surname and Jin as her first name) […]

Indie vs AAA Games

Games With Heart Versus Commercial Franchises There’s a recent trend in gaming, where players seem to prefer indie games over AAA games published by big-name companies. Anthem was a […]

byGallinule|07 Feb 2022|Others

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