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Genshin Best Healer
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Back in 2022, I wrote this article. However, there have been new additions after almost a year, and it was too subjective. To revisit the topic, here’s a more objective assessment of all the healers in Genshin Impact’s capabilities within preset parameters. With this, the best healer in Genshin Impact should be more obvious.

The Parameters

Healing is calculated by (((the ability percent multiplier of stat + level-variable constant) x Healing Bonus) x Incoming Healing Bonus). It looks complicated, but we’ll do away with the Healing Bonuses for the comparison. That results in the base calculation, also listed in the Skill Attribute page on the character’s Talent menu.

Now, different healers have different stat bases:


  • Sangonomiya Kokomi
  • Baizhu
  • Bennett
  • Mika
  • Diona
  • Dori
  • Kuki Shinobu
  • Yaoyao
  • Barbara


  • Jean
  • Qiqi
  • Sayu


  • Noelle

Multipliers differ depending on the stat. Since HP comes in more significant amounts, they have smaller percentages than healers with ATK or DEF scaling. I’ve decided on these values: 40,000 HP, 2,000 ATK, and 2,000 DEF for calculations. The reason is that these values are easily obtainable even at character level 70 if you use triple HP%, ATK%, or DEF% artifacts. Otherwise, the following sets can help achieve those values:

  • Tenacity of the Millelith (HP)
  • Vourukasha’s Glow (HP)
  • Gladiator’s Finale (ATK)
  • Shimenawa’s Reminiscence (ATK)
  • Echoes of an Offering (ATK)
  • Vermillion Hereafter (ATK)
  • Husk of Opulent Dreams (DEF)
  • Guardian’s Will (DEF)

Then, we’ll take the values of the ability’s level 10 attribute scaling. Afterward, the healing has to be categorized as single-target (on-field character only) or multiple (party-wide). The latter adds an x4 multiplier since it heals everyone in the party. This also supposes that the mode is single-player, as single-target healing becomes multiple in co-op, depending on the ability. Then we add all those up to see the character’s potential for recovery.

In summary, the calculation becomes Base values (as written in the Skill Attribute page) if single-target, x4 if multiple. There are a few other considerations, but I’ll handle those when they come. Constellations aren’t included in the calculations, which means characters who can heal after receiving specific upgrades aren’t included.

The Calculations

Let’s go by the order they were listed above.

Sangonomiya Kokomi

Kurage’s Oath (Lvl. 10): 40,000(0.0792) + 932 = 4,100 HP

One instance of the above provides about seven healing ticks, resulting in 28,700 HP recovered.

Nereid’s Ascension (Lvl. 10): 40,000(0.0145) + 169 = 749 HP (per hit, rounded down)

Kokomi can make around five cycles of her 3-hit combo in one ten-second duration of the Burst. Assuming all those hit one target, that’s 15 hits, meaning 11,235 HP. However, this heals the party, so multiplying it by four equals 44,940 HP.

Total Healing (Skill+Burst): 73,640 HP


Universal Diagnosis (Lvl. 10): 40,000(0.144) + 1,695 = 7,455 HP

This is a one-time healing for every use of the Skill, but it’s party-wide, so the total is 29,820 HP.

Holistic Revivification (Lvl. 10): 40,000(0.0936) + 1,102 = 4,846 HP

The Burst’s mechanic is to heal when the shield breaks. Even if you don’t do anything, it breaks and regenerates itself every 2.5 seconds, and the duration of the Burst is 14 seconds. That means it breaks around six times, meaning it heals 29,076 HP (without enemies). It could be more during a fight. This also only heals the on-field character.

Total Healing: 58,896 HP


Fantastic Voyage (Lvl. 10): 40,000(0.108) + 1270 = 5,590 HP per second

It lasts 12 seconds, so his total healing potential (because he stops healing at 70% HP) is 67,080 HP.


Skyfeather Song (Lvl. 10) has two instances of healing.

On Cast: 40,000(0.219) + 2579 = 11,339 HP

This is party-wide, so the total is 45,356 HP.

Eagleplume Healing: 40,000(0.0438) + 515 = 2,267 HP

Eagleplume’s duration is 15s, and the healing interval is 2.5 seconds. In an ideal setting, that’s six recovery instances, totaling 13,602 HP for the on-field character.

Total Healing: 58,958 HP


Signature Mix (Lvl. 10): 40,000(0.096) + 1,129 = 4,969 HP

In a 12-second duration, the Burst provides healing six times, resulting in 29,814 HP recovered for the on-field character.


Alcazarzaray’s Exactitude (Lvl. 10): 40,000(0.1201) + 1,412 = 6,216 HP

Healing occurs every two seconds, and the Burst lasts for 12, so that’s six instances, equaling 37,296 HP for one target.

Kuki Shinobu

Sanctifying Ring (Lvl. 10): 40,000(0.054) + 636 = 2,796 HP

The interval is 1.5 seconds, so in its 12-second duration, there should be eight recovery instances. The total is 22,368 HP recovered for the on-field character.


Raphanus Sky Cluster (Lvl. 10): 40,000(0.0309) + 363 = 1,599 HP (single-target)

Moonjade Descent (Lvl. 10): 40,000(0.0363) + 427 = 1,879 HP (party-wide)

In Other’s Shoes (Passive): 40,000(0.008) = 320 HP per second for 5s = 1,600 HP (single-target, when radishes explode on your character)

Raphanus Sky Cluster can generate ten radishes in one use. For Moonjade Descent, there are 3, but with three Yuegui throwing them, that’s 9. Yaoyao can also throw about seven more if she runs or jumps about while the Burst is active. Tallying those up and assuming all radishes hit a character to heal:

E skill: (1,599 x 10) + (1,600 x 10) = 31,990 HP

Burst: (1,879 x 16) x 4 = 120,256 HP

Passive with Burst: 1,600 x 16 = 25,600

That’s an absurd amount of healing. However, that assumes that Yaoyao was on-field for the whole duration of her Burst. Since solo play is the setting, she switches out, and the Yueguis created by her ability disappear. To represent that, let’s reduce the radishes produced to a quarter.

Burst (modified): (1,879 x 4) x 4 = 30,064 HP

Passive with modified Burst: 1,600 x 4 = 6,400 HP

Total Healing: 68,454 HP


Let the Show Begin (Lvl. 10) has several instances of healing.

Continuous Regen for on-field character: 40,000(0.072) + 847 = 3,727 HP

There are four healing ticks in a 15-second duration, resulting in 14,908 HP.

Regen per Hit of NA: 40,000(0.0135) + 159 = 699 HP

You can do about seven cycles of her 4-hit NA combo, which is 28 hits, equaling 19,572 HP recovered.

Regen per hit of CA: 699 x 4 = 2,796 HP

You can make 7 Charge Attacks for the whole skill duration, 19,572 HP, same as above.

Shining Miracle (Lvl. 10): 40,000(0.3168) + 3727 = 16,399 HP

Multiply that by four since it heals the party, and you get 65,596 HP recovered. If we’re talking about potential, the Normal and Charged Attack hits should also be multiplied by 4. However, the assumption is solo play, which means she’ll be switched out.

Total Healing: 80,504 HP


Dandelion Breeze (Lvl. 10) has two healing methods.

On Cast: 2,000(4.5216) + 3,388 = 12,431 HP

That’s party-wide healing, so the total is 49,724 HP.

Continuous Regen per second: 2,000(0.4522) + 338 = 1,242 HP

The field lasts 10 seconds, meaning it heals 12,420 HP for a single on-field character.

Wind Companion: Jean’s Normal Attacks have a 50% chance of healing the party for 15% of her ATK on hit. That’s 300 HP for every other one. However, it’s hard to include in calculations because this is rarely used to heal. For the sake of fairness, supposing Jean defeats an enemy in 12 hits, half of those healed the party for ((300 x 6) x 4) = 7,200 HP.

Total Healing: 69,344 HP


Adeptus Art: Herald of Frost (Lvl. 10) has two healing instances.

Continuous Regeneration: 2,000(1.2528) + 991 = 3,497 HP for four instances = 13,988 HP to on-field character

Regen on NA hit: 2,000(0.1901) + 148 = 528 HP

It’s possible to do about five cycles of Qiqi’s 5-hit Normal Attack combo within the Skill’s 15-second duration. That’s about 13,200 HP, which is party-wide, totaling 52,800 HP.

Adeptus Art: Preserver of Fortune (Lvl. 10): 2,000(1.62) + 1270 = 4,510 HP per hit to the marked enemy

Suppose a DPS character defeats the marked enemy in twelve hits. They get healed for 54,120 HP.

Total Healing: 120,908 HP for a DPS, on-field Qiqi. Otherwise, 68,108 HP.


Yohoo Art: Mujina Flurry (Lvl. 10) has two healing instances.

On cast: 2,000(1.659) + 1,270 = 4,588 HP

This heals the party, making the actual recovered amount 18,532 HP.

Daruma Healing: 2,000(1.438) + 1,101 = 3,977 HP

The Burst provides seven above instances, totaling 27,839 HP recovered for an on-field character.

Total Healing: 46,371 HP


Breastplate (Lvl. 10): 2,000(0.383) + 225 = 991 HP

Chance to trigger: 59%

It’s possible to do 3.5 cycles of Noelle’s 4-hit NA combo with good efficiency and timing when jump or dodge-canceling animations. That’s 14 hits, which means about eight hits will trigger healing. The total is 7,928 HP.

Her C1 upgrade lets her heal 100% of the time when both Breastplate and Sweeping Time are active. In 14 hits, she’ll heal 13,874 HP. However, since we didn’t consider constellation upgrades for all the other healers, her value to use in comparison must be the first one.

Total Healing: 7,928 HP


  1. Barbara (80,504)
  2. Sangonomiya Kokomi (73,640)
  3. Jean (69,344)
  4. Yaoyao (68,454)
  5. Qiqi (68,108)
  6. Bennett (67,080)
  7. Mika (58,958)
  8. Baizhu (58,896)*
  9. Sayu (46,371)
  10. Dori (37,296)
  11. Diona (29,814)
  12. Kuki Shinobu (22,368)
  13. Noelle (7,928)

Baizhu can be higher on this list, depending on how often his shield breaks in combat. The DPS Qiqi is also omitted since most players dislike the little zombie. Still, Qiqi Mains would be overjoyed that she’s the best on-field DPS healer, though Yaoyao can give her a run for her money.

The values in Yaoyao’s section are theoretical, as it assumes every radish is aimed to heal a character. In reality, Yuegui only targets characters for healing if:

  • Their HP is <70%
  • No enemies are nearby, and the on-field character has <100% HP.

In practice, she won’t ever reach that amount of HP recovered. However, she might even beat Jean’s or Kokomi’s healing if she’s an on-field healer during her Burst. It could only happen during co-op mode, and this comparison assumes single-player.

Enjoy Genshin Impact With These Healers!

Of course, there would be a difference in how these characters heal due to various factors (Healing Bonuses, Energy Recharge, builds). These calculations were just made to compare their healing potential. The easiest way to do that is to set initial values (the stat baselines) and remove any bonuses.

These results are the character’s barest minimum of healing potential. You can have more than 40k HP or 2k ATK on your unit. However, it was set to make the comparison fair. These are only baseline values; in-game, they can be wildly different.

Have fun with the best healers in the game!

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