Feast of the Departed Warriors Guide

Feast of the Departed Warriors Guide
By | June 25th, 2023 | Categories: Genshin Impact

Feast of the Departed Warriors is an event for the combat-minded in Genshin Impact. It features three world bosses: the Electro Manifestation, the Aeonblight Drake, and the Coral Defenders. However, these differ from the usual kind you fight in the overworld. They’re souped-up bosses that you can strengthen even more to challenge yourself.

Of course, with the rewards being more points (and bragging rights), many will jump into battle with these strong enemies.

Event Overview

You must be at least Adventure Rank 30 and have completed the Archon Quest “Song of the Dragon and Freedom.”

The domain is in Falcon Coast and can be directly teleported to. Entering it will give you the selection of bosses to fight on the left. At the time of writing, only two are available: Descaling: Thundering Grief and Piety: Calamity of Blazing Steel.

On the right side, you’ll see your previous record, your best time, and the rewards you can get. On the bottom right, you can set the difficulty level and adjust the enemy’s stats.

First, there’s a drop-down menu on the upper right where you can adjust the difficulty. This increases the score multiplier and the enemy’s level.

  • Easy: x1, level 40
  • Normal: x1.5, level 70
  • Hard: x2.5, level 90
  • Expert: x5, level 100

Then, you can choose to boost the enemy’s stats for more points when you defeat it within the parameters. The general characteristics are:

  • Target Time
  • Max HP Increase
  • ATK Increase
  • 3 variable element RES increase
  • 3 attack enhancements

The harder you make things for yourself, the higher the points that you can get. Ensure you’re well-prepared for these fights!

Afterward, you can pick three buffs to help you through the challenge of these boss battles. From there, choose your party and go into combat. Defeat the boss, and you get your rewards.

It’s possible to go in with a friend to help you. It’s an excellent emergency feature, though it changes the dimensions of the fight in different ways. After all, you and your friend will be limited to two characters, though the potential DPS is also doubled.

Descaling: Thundering Grief

The boss here is the Crackling Thunder Manifestation. It may look normal, but it has variations of the usual attacks.

For one, it has a new close-range method of locking onto you. After releasing some probes, it’ll radiate a blast from itself. If you get hit, you’ll get locked on, and it’ll be enraged. Usually, Crackling Thunder Manifestation uses it after sending out Strike Probes (Enhanced).

Its Slicing Storm attack has duplicates doing the same action in different directions, giving you a tighter space to dodge. Its Walls of Lightning has four walls closing in on you, though there’s enough time to avoid all of them. It would also use Furious Thunderbolts (Enhanced) even when not enraged. Lastly, it can summon Thunder Cages (yes, plural) that travel in various directions.

Getting hit by the above attacks will enrage Crackling Thunder Manifestation, changing its move set.

Torrential Rainfall sends radiating lightning across the arena, removing any Strike Probes and Thunder Cages. It would still do Walls of Lightning and Slicing Storm (Enhanced) but add a Smack attack when in melee range. For Sundering Plumes, CTM will summon two copies, and all three create five Electro projectiles to fire. It shoots first, then both of the replicas do.

It also Dive Bombs, shoots Furious Thunderbolts and sends a Homing Thunder Cage at you. For these three attacks, you need to avoid their area of effect and the cage itself.


Dodging is the way to go here. If you want to avoid dealing with specific moves, you can enrage it. Otherwise, if you’re okay with its typical move set, then dodge the attacks.

The elemental RES you can give it before the battle is for Pyro, Cryo, and Dendro. While you have the option not to provide that kind of strength, you can also use a Geo or Anemo DPS.

As usual, as an elemental being, it is immune to its element, Electro. Don’t be dumb and use Electro characters unless you’re asking for more punishment. Otherwise, it can be a challenging run where you only use Physical attacks.

The boss moves erratically, making it difficult to hit with melee. Homing attacks such as Tighnari’s fully charged aimed shots and Burst work well against it. If you can manage her charged shots, Ganyu is a potent DPS for this battle.

Piety: Calamity of Blazing Steel

It doesn’t have a move set in the wiki yet, but it works like the boss, for the most part. However, it does have slight changes. It gains a shield and elemental RES when it takes to the air. Fortunately, its cores will be exposed, and you must shoot them to make the Drake vulnerable.

It still periodically gains elemental resistance of the kind that damaged it the most. You know, that bit where it blasts bombs around it, and its tubes change color. It also makes its usual attacks of bombardment from above, either with rockets or machine gun fire.

There could be various effects when it absorbs elements and does a bombardment. Hydro leaves behind puddles that can damage your characters, for example. It’s also an attack you want to avoid getting caught in.

It doesn’t have direct weaknesses, but you can give it elemental resistances for Cryo, Electro, and Hydro. This makes Pyro, Dendro, Geo, and Anemo DPS characters perfect. Even if It absorbs and starts to resist a specific element, you can switch to another one and continue your onslaught.


Bring an archer character so you can snipe the exposed cores, destroy the shield, and make the Aeonblight Drake vulnerable. Someone like Tartaglia (Childe) can easily switch between the two modes, which makes him an excellent choice to bring. Yoimiya, Ganyu, and even Fischl can do it in a pinch.

If you want, bring two with different elements to always have one that deals more damage no matter which essence the Drake absorbed.

The real challenge is avoiding its attacks while aiming at the cores. Since the shield is Physical, you can’t use reactions to deplete it faster. Archers and a steady aim are a necessity.

Shadow: Twined Dragonheirs

These are the Coral Defenders. Like its regular counterparts, you must defeat the other as soon as you beat one. Otherwise, the one you defeated will revive. The remaining one will also be enraged in this battle, making it more challenging.

At a specific point in the battle, a Geo pillar will spawn. The Vishap Herd will climb up it and unleash powerful attacks. Destroying the post will make them vulnerable for a few moments. They also use a ‘Cleansing Shower,’ which depletes Energy when the characters get hit. If they don’t have enough Energy, their HP decreases instead.

They have around 3 combination attacks:

  • A beam that sweeps across the arena
  • A combination of Cryo and Electro attacks
  • They move to the edge of the arena and fire projectiles aimed at your position.

Each one can be deadly, but they’re also easily dodge-able. Sometimes, this is the easiest boss because they’re always vulnerable and reachable with melee strikes. The first two bosses have aerial phases, which make it hard for melee-ranged characters to hit.

Additional Tips

You can use Geo or Anemo as an alternative to Pyro, Hydro, and Dendro characters. You don’t want Cryo or Electro ones because the other will resist them, making your time slower. Gorou is excellent support when using Geo, while Faruzan is for Anemo.

Still, Geo or Claymore users are recommended to destroy the pillar that appears in the arena. It provides a moment of vulnerability to the bosses, so it’s worth it.

This is more of a straightforward slugfest than the other bosses in the event. However, it would be best if you still tried to keep the bosses’ HPs near each other so you don’t need to catch up with defeating the remainder. Otherwise, the battle can extend because the other would revive.

You might have trouble charging up your Bursts due to the ‘Cleansing Shower,’ so you should use characters that aren’t too reliant on them.

Three-Realm Banquet of Stillness

With three bosses to battle, this requires setting 8 characters you can switch among. After defeating one, you can choose to change your party or continue. However, you can only pick from those you set before starting combat.

This is the culmination of all you learned throughout the event. Make sure you bring those who can:

  • Chase down the Crackling Thunder Manifestation
  • Shoot the weak points of the Aeonblight Drake (Heavy Assault Pack), and
  • Defeat both Bathysmal Vishaps consecutively.

Remember, you can use food items in this event and revive characters in mid-combat. It has a few minutes’ cooldowns, so you can’t resurrect your characters consecutively, but it’ll be a huge help. Also, you can ask for help through co-op, so you really can get all the rewards.

You don’t need meta characters; have them well-built and serviceable.

Have Fun in the Feast of Departed Warriors!

This event tests how well you know the combat systems and bosses of Genshin Impact. Though their new attacks can take some time, being adaptable will make the battles easier. The best thing to do is enjoy the combat and have fun! Whatever challenges you encounter, things won’t become a chore if you do the latter.

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